December 2020

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Kari Lydersen for Midwest Energy News:Peabody Energy is one of the country’s largest coal companies, supplying power plants and steel mills around the world.But in the past few years the company’s fortunes have plummeted, and environmental leaders don’t believe Peabody’s promises that, when the time comes, it will be able to pay more than $250 million to clean up its Illinois Basin mines.Under federal law, mining companies must set aside money to pay for reclamation once mining stops. This is generally done through insurance policies known as surety bonds. But the government also allows companies in good financial shape to “self-bond,” promising that their own assets will be able to cover the cost of reclamation.A decade ago, Peabody Energy would have been considered a robust company, and there were few concerns about its self-bonding arrangements.Today it’s a different story. And industry experts doubt that the plan Peabody executives described on an earnings call earlier this month will do much to turn the tide, given the rapid retreat of coal-fired power and the slowing of China’s economy that’s a major factor in worldwide coal demand.“The risk is that Peabody’s responsibility to clean up from its mining operations will be washed away in a bankruptcy proceeding, and Illinois taxpayers will be left holding the financial bag,” said Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC). “That’s unacceptable.”The ELPC on February 12 filed citizen complaints on behalf of Illinois and Indiana residents calling on the states to require Peabody to revise its self-bonding agreements. If this doesn’t happen, the complaint asks for the federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation Enforcement (OSMRE) to charge the company with violations of the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA).Meanwhile, Peabody is proposing a debt swap to shore up its finances, and offering three mines in the Illinois Basin and one in Arizona as collateral for credit holders. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) released a study this month arguing that Peabody’s financial predictions for the Illinois Basin mines are too rosy and “unsustainable,” potentially meaning more bad news for the company and for its mine reclamation prospects if those debts go bad.“They pretty much think they can reduce their commitments through the bankruptcy process,” said IEEFA finance director Tom Sanzillo, former first deputy comptroller of New York and an expert on bankruptcy. “We’re very concerned about this, and the states are being reckless in how they’re managing a federal program.”Peabody’s problemsOn the earnings call, Peabody CFO and executive vice president Amy Schwetz described 2015 revenues of $5.6 billion, down 17 percent from the previous year. In 2012, Peabody’s revenue was $8.1 billion.Executives blamed the decline on falling coal prices and low sales volume, driven in part by a mild winter which has decreased demand for power, and on the slowing economy in China. They noted that coal revenues have been impacted by low natural gas prices, which make coal-fired power less competitive.Peabody’s mines are concentrated in Australia and in the U.S. West and Midwest. Peabody has massive holdings in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, which ships coal to power plants in the Midwest; and the company mines in the Illinois Basin, in Indiana and Illinois. The IEEFA says that coal prices in the Powder River Basin have dropped 19 percent since 2012, and prices in the Illinois Basin have dropped 38 percent since that time.“There is no doubt our debt and equity are trading at distressed levels, which is indicative of the headwinds the industry is facing,” said Peabody CEO and President Glenn Kellow on the earnings call. “And, whilst we fully expect 2016 to be another trying year for the U.S. coal industry, we continue to believe that our leading positions in the lowest-cost basins will best position us to benefit from any rise in natural gas prices and coal demand over time.Peabody Energy did not take questions after the earnings call and did not respond to a request for comment for this story.“This is moving fast,” said Learner. “You’re watching the coal industry deteriorate not because of the so-called war on coal – it’s simply not competing well in the market.”Self-bonding concernsCiting Peabody’s 2015 year-end financial results, the ELPC complaint charges that Peabody does not meet the federal requirements for self-bonding, that “the applicant has a ratio of liabilities to net worth of 2.5 or less and a ratio of current assets to liabilities of 1.2 or greater.”