Commentary: The Final Decision Is Still In The Hands Of The Voters

first_imgvotevote Years ago former Evansville Mayor, Jonathan Weinzapfel felt entitled to announce his own plans with respect to his future campaigns before anyone else should do so. Mayor Weinzapfel somehow gave the illusions and conveyed the message that the office of the Mayor of Evansville belongs to him until which time he decides whom to bestow that honor upon.The City-County Observer respectfully disagrees with the assertions that there is any level of entitlement that goes with incumbency.  This is not a playground game of “king of the castle”?The City-County Observer is beginning to finally see some change coming to Evansville and Vanderburgh County. Those changes are within the Democratic and Republican party and they have been needed for decades. It appears as though the torch that should have been passed to a new generation of progressive thinkers long ago is not being passed at all. That torch is being forcefully taken from the dying hands of an aging machine. That the new political order will hopefully be a place without an entitlement mentality of officeholders and is devoid of political patronage positions that are used to keep the herd inside the fences.In conclusion, this Commentary should be interpreted as a political endorsement. We endorse freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and the right to choose.Any aspiring candidate for public office has the constitutional right to choose when, where, and how to enter a race without getting permission from any incumbent, party chairman, political action committee, major contributors, or union leaders before doing so.It is up to the candidates to choose when to run and the people to choose their elected officials by having free elections.We say Run Run, Run Ben Run, Run Cheryl Run, Run Kiefer Run, and for that matter Run Ary Run, Run Garrett Run, Run Zac Run, Run Ed Run.and Run whoever Run.Thanks to the founding fathers of the United States of America that the final decision is still in the hands of the voting citizens.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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