Cold days settling in

first_imgWhile living in Europe, we used to visit the Black Forest. Today, I walked through the White Forest! (Bernadette Harvell)Snow clinging to brush. (Bernadette Harvell)Snow clinging to a branch overhead. Many came crashing down under the weight! (Bernadette Harvell)Every fine branch was covered in bright white! (Bernadette Harvell)Coated in snow. (Bernadette Harvell)A welcoming row of snow bows! (Bernadette Harvell)Winters Beauty on flying pond. (Linda Runge)Old railroad bridge in East Wilton. (Gary Bickford)Frozen water falls in East Wilton. (Gary Bickford)Frozen water falls in East Wilton (2). (Gary Bickford)The road home. Mount Vernon. (Linda Rungi)Vienna Mill Pond dressed in winter’s finery. (Jane Naliboff)Kents Hill barn settled in for a long winter. (Jane Naliboff)Tufted Titmouse ready for take-off to the snack bar. (Jane Naliboff)Spotlight on a sunflower seed. (Jane Naliboff)Besse Road, Vienna (Jane Naliboff)Snow capped mountain view, New Sharon. (Jane Naliboff)Black Capped Chickadee walking the plank.(Jane Naliboff)Snowed in. (Jane Naliboff)After a fire took the farmhouse, this barn sits alone in a snowy field in Vienna. (Jane Naliboff)Fall leftovers. (Jane Naliboff)Nothing moving in these low single digit temps even in Southern, Brunswick, Maine. (Jane Knox)Belgrade lakes. (Jane Knox)I’m cold in these single digits so I am all puffed out. (Jane Knox)New Meadow River. (Jane Knox)last_img

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