September 2017

website more blog, forum marketing does not damage the safety of users, user fraud behavior and intention, but the content is meaningless with keywords "which has been described in BSP BBS, Shanghai love (including content, chain, chain) extreme distrust the basic attitude, in this case, again reduce the weight of the chain BBS signature which is completely normal. This can be from love Shanghai for classification information link attitude have been confirmed — often included soon, included many, but not long time to delete Not the least trace was found. read more

three, love Shanghai included algorithm

recently found a snapshot of the site, included, the chain, ranking changes, changes in hundreds of times a day; meet the eye everywhere in each big forum various Tucao, here on the website ranking algorithm make a bold guess, what is wrong, you can learn to learn to exchange your experience.

is a bold idea of ranking small after several days of observation made by small text, just write so much.


ranking algorithm to update

in recent weeks, Shanghai has been updated to the snapshot love large area algorithm. The original complaint snapshot method can update snapshot already not effective. Why not say small failure, according to Xiao Bian observed and not all sites are not reflected after complaints, complaints after some sites within several hours of update snapshot. Xiaobian that now love Shanghai has a mechanism, is the site to the active site and non active site. If the active site, using the original method or snapshot can quickly update, if not active, the complaint is nothing. How can we put the non active into active, small there is no shortcut, Xiaobian now do the work of the 2, the station, traffic, after a period of time some site recovery activity, update the chain can not solve the activity. Here the activity and rankings are somewhat related, active high rankings will be better, so the children will not only know the chain update. read more

is a website of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster most headaches. We all know that a website without the support of content, it is impossible for web site keywords have a good ranking, the more impossible for site to become a high weight website; now many webmaster is to collect articles, pseudo original auxiliary, a seemingly powerful website can be realized in an easy job to do the public, however, to know the website operation, not only is the keyword ranking, even the website included snapshot, also cannot keep up with the times, a collection site, to create a very high weight website, in addition to strengthening the construction of the chain, there is no law, even to a large number of high weight website chain, on the site to the effect is very little. You want to make your site weight rises, prohibitively difficult, want to keep the weight off, it is impossible to guard against, you only need a little attention, for example, no continuous update stand inside the chain, did not adhere to the hair, especially a stop server for two or three days, the effect is certainly immediate. Therefore, we should create some good article, can make your site have a stability. So how should we build a meet and satisfy the user the spider read more

four, a

forum and love Shanghai know answering community does not allow advertising and website links, but as long as we are able to provide useful resources, contribute to the community, even if the website links are not deleted. I like to do is talent network, and Post Bar in Q & a community, people often ask how to get a job, or ask the interview skills and job recruitment problems, I will introduce my site and leave them. This has two advantages, one in the community I let many people know my site, I left two outside the chain will not be deleted. Like Shanghai, Post Bar know, Search ask, and so on, the weight is still high. read more

" keyword participle "estimate" bid "website hits"

1.92 1.61

offers quality score ranking the actual click cost


ranking algorithm, and we estimate the bid procedure is "total website ranking number × 0.>


1.53 1.5

2, estimated bid: love Shanghai bidding is to pay in order to account for promotion, which can account for how much promotion first? Here is an estimation program.


1.71 1.7

1.62 1.41

This is the love of Shanghai 3.83

× = bid; quality score, the highest score is the highest ranking, the actual cost is not higher than click on the. The actual cost is: a ranking algorithm on quality website last, what is the actual cost is the number of bids, click. A class website is on the right side of the page does not participate in the bidding, "on the left side of the two or three level, the actual click cost algorithm is: take" left ranked last bid for the actual click cost base. Each rank home the actual click costs than the home ranked bid more than a penny. But because the actual cost is not higher than the click, so if it costs more than keyword bid, then according to the bid, which is the amount, the actual click cost is how much, if not more than a penny bid according to the home is. read more

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For we do Shanghai dragon, a lot of people in what kind of Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon, in fact no matter we say "forget Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon" or some other argument, we all need to know that the search engine is constantly updated, and we the webmaster moment is passive, such as optimization and we love Shanghai, love Shanghai casually today happy down a "big aunt", a happy tomorrow down a "aunt dad", you should know, so this is me today to talk about one thing: what kind of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon is the best? Change in Shanghai is the best Shanghai Dragon dragon. read more

4. home has 2 inflatable toys appear the keyword place using a H1 label processing, another use of bold B label processing.

1. www without a 301 redirect to the domain name domain name with www.

