SINN Power Launches Wave Energy Project Off Cape Verde

first_imgSINN Power is set to begin its first commercial wave energy project on Cape Verde in Africa following the signing of an agreement with Fazenda de Camarão.SINN Power has partnered with Fazenda de Camarão to begin a commercial demonstration project for wave energy on São Vicente. Within this project, a SINN Power wave energy converter will be installed to supply an organic shrimp farm with 100% renewable energy.As agreed in the contract between the companies, the project launches shortly with a detailed feasibility study.“SINN Power is looking forward to realize the first steps of this feasibility study, as it could open a new chapter of renewable energy supply. If 10% of the energy needs of Cape Verde are covered by our innovative technology, we could reduce the yearly carbon footprint by 37,000 tons,” said CEO of SINN Power, Philipp Sinn.Over the following months, SINN Power will begin with the measuring of the local wave data. An exact wave profile will be generated and several other analyses will be carried out.As soon as the production of the sea food is fully established, SINN Power will start to protocol and measure the exact energy needs of the shrimp farm to tailor a perfectly customized off-grid system.The following step will be to install the SINN Power wave technology. To do so, the engineers will design a location-specific SINN Power wave energy converter array to match the individual energy demand, the company explained.SINN Power’s project manager Fabian Brandl added: “With the island São Vicente and our local partners we have found the ideal conditions for our first commercial wave energy project. Establishing a flagship project for sustainability will be an important milestone for our technology and will have a positive impact on all of Cabo Verde.”last_img

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