“Peabody Energy has a ratio of liabilities to net worth of 11.6 and a ratio of current assets to liabilities of 0.84,” the complaints note.Peabody’s Illinois Basin self-bonding is done through a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peabody Energy, Peabody Investments Corporation.Experts say that if Peabody Energy declares bankruptcy, its subsidiary would not be able to make good on the self-bonding and cover the costs of reclamation. The federal regulations on self-bonding, developed in 1983, make clear that companies with a chance of bankruptcy should not be eligible.Companies are required to report to regulators if they have a significant deterioration in their financial condition. And even if they don’t report, it is regulators’ responsibility to keep an eye on the situation and ask the tough questions, in Sanzillo’s view. If a company’s position declines to the point that it can’t be trusted to cover its self-bonds, regulators have the power to demand a different reclamation guarantee.Peabody’s plansWith the debt swap, Peabody is hoping to reduce the principal of $1.5 billion in debt by $730 million, also reducing annual interest payments by $47 million.“Relative to the overall size of the Peabody debt burden and ongoing net losses, the savings are too small to have a meaningful impact on company finances,” says the IEEFA report.As part of its financial efforts, Peabody is selling its share of the troubled Prairie State Energy Campus in central Illinois. Peabody was one of the originators of the plant billed as an innovative “clean coal” “mine-to-mouth” operation fired by coal from an adjacent mine.The cost of the plant and its electricity has ballooned beyond original projections, and Peabody reduced its stake to a 5 percent ownership while municipalities and power authorities across the Midwest have been saddled with deals forcing them to pay well above market rate for power. Peabody is now selling its share to the Wabash Valley Power Association for $57 million. According to the IEEFA’s analysis of SEC filings, Peabody has invested $246 million in Prairie State.“They’re taking a haircut on this investment even though they’re saying they took a gain, which explains to me why they’re [potentially headed for] bankruptcy,” said Sanzillo. “They can’t tell a loss from a gain.”A dark future for coal?The precarious reclamation situation and the offering of three Illinois mines as collateral for Peabody’s debt swap could put pressure on the company to keep mines running that would otherwise be shuttered. This could contribute to a vicious cycle of increasing supply and diminishing coal prices.“The continuation of the self-bonding while these companies are in financial distress creates the conditions for them to maintain mines that should be closed,” said Sanzillo. “It’s a zombie mine, a dead mine that’s still alive – chasing a ghost market.”The Illinois Basin mines offered as collateral are the Wild Boar mine and Francisco Mine in Indiana, and the Gateway Mine in southern Illinois.“If they can’t come up with the premium payments or no one will insure them, then they need to close the mines,” Sanzillo continued. “No, they don’t have the money for reclamation. So the state would have a claim. I would just sue immediately, get in line on their bankruptcies.”An investigation released by Reuters in June 2015 noted that Peabody and the nation’s three other largest coal companies – Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources and Cloud Peak Energy – have $2.7 billion worth of future reclamation costs covered by self-bonding. Arch and Alpha, which have both declared bankruptcy, are also under federal scrutiny for their self-bonding practices.“If the industry was disciplined and realized the price of coal isn’t sufficient to cover what they’re doing, they should be closing mines – to tighten the supply, to increase the price and do better,” Sanzillo said. “We look at the fundamentals – the price of coal won’t carry it any time for the foreseeable future. You cut through the smoke…and the mule can’t pull the cart anymore.”Critics: Peabody can no longer be counted on to clean up coal mines Skeptics Say Peabody Is So Broke It Can’t Even Clean Up After Itselflast_img read more

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Dow Jones:Norway’s sovereign-wealth fund said on Thursday it may stop buying oil and gas stocks, a move that would deprive the energy sector of investment from a $1 trillion asset manager.The Norwegian central bank, which uses the fund to invest the proceeds of the country’s oil industry, said that investing money back into the energy sector amplifies the government’s exposure to the price of crude, particularly given the country’s majority stake in Statoil ASA.Oil and gas equities currently account for around 6% of the Government Pension Fund Global’s benchmark index, or just more than 300 billion Norwegian kroner ($36.49 billion).The Stoxx Europe 600 Oil & Gas index drifted lower on the news of the potential divestment, before recovering. Shares in Statoil fell by as much as 1%. The fund also owns large stakes in most of the world’s oil majors, including a 0.92% stake in Chevron Corp., a 0.82% stake in Exxon Mobil Corp., 1.65% in BP PLC and 2.23% in Royal Dutch Shell PLC as of the end of 2016.“An orderly divestment process over a period of time won’t significantly impact share prices,” said Jefferies analyst Jason Gammel.Norges Bank, the central bank, made the proposal to Norway’s Ministry of Finance on Thursday, saying that, given its size, the fund accounts for an increasingly large share of the nation’s wealth and is an integral part of government fiscal policy. That means that the vulnerability of government wealth to a permanent drop in oil and gas prices would be reduced if the fund pulled out of the stocks in that sector, Norges Bank said.More: Norway Considers Pulling Its $1 Trillion Wealth Fund Out of Oil Stocks $1 Trillion Norwegian Fund Weighs Dropping Oil and Gas Stockslast_img read more

