Public Security Minister “is at sea” – FITUG

first_imgCrime spiralling out of control…says Police statistics not reflecting realityPublic Security Minister Khemraj RamjattanThe Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) on Friday called out the Public Security Ministry on its sloth in addressing the alarming crime statics in Guyana and also slammed the subject Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, for the manner in which the situation is being handled.According to the union, there has been a rising “spate of criminality” across communities, adding that media reports of statistics from the Guyana Police Force which suggest crime is on the decline does not substantiate the reality on the ground.“Whether all crimes are actually reported is something that should be verified. If it is the case that our people have decided not to report such acts, it says a lot in our view, about the confidence in those charged with maintenance of public order and security,” FITUG stated.The union added that throughout Guyana, there have been reports of citizens being victims of varying criminal offences, instilling fear among others. FITUG contended that this mindset is not one which people should ever have to contend with.FITUG noted that it has seen, in practically all corners of the country, reports about people being the victims of crime.“Some incidents, we note too, have resulted in the untimely death of victims. This is a situation we can neither condone nor be happy about. At this time, we will recognise that our people are genuinely afraid about whether they will be the next victim.”The Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, was under scrutiny for the way this matter has been addressed. While it is a serious situation, the union expressed that this is yet to be realised and, therefore, called for the issue to be addressed immediately and treated with grave importance.“The Federation has also seen pronouncements from the Minister of Public Security on the situation. From the Minister’s utterances, we cannot help but conclude that he is at sea when it comes to grasping with the gravamen of the situation at hand. It appears that the Minister may need assistance from his colleagues who have experience in the security sector,” the union said.The union called for a concerted plan to address the situation at hand and bring reprieve to Guyanese, who must contend with various criminal activities.“The need for a safe and secure society cannot be underscored. The need for our people to have peace of mind is important on so many fronts.”Ramjattan was recently quoted as saying that although crimes are occurring, there must be an appreciation of the fact that Guyanese live in a geopolitical space where interpersonal violence is the highest in the world.However, this analysis of the escalating crime situation in Guyana did not go down well with Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Harry Gill; a Member of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on the Security Sector, who in no uncertain terms called for the Minister to either be reassigned or fired as Public Security Minister.He added that the ease with which criminals are going about their business, “brutalising families in their homes, stripping them of their valuables, their dignity and often, their very lives, is reminiscent of the infamous Burnham era of the notorious kick down the door bandits. And Minister Khemraj Ramjattan seems clueless and in denial,” he added.last_img

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