first_imgBILL NEAL :10 I guess we can now put to rest those on going rumors and myths about “Kobe” being a selfish player. He passed up the opportunity to score a mere 40 points to win the NBA scoring title for a 4th time. Kevin Durrant you can now exhale…the rest of you…just shut up!!!:09 Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus…alright Rev. Mike, you of the fabulous and ever growing church on Lemington Ave., oh you know the one. C’mon man! Anyway your voice has been heard. No man, not like a voice from heaven…more like a voice from across the parking lot in Monroeville. Your quality and highly competitive time spent in the early days of the Connie Hawkins League, your legendary skills on the pool table back in the day at Raiford’s house and most importantly your marriage to one of my favorite all time ladies now puts you “In The Locker Room.” Now go forward my son, part the waters and set my people free…my bad that’s asking a lot…just get more wings for the picnic this year. Me and the Corvette boys came up a little short. You know what I am saying?:08 If you had money on the Chicago Bulls to win the NBA title or for that matter the NBA East title, by now you know Derek Rose is done for the playoffs with a torn ACL, and your money my friend is in some mobsters bank account in Vegas.:07 Speaking of the NBA East, and I was. Ya’ll know I can’t stand “LeBron” but man…“He Is A Beast”…I am just saying!:06 The Steelers got it done in the draft, but what else is new. They always get it done. They got a steal in the first round when they picked up Stanford’s David DeCastro. He is already a projected as a 6-8 time pro bowler, compared to Alan Faneca and on top of all that he’s got a bad attitude!! Are you ready for some football?:05 Here’s all you need to know. Eddie Jefferies is all-right man! I sat down and talked with him for a couple of hours the other day and was quickly reminded of what I’ve known since the Connie Hawkins League days back at the “Y”…you can’t take a “Gangster” out…“A Rankin Gangster” that is! (God Bless you Willa!):04 This just in. The Pittsburgh Bullets Pittsburgh based semi-pro basketball team is the real deal. They have to be if they beat my Champions’ All-Stars. We dropped a close one 85-77 at the Champions All-Star Classic at Penn Hills YMCA on Sunday. (Yea you missed it.) But here’s the update: Gerald Warrick lead all scorers with 24 points; Devon Knight is still a basketball phenom; Lawrence “L.B.” Baker should be playing pro ball somewhere; Griffin Able is truly the ageless wonder. He just knows how to play; “J” Hood remains one of Pittsburgh’s greatest ever shooters; Deio Daniels aka “Big Tone” still brings the thunder; Marcus Robinson still has game even on one leg; And if you play them you better design a defense that includes 2×4’s cause that’s the only way you’re going to stop Amir Johnsom and Josh Trocchio from shooting them 3’s. The Penn Hills Police fought a tough battle but lost a good one to the A.K. Valley Police Officers and their Ringers… what? Hey fellas just kidding! But the hit of the day was the Homewood YMCA defeating the Rise High boys in a great…great…great middle school boys tournament.Well played everybody…well played.:03 Let me just say this…Alia’s mom is tough, I mean tough. She just had about 20 reconstructions and transplants and controlled the admission door like a pit-bull. No not one of those TV pit-bulls. I am talking about one of those Homewood pit-bulls that ain’t been fed in six days. Hey, she wouldn’t give me my own money! C’mon Mom!:02 Here’s a Two-Fer-One for ya. (1) “Safe”, starring Jason Stathan. All you can ask for and more. Cars, guns, “fight-in” and lots of dead bad guys. I give it 3 Basketballs. (2) “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” from the Steve Harvey book. Was fantastic. Kevin Hart as you know is crazy and the women are ffffiiiinnnneeee!! I give it 3 1/2 Basketballs.:01 Alright let’s wrap this up…At The Buzzer: The Fantastic Voyage starts now. “Come Along Drop Your Bags Get On Up and Jam Now”…May 4 the Old School Par-Tay’s start the road trips at the Comfort Inn on Rodi Road in Penn Hills. Don’t forget it’s a Happy Hour early start at 7 p.m. The first 25 people between 7 & 8 p.m. get in for 1/2 price only $5—for the rest $10—Cash Bar, light buffet, D.J. Mean Gee, The Fabulous Diamond Models, free parking, fantastic vendors and yes, eatin’ drinkin’ and dancin’ Old School Style…The beat goes on…“You can’t stop me… you can only hope to contain me”!! Oh yea, the Pittsburgh Corvette Club will be there with their cars.Coming May 19 to the new magnificent Thelma Lovette aka Centre Avenue YMCA the game of the year. The Savoy Restaurant basketball team will take on the Champion All-Stars in the game you all have been waiting for—along with Pittsburgh Job Corps playing the Pittsburgh All-Stars and the main event The Pittsburgh Bullets Semi-Pro team takes on the Ohio Pro League All-Stars.Jazz on the Green starring National Recording Artist Kevin Howard at the 3 Lakes Golf Course in Penn Hills formerly the Alcoma Country Club 8-Midnight, free parking—$10 at the door—limited seating only 150 seats. Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Five-Starr-Corporation for more information.~ This Game Is Over ~last_img

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