Lesbian parents ‘betrayed’ by gay father demanding to see his son

first_imgTelegraph (UK) 6 Feb 2012A two-year-old boy with “three parents” – his lesbian mother, her partner and a gay father – is at the centre of an Appeal Court test case on the status of “alternative” families. The mother says she made a pact with the father during a restaurant meeting before the boy was conceived that she and her lover would fill the role of “primary parents” within a “nuclear family” and that he would not stand on his paternal rights. But now she and her partner say they feel “bitter and betrayed” after the father – a former close friend who attended the birth and held the new-born baby in his arms – demanded overnight and holiday contact with his biological son. All three parents are highly-paid professionals living in central London and the father, in his 40s, insists he was always far more than a mere sperm donor and he wants to play a full paternal role in the life of the only child he is every likely to have. The father was formerly in a “marriage of convenience” with the mother, although they are now divorced, and three Appeal Court judges are being asked to rule on whether the little boy would be best off with “three parents and two homes”. Alex Verdan QC, for the father, warned the judges against “importing traditional or stereotypical models” into their consideration of the case, and added: “This appeal raises important issues relating to the court’s approach to children born into alternative families”.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/9064241/Lesbian-parents-betrayed-by-gay-father-demanding-to-see-his-son.htmllast_img

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