An initiative has been launched to color the pedestrian crossing in Zadar in the patterns of a Dalmatian dog

first_imgDo you know how the world-famous dog Dalmatiner is, an autochthonous breed from Croatia?If we were to do market research on a global level, I am sure that most of the respondents would associate Dalmatians, ie Dalmatian dogs, with America, and not Croatia.The Dalmatian dog (Canis dalmaticus) is the most famous Croatian autochthonous dog breed in the world. The origin of the Dalmatian dog is based on paintings and records from church chronicles of the 16th – 18th century. The Dalmatian dog served as a military dog, guard at the border, companion of carriages and riders, as a hunting dog, bird and hound, and depictions of the Dalmatian dog were found on the altarpiece “Mother of God with Jesus and angels” in the church of Our Lady of the Angels in Veli Losinj , the island of Lošinj, Croatia dating from 1600-1630, and frescoes from Zaostrog, Dalmatia, Croatia. It follows that the origin of the Dalmatian dog is in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, especially in the historic province of Dalmatia.That is how the Dalmatian dog got its name from the province of Dalmatia, ie from the Dalmatian people.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Unfortunately, the Dalmatian dog is more popular in the world, especially in America than in Croatia. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for that fact, but Walt Disney, who made the animated cartoon 1961 Dalmatians back in 101, and later in 1996 the film of the same name, which put the Dalmatian dog on the global map and experienced its true success. Also, later in 2000, a sequel to the popular film, 102 Dalmatians, was made, as well as various versions of cartoons for children.In addition to the animated and feature film Dalmatian Dog, he starred in many commercials promoting various American companies such as Budweiser, Google, McDonalds, RedBull and many others. But not in Croatia, and especially Dalmatia as a tourist destination from which it comes.Now, the logical question is: Why don’t we know how to use it to our advantage, through branding and tourism? Like, among other things, Tesla, Penkala, tie, parachute, zeppelin, etc.… even the planetarily popular red and white dice celebrated by our footballers, by which the whole world knows us, but we do not use them enough through branding. It’s like we’re ashamed of them.But things may change for the better, and finally the Dalmatian will become at least one part of the tourist mosaic in Croatia, more precisely in Zadar.Initiative launched to paint the pedestrian crossing in Zadar in the colors of Dalmatians – Zebra DalmatinkaNamely, on the initiative of Sandra Babac from Zadar, an initiative was launched to set up a pedestrian crossing in Zadarski mira Street 1358, on the stretch from Forum to the pier, where there is no pedestrian passage, but a lot of tourists pass, which will be outlined with Dalmatian dog patterns. . That is how Zadar would get its first “Zebra Dalmatinka”, as Babic called it from miles away.The idea for the Dalmatian zebra has been around for a long time, and it came from two facts. As Babac points out, the first is that there is no zebra drawn on that stretch, ie the pedestrian crossing, and the second is the tourist promotion of Dalmatia as well as Croatia “As a tourist guide who occasionally guides tourists around Zadar, it has been shown that tourists most often pass this way, in order to shorten the way to the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun. On the other hand, there is a chronic lack of time, especially for Asian guests who therefore choose shortcuts to stay longer in those locations such as Sun Salutation and Sea Organ. There are parks that, when they are done, do not initially pave the roads, ie paths, but first make a park and then see which way people are moving, and accordingly only then do the paths. So in this case, there is certainly a need for a pedestrian crossing at that location because that’s how groups move naturally, and then why not combine the story with the Dalmatian zebra and use it to promote Dalmatia and the whole of Croatia” concludes Sandra Babac, an entrepreneur who occasionally works in her free time as a tourist guide within the Association of Tourist Guides Donat from Zadar.On the other hand, there is a chronic lack of time, especially for Asian guests who therefore choose shortcuts in order to stay longer in those locations such as Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ, Babac points out. “The plan is not only to place a zebra on the mentioned location, but also to use one fact, and that is that the famous Dalmatian breed originates from Dalmatia, so the zebra on specific spots of a Dalmatian dog could be an attractive tourist product, the first of its kind in Croatia. So Zadar would get its first zebra Dalmatian as I called it” Sandra Babac points out, and adds that every Zebra Dalmatian woman “should have an educational and informative board about the history of Dalmatians in order to educate tourists.Definitely a great initiative that needs to be implemented as soon as possible. In fact, why not look at the bigger picture and paint all the pedestrian crossings in the whole of Dalmatia, or at least those in the very center of the city and next to tourist attractions?If we do not tell that story and we are not proud of it, then it is quite certain that no one else will tell it for us and promote us for free. In addition, if we are talking about dog / pet friendly accommodation, beaches, parks, cafes – destinations, are there better links and ambassadors than Dalmatians. Being recognizable all over the world by one slogan, subject, sentence… is the holy grail in marketing, and yet it has images, but no tone. And not one, but several of them. We have a problem, ie sweet worries, what to single out as, say, the three main features that connect us with Croatia. From a tie, a parachute to Tesla and a Dalmatian.Photo: Sandra BabacWe have something to be proud of, as well as “play” in the world of marketing where it is increasingly difficult and expensive to get attention, stand out and be recognizable. Croatia’s biggest advantage is our incredible diversity and authenticity. We do not understand each other from region to region and we have a totally different way and culture of living, how different they are.It is this authenticity that is our biggest advantage and must be our main tourist product, of course with the sun and the sea. We don’t have to make up stories, we have to be what we are – Croats. It is our authentic and incredible true stories that need to be nicely packaged and told, and one of the great stories is certainly the story of the Dalmatian.After all, this would not be the first pedestrian crossing in Croatia to be painted in another form. In Zagreb, in front of the Maksimir Stadium, a pedestrian crossing is drawn in the shape of a zebra pattern, promoting the Zagreb Zoo. Also, if London and other world cities can have zebras / pedestrian crossings painted in various colors and motifs, surely Zadar can.Will Zadar get its Zebra Dalmatian? The initiative has been launched, now they are on the move of the city service.Related news:IF AT LEAST A TIE WAS A CROATIAN PRODUCT, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD KNOW ABOUT CROATIAWHY ARE WE ASHAMED OF TESLA, PENKALA, VRANČIĆ AND ALL OUR OTHER INNOVATORS?last_img

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