first_imgSurvey finds private equity investors looking to boost renewable holdings, cut oil and gas ties FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):Roughly 40% of private equity investors say they will be reducing investments in the oil and gas sector in the next five years because of climate change concerns, according to a winter outlook survey conducted by secondary market investment firm Coller Capital Ltd.“Limited partners who do expect change to their investment strategies are broadly planning to replace oil and gas exposure with investment in renewable energy and climate-friendly products and services,” Coller said in the survey’s Nov. 28 release.While 57% of the 113 limited partner investors surveyed in Europe and Asia said they were changing energy strategies in reaction to climate change, only 30% of North American limited partners said the same, according to the survey. Just 16% of those in North America expect to need to make these modifications within the next five years, the survey found. More than one-third of those surveyed said they would be reducing investment in oil and gas, 42% said they would put more money behind climate-friendly goods and services, and 40% said more investment cash would go to renewable energy, according to the survey. [Bill Holland]More ($): Concerned over climate, PE investors looking to leave oil, gas for renewableslast_img read more

first_imgI went into my first live experience with The Cave Singers cold and was smitten from the start.I had never heard the band play the first song, but I was at a festival and they were on stage, so I checked it out. I was mesmerized from the get go and hung on every chord, every note, every raw, melodic moment.For months after, No Witch, their 2011 release on the Jagjaguwar label, was on my regular rotation. The Seattle alt-rockers followed that with Naomi, also on Jagjaguwar, in 2013, and are now about to hit the road to support Banshee, their fifth long player, which they self-released.Considering that The Cave Singers are about to spend much of the next couple months on the road, I figured I would dig in with Derek Fudesco and pepper him with questions about life on tour.BRO – City you can’t wait to visit again?DF – Tofino, British Columbia.BRO – City that made you think, “Yeah, I could live here.”DF – St. Augustine, Florida.BRO – Favorite on stage libation?DF – Fernet.BRO – Stage you haven’t played but would love to?DF – Red Rocks.BRO – More exciting mile – the first mile after you leave for tour or that last mile before you get home?DF – The first mile after you leave.BRO – Must have item in the green room?DF – Solitude.BRO – One item you won’t leave home without?DF – My phone.BRO – Band you would like to hit the road with?DF – Anonymous Choir.BRO – Stage you have played that make you think, “Damn. I can’t believe we are playing here.”DF – 2 Kolegas in Beijing.BRO – Three items you would like to add to your rider, just to see if you could get them?DF – I played a show in L.A. where the promoter rented a portable hot tub for the headliner. Three of those would be pretty good.The Cave Singers are about to hit the road for the first half of April. The band will be stopping in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho before taking a break until mid-May. From there, The Cave Singers head toward more northern climes, with shows across the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada through the middle of June.For more information on The Cave Singers, when the band will be on stage near you, or how you can get a copy of the new record, please check out the band’s website.last_img read more

first_imgA 24-year old woman has died after falling 160 feet from the brink of Rainbow Falls, a waterfall located on the Horsepasture River in North Carolina’s Gorges State Park.According to Lake Toxaway’s Deputy Fire Chief Bobby Cooper, the search for the young woman—who was apparently swimming at a popular hole up river of the falls when she was taken under by the current— was initiated around 4 P.M. Thursday afternoon, but her body was not recovered until approximately 8:30 P.M that evening.Rainbow Falls is located in a remote section of Gorges State Park, which sits near Lake Toxaway and the small town of Sapphire, NC. Access requires a 1.5 mile hike from the Grassy Ridge parking lot.Rescuers reportedly carried the young woman’s body out of the woods after a high angle rope team recovered her from the Horsepasture River immediately below the falls.The woman’s name is not being released at this time.These types of accidents are not uncommon in the Blue Ridge Mountains. According to the Asheville Citizen Times, the Lake Toxaway Fire Department alone has responded to three waterfall fatalities since the beginning of 2016.Earlier this month in Virginia, a father died while attempting to save his son at Cascade Falls in the Jefferson National Forest.Waterfalls are beautiful natural features treasured throughout the region, but—as evidenced by recent and continued fatalities—they must be treated with the utmost respect.Next time you head for the hills in search of waterfall fun, keep these tips from Transylvania County Land of Waterfalls close at hand.Waterfall Safety Tips1. Stay on developed trails and don’t stray from observation decks and platforms.2. Follow instructions posted at all waterfalls and trails.3.  