August 2017

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1: search engine is the most visited website

marketers need to pay attention to matters: make sure your site through mobile

?How consumers respond to mobile advertising,

this is a popular topic, even if you meet with the supervisor in the elevator, can also discuss this topic. Next, I will quickly summarize the content, and marketers need to pay attention to matters.

in daily life?

this study focused on the following five key areas:

I don’t know what the reader will not do so, but I always look for the latest statistical data, to help customers to explain where should put their marketing costs. And I’m particularly interested in is small batch, convincing, and soon the people can share data. read more

some time, advertisers increased advertising price. For example, if your visitors from North America through the station and download the Windows Live device Toolbar, usually every one can get $1. In June of this year, Microsoft will increase the price is $four. At this time, Microsoft Windows Live Toolbar put some ads on the site, it is possible to earn some money.

is the following several reasons why advertising optimization:

advertising alliance may be worth a try, because sometimes the advertising alliance in order to attract publishers, would like to pay some money. Therefore, in the new advertising alliance can sometimes get better than existing advertising. read more

: the first professional website optimization can help to improve the user experience of the website.

code level optimization can significantly improve the professional website.


many sites may not take into account the user experience in the construction process, such as a web site navigation is not very clear, may cause the feeling of lost visitors browsing the website, look for a long time, do not know what is the use of this website, can provide him with what help. The content of the website from the website theme, easily lead to customers do not trust the site, resulting in the wrong site, feeling cheated. These details may be related to user experience, in the process of website construction, programmers and designers didn’t notice. So in the course of routine maintenance, it is necessary for enterprises to optimize the forming has been put into use of the site. The field of interactive website construction experience tells us: a website of authority, user experience is essential. read more

every Shanghai dragon blog personal webmaster, will find the love of Shanghai is very friendly to the blog, almost every Shanghai dragon who will hand a blog, and then sit in a local Shanghai dragon + keywords ranking. Thinking is different, the same keywords reason, everybody can be in different ways, in different writing. This just like clothes, clothes had the winter is cold, wear thick point, hot summer, wear thin point; but later we have a kind of pursuit for beauty, or the pursuit of fashion, also the evolution of another concept later. Is Shanghai dragon so early Zac those who write books, but also copied abroad, or to communicate with others, together with his own ideas, in the domestic, Daniel is a. read more

grabbed his hobby technology, think seriously and do go on, there will be one day you will become your master.

has also put in a corresponding monthly ad, such as many adult products, and someone has made a profit by placing it on a sex website and a station

2. new people to enter the second Wangzhuan, self-learning ability.


Wangzhuan industry, could not immediately be able to earn money, some even half a year, only a year in income. This time, we need to focus on the mentality to overcome the current difficulties, because want to survive, every line, every industry needs attention and hard work. Many people once a time no income, think Wangzhuan is a lie, in fact, this time the couple. read more

: a web site to ensure the original and pseudo original

fell in love with the sea is included in a certain extent, can improve the site visibility, promote the flow of the rise, so, in the small and medium-sized website initial stage, to find ways to improve the site included quantity and increase the love love sea sea friendliness is a very important work. As the world’s factory food network marketing personnel, in the long process, gradually accumulated some experience, simply summarized as follows, in order to help you in the website early some. read more

in fact, punishment love Shanghai ranking system has many kinds, not only because of what you said is illegal as everyone knows the right down, will be K. In fact, there is also a factor, if you have offended, will be right down, serious will be K.

is the enterprise stand, if the chain has the same core keywords, as long as the love reaction in Shanghai to determine the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. As shown in figure

love Shanghai chain analysis tool Zan not search data, so it can not provide, but enough to show that he made the chain form is single, if this is the website keywords single site, outside the chain can also form diversification, such as company name, brand + keywords, keyword + region. Fine。 read more


of a page in a H1, we all know this. In this picture, H1 content in the smooth and clean: only love Shanghai Encyclopedia of four words, no other. At the same time, according to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love code depth analysis, I found that H1 is not only the means to tell what is the search engine "the main content of the expression, the more important point is: through the H1, he told the web search engine, the main part of the search engine is started, he was. A warning sign. This is also a noted, why not recommend H1 with LOGO, if H1 began content has not started, is quite friendly to search engine. read more

first, throw out a few problems, if you are puzzled by these problems, then you need to read my article, if it’s not your problem, then you can turn off the page. First, learning Shanghai dragon will be your interest; second, you clear your learning Shanghai Longfeng purpose? Third, whether you have make a study plan; fourth, whether you have the ability of self-study; fifth, Shanghai dragon fail to learn how to do? These five questions, if you are confused then, take the time to read.

is learning motivation, then started immediately. Execution is the key. You have a system of learning plan, the word may be too rigid, so have you thought about how the learning process? Here I said my study plan, I am an ordinary person, so I this process will certainly and a lot of people plan to repeat, is suitable for the public to learn. Do you think you are gifted, so you can change the other way, if you don’t think you have what special, you can refer to my process. read more

is the main home page optimization, keywords layout.

3, column page (list page) optimization, here is the main control hierarchy. The level should not be too deep, otherwise the spider does not go to.

Shanghai Longfeng station technology, is everyone in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization of key, if the interior of the website are not ready, what about the ranking? Station optimization has the following main points:

Chen Jun in Shanghai Longfeng optimization 4 points

Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station, focus, which is also the Shanghai dragon in the optimization because the website, there is such a word, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, do a good job in the website inside > read more