DOJ submits study on termination of VFA

first_imgPresident Duterte recently ordered thetermination of the Visiting Forces Agreement after the American governmentcanceled the visa of Sen. Ronald dela Rosa./PN MANILA – The Department of Justice (DOJ)is set to submit to President Rodrigo Duterte its study on procedure for thetermination of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the United Statesand the Philippines. “Possible effects on the MDT and EDCAmay have to be studied separately by the DND [Department of National Defense]and DFA [Department of Foreign Affairs], but the DOJ will be ready toassist,” he said. “We shall answer such questions as: isthe VFA a treaty or an executive agreement? If it’s a treaty, is Senateconcurrence required for termination? Who will give the notice of termination?Is it necessary to state any ground for termination?” he added. “I’m done with the study on theprocedure for terminating the VFA, but I have to submit first my memo toPresident Duterteon Monday,” said Guevarra, adding they only dealt withprocedure on the termination of the military deal. Guevarra said that a separate study isneeded if the termination would have an impact on other military agreementswith the US, such as the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and Enhanced DefenseCooperation Agreement (EDCA). DOJ secretary Menardo Guevarra said inan interview over the weekend that his office has finished its study on theagreement and will submit its findings before President Duterte today.last_img

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