Watch your footing. Dry rocks can be just as slippery as wet ones, especially those covered with algae.4. The top of any waterfall is the most dangerous. Do not lean over a ledge atthe top of a falls.5.  Watch children carefully. Children should always be under the immediate supervision of adults when visiting any falls. Pets should also be supervised. They can easily underestimate the slickness of rocks and the flow of water.6.  Be especially careful when you are taking photographs. Many times, photographers become more focused on taking a photo rather than securing their footing. Make sure you are in a safe, solid location before taking photographs.7.  To insure your safety on the rocks and trails, never visit waterfalls or hike alone.8. Bring your cell phone in case you need to make a call for assistance.Related Content:last_img read more

first_img 2:43 3:15 What The Hell’s Goin’ On The Flamin’ Groovies 3:52 4:43 4:23 3:46 3:12 Woken The Wildflowers Jesse Terry Hollywood (feat. Jaye Prime) Liquid Monk 3:35 3:34 Embed Mainstream Action Skulls Leave A Light On Humbird Audio PlayerJesse TerryWoken The WildflowersUse Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.00:000:00 / 3:45 Treasure Sarah Lou Richards 4:30 3:45 Double Heart Penny and Sparrow Fish Out Of Water Jon Langford Unbroken Brad Peterson 3:39 Goodbye The Freeway Revival 3:01 Sea of Lights Boo Ray 4:00 Pain The Texas Gentlemen Copy and paste this code to your site to embed. 6:11 Samson And Delilah Willie Watson 2:57 4:11 3:03 Tunguska Ephrata 3:45 It’s Your Voodoo Working Eilen Jewell Unconditional Nick Mulvey Feudal Nights Brian Lisik & The Unfortunates I Ain’t Dead Yet Charlie Parr 01 Matchstick Man decker. Willie Watson just might be my favorite Americana troubadour.From the earliest days of Old Crow Medicine Show through his first solo record, 2014’s Folksinger Vol. 1, Watson’s voice and the attention and respect to the past so readily apparent in his music has always struck a chord within me.This month, Watson returns with his second solo record, aptly titled Folksinger Vol. 2. As is his way, Watson digs deep into the seams of Americana history, assembling a collection of songs that resonate with the earliest sounds of American music. Though there are no originals on the new record, Watson takes these old songs – some you might have heard and some undoubtedly new to you – and makes them his own. After a couple listens, you’ll have no problem hearing Watson in a pickin’ party with the likes of Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers, Lightin’ Hopkins, or any one of the many iconic musicians who have created the sonic melting pot that is Americana music.Listen to Watson’s take on the venerable “Samson & Delilah,” featuring the famed Fairfield Four, this month.Trail Mix is also happy to welcome back two of our long time friends and favorites in Josh Ritter and Charlie Parr. Ritter, long known for his emotive and introspective storytelling, and Parr, whose raspy voice and approach to old time music is virtually unparalleled, both have new records out this month, and the mix is thrilled to feature tracks from each.There are also great new tracks from Penny & Sparrow, Jesse Terry, Nick Mulvey, Liquid Monk, Eilen Jewell, decker, Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls, Humbird, The Texas Gentlemen, Brian Lisik & The Unfortunates, Brad Petersen, Ephrata, Flamin’ Groovies, Action Skulls, and Sarah Lou Richards in the mix. Be sure to dig deep and enjoy!Lots of good stuff coming your way on this month’s Trail Mix blog, too. Chats with Boo Ray, The Freeway Revival, and Rain Perry are on tap, as is a preview of this weekend’s Jenny Hiatt show at Isis Music Hall.And get out there and buy some of this music. Get out there and buy some concert tickets. Give back to these great artists you discover here on Trail Mix.*Please note that the download file has not yet been updated. But fret not! It will be soon!  3:37 Showboat JOSH RITTER last_img read more

first_imgTwenty five year old Taylor Ray Holbrook is a former Virginia lumberjack who vaulted on the country charts thanks to his social media savvy.  Hailing from Lee County, Virginia, Taylor worked as a lumberjack before trying his hand as a country artist. Utilizing various social media platforms such as Twitter and Vine, Taylor quickly built an online audience for his pop-oriented country style. His independently released debut single, “Steal My Kiss,” went viral and vaulted him onto the Billboard country charts in 2015. Following a move to Nashville in 2016, he followed up with the acoustic single “Tie Me Down” and, later in the year, a collaborative single with country rapper Ryan Upchurch called “Southern Land.” In April 2017, after a handful of singles, Taylor  produced his first EP, a five-song set titled “Backroads”, which was once again released through his own TaylorRayMade label. Best known for his hit single “Steal My Kiss,” which peaked at #4 on country charts within 24 hours of its release. He is a country music singer who gained an enormous audience on Vine, where he posts a mix of music and comedy.Taylor released a new single, called “Southern Land,” featuring Ryan Upchurch. In less than a day, “Southern Land” climbed to the top of the iTunes Charts and took its rightful place at #10 on the Country Chart. This is a huge accomplishment for these two independent artists because, as of right now, they are the only two independent artists in the Top 100 on iTunes. Breaking the barriers between country and rap, “Southern Land” is not like any country song you have ever experienced. “I Get High” by Taylor Ray Holbrook is a country song from the album Backroads and was released at the beginning of 2017. Taylor features scenes and friends in Virginia in “I Get High”.  A tribute to Lee County, Virginia, this Music Video captures the scenic beauty of Taylor’s roots.  Lee County is surrounded by high mountain peaks protecting green meadows and colorful forest in the valleys below.last_img read more

first_imgAdditionally, the fund will offer, on an annual basis, a Sponsor a Youth Athlete Grant that is to be awarded to a local youth athlete in need of financial support related to their sport. For example, a young mountain biker may need help with airline tickets in order to attend the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships.Finally, the fund will support the annual MSF Golden Backpacker Award, where the festival will recognize on stage an individual who has done a lot to advance the outdoor industry in the region. About the Mountain Sports FestivalThe Mountain Sports Festival, now in its 18th year, is a nonprofit event, free to the public and committed to presenting a well-balanced series of events and entertainment that encourages participation by people of all ages. The Mountain Sports Festival is organized by a volunteer group of community-oriented citizens dedicated to the presenting of a well-balanced series of events that encourages participation on all levels.This past year, prior to the new charitable focus and with the help of local sponsors and vendors such as Prestige Subaru, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Diamond Brand Outdoors, Sierra Nevada Brewing, and Pisgah Brewing, the Mountain Sports Festival was able to donate generously to the Friends of Connect Buncombe and Asheville GreenWorks.Are you interested in supporting their mission by being a sponsor, vendor, volunteer, or event participant at the 2018 Mountain Sports Festival? Please visit their website. Asheville, NC – Now in its 18th year, the Mountain Sports Festival (May 25th- May 27th) in Asheville, North Carolina, has become a staple of the Memorial Day weekend. Locals and visitors from throughout the southeast join to celebrate music, community, athletics, and local business while showcasing the unique mountain terrain and culture of Asheville, North Carolina, and its surroundings.This past September, the all-volunteer board of the non-profit festival met to review and redefine the festival’s purpose. The new mission statement reads: The mission of Mountain Sports Festival is to promote and celebrate mountain sports, wellness, and community and to provide opportunities for all ages and abilities to participate.To support the new mission statement, the MSF is creating a charitable fund that will be the primary focus of the festival’s fund-raising. The fund will have three components that are mostly oriented on helping and encouraging youth to gain access to and participate in sports such as running, biking, skiing, paddling and climbing.The majority of the funds will go to support a new relationship with Streets to Peaks – a Maybin Mission program powered by Camp Grier. This program provides enriching outdoor experiences to youth with limited access to wilderness adventures. Through exciting challenges like rock climbing and whitewater paddling, program participants ages 11-18 learn to overcome obstacles, set long-term goals and imagine a future with endless possibilities.last_img read more

first_imgRed Wing Roots presents another deep musical lineup of national acts this year, headlined by Trampled By Turtles, Josh Ritter, GRAMMY award winning Steep Canyon Rangers, Bluegrass/Americana super group I’m With Her and hometown hosts The Steel Wheels.On Saturday morning there is a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from. Cyclists can join one of three road rides, led by Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and Shenandoah Mountain Touring, from an easy 10-15 mile spin around the Natural Chimneys Park area on up to an Intermediate-Advanced ride all the way up to the top of Reddish Knob. The Steel Wheels often accompany this ride and bands from the festival have given an acoustic performance at the top of Reddish Knob at the end of the ride in the past. And if you’re looking for mountain bike trails, just head 4 miles down the road to Stokesville Campground.Friends of Shenandoah Mountain and Potomac Appalachian Trail Club each guide an invigorating national forest hikes on Saturday morning. Additionally, VA Momentum leads two Saturday morning fun runs and The Center offers morning yoga sessions on Saturday and Sunday beneath the chimneys, as well.Blue Mountain Brewery, Old Hill Cider and Bluestone Vineyards provide a local craft beverage experience, and many craft food vendors line the shaded lane along the music meadow.The North River winds through the park and when the water levels are right provide a refreshing dip in cool, fresh mountain water. The park also has a pool exclusively for festival guests, which is great for kiddos and adults looking to swim.Camping on site is nearly sold out with only a few No Frills tent camping sites remaining, but there are many other options in the area. You can find a full list of lodging options at are many activities and games for the kids, including a free climbing wall, slackline course, and programming on the Kinfolk Stage. And the best part, kids 12 and under are free and teenagers are only $49 for a 3-Day ticket.There are four music stages at Red Wing. The two main stages are set along the Park’s beautiful Natural Chimneys in the music meadow.The vibe at Red Wing Roots Music Festival is one of the best you are likely to encounter at any festival anywhere. The mix of a gorgeous outdoor setting, top-level music acts, delicious locally sourced food, beer, wine and cider, a family atmosphere and fun outdoor activities set this festival apart. For tickets and more information, visit us at Family fun in the outdoors and an all-star lineup of American roots music await fans of the 6th annual Red Wing Roots Music Festival July 13-15, 2018. Set in one of the Shenandoah Valley’s most beautiful outdoor spots, Natural Chimneys Park in Mt. Solon, VA, festival goers can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails, craft beer and food, swimming, yoga, artisan vendors and much more.last_img read more

first_imgFor some, carving down Snowshoe’s signature runs from first chair to last light isn’t quite enough adventure. For others, the thrill of chasing through a snow-covered winter wonderland on tracks, wheels, or even a sleigh takes center stage. But for everyone, winter at Snowshoe offers up a slew of great adventures for goosebumps large and small. Here are a few of them: New for 2019 – Cosmic Tubing! Experience sliding over the snow under the glow of flashing lights. If daytime’s more your thing, enjoy the rush of racing a high-speed inner tube down a 6-story tall tubing park. 8 Lanes of autobahn-like speed limits (or lack there-of) are guaranteed to satisfy the bravest speed demons.  Looking to satisfy both your thirst for speed and adrenaline and your appetite for a hearty, chef-prepared dinner? This is your ticket. Get in, buckle up, hold on tight, bon appetite! Take a heated Polaris RZR to the backcountry hut underneath a starry sky, and enjoy the comfort of the Backcountry Hut and your company for an unforgettable dinner. The Woods Escape Room Silver Creek Night Skiing Off-Road and Snowmobile Tours Aprés Adventure If after a day of skiing the quads aren’t barking yet, head over to Silver Creek in the free shuttle to carve some turns under the moonlit sky. State-of-the-art halogen lights illuminate trails from green to black, and terrain parks from small to XXL.   Adventure Dining Even the most hardened winter adventurers will eventually have to recharge. And at Snowshoe, you’ll have your choice between Yoga, The Spa or the Split Rock Pools. That way, you’ll be ready to do it all over again the next day.  center_img SNOWSHOE’S MID-WEEK MADNESS – SKI & STAY FOR JUST $99/PER NIGHT Can you solve the infamous riddles of the Backcountry hut? Take an exhilarating ride in a heated Polaris RzR along Cheat Mountain Ridge to the secluded Backcountry Hut. Besides a freshly prepared lunch, a cabin full of mind-twisting riddles (which change every season) will test even the boldest adventure seekers. This is Snowshoe – part pure adventure, part cushy comfort, 100% contagious happiness. Our three distinct areas all have personalities worth getting to know. With the perfect amount of vertical in all the right places. A slew of kickers, rails, and other flip-worthy features. Plenty of runs groomed with the same attention paid to top show dogs. Sleigh Rides Views? Adventure? Yes! Enjoy both the scenic nature of Snowshoe’s Cheat Mountain, and the thrill of commanding a snowmobile or heated Polaris RzR through the snow. You’ll find several tour options available, ranging from serene to white-knuckle. Take advantage of all the adventure Snowshoe has to offer. Midweek conditions can’t be beat: short lift lines, uncrowded ski runs, and scorching lift & lodging deals. Starting now, you can Ski & Stay for just $99 per night. 2 nights, 2 people minimum. Valid Sundays through Thursdays (check-out), some restrictions apply. Dashing through the snow takes real horsepower. Explore Snowshoe’s backcountry on a horse-drawn buggy or sleigh (conditions permitting). Snuggle up to this magical experience. About Snowshoe Mountain: Coca-Cola Tube Parklast_img read more