7. at the bottom of the site there is a very small but very helpful links is that the label of website included, especially helpful for increasing love Shanghai included, the long tail word ranking, Shanghai love spider server efficiency is relatively low, every time to grab the surface of the web site just. The directory deep product page and news page is not easy to be loved by Shanghai to capture, label processing, all the products are cross classified into different label (label with respect to the main key words of the long tail word), click on the label into the page contains all the tags, each tag page and > read more

three: adjust the page content realization mode of

. "

web content

as a new generation of webmaster, mention optimization, we all know that the "content is king, the chain for emperor", but has been in a state can not learn to imitate and follow, the fundamental basis of website optimization fundamentally, web similarity is striking and judgment search web content is the important factor of information repeated, so we have how to reduce the web page similarity, the author heart today is a bit excited to share some experience to reduce page similarity: read more

Please look at the original

(users to browse the web for example)

ice bucket algorithm 2: strike force users to login visible full content of the phenomenon of

ice bucket algorithm 3: against user browsing results are forced into a

from a series of adjustments above we can see that love Shanghai hope to high quality resources users need to show the priority, so users do not need to do any additional operation can get information and resources from the website.

users get the information resources in the mobile web site commonly encountered when being forced to download the APP can continue to browse and download, but the APP is not necessary or common, download traffic, some do not want to waste the inside to see the contents and be pestered beyond endurance. In addition, inadvertently to advertising, download the APP bundled with a virus, browsing content to see a large number of advertising content to cover this phenomenon to see also emerge in an endless stream. The chaos led directly to a large number of users from the website to leave. read more

: a snapshot of

two: the amount included

for the chain, many owners are not well defined, blindly believe that the site of the chain is the webmaster tools or instruction after the domain data. If you chase with this data, is also a water.

there is a common understanding in the circle, that is the site included page number, the more favorable for the site, ranking will be better. In fact, this is a mistake, and not with the weight of the site included hanging hook. Some Adsense requirements included the amount should be large and willing to exchange even when exchange chain. But when we see the amount included high at the same time, is aware of these included page quality. Some of the poor quality of the page can be included, but often cannot obtain the good weight, a movie site as shown below, we can see the collection has arrived, but the weight forecast love Shanghai is only 2, a small site included 100, weight to 2 this is not a problem, we you can see the weight and included not hanging sign. read more

blog for 08 years, are included, and the situation is quite good, included a good flow conversion is better, at that time I remember is the Sohu’s blog, registered in the Chinese community, others do not know at that time, thought it was the Sohu blog BUG, then I do is film station, every day several Sohu blog to flow over 10W. But slowly die, because we all know, is rampant, no longer do blog so easy, not just send an article he found recorded. But from that time on my blog especially large portal blog has a special liking, that only NetEase, Tencent, Sina, and other blog is worth doing, it is not, because after a period of time, I do blog, especially those large portal blog he not included it is said, or rarely included. But this has not prompted me to give up the blog, because I’ve seen the blog charm, I insist on do blog, and to research methods of the blog, I put all the can do blog site to do a bottom, and finally found that those small blog rankings behind will have the good this is similar to results, Sohu, NetEase that included little blog. read more

many people when optimizing a website, the station optimization and stood outside optimization from the fall, but when the search your site in Shanghai love, such as a website brand word, general brand is unique, but could not search to your own website? Why is this? I think many novice webmaster do not understand why this is the case, in fact, these are the new compensation mechanism in action, is your website is not good enough, when users search for the brand website when you enter your keyword page triggers a new search in the repair mechanism may temporarily not in line the home page, when users search for the same keyword statistics again if you don’t click on your URL click rate is lower than the competitors, your ranking will be reduced, from a technical point of view to analysis this is not too difficult Understand。 read more


the quality of the user experience has been a lot of webmaster heart tangled problem. Because of its relationship to visitors will become loyal visitors will be transformed on our site. The quality of the user experience, on the other hand, we can also see that visitors to our site is trust. Just imagine, in real life, you and I are not likely to trust a dress dirty, groaning people. Here I stand in an ordinary visitor’s point of view, and we talk about me as a visitor, in the process of browsing a website to the website to generate trust, trust visitors hope to better help you optimize your site. read more

write file will prevent our appreciation of articles have been collected. If Google crawl these pages, and find relevant content to write a page in the appreciation of them, it will determine whether it is an original page.

above the two may be his list. If you use Google next step and actually began to use the label, then it will be more promising. But for now, add a write at least appreciation will give your website to bring more weight to your article.

method we must first start is always exists in every heart for a long time to write: the original author’s appreciation. Since last year’s mid Google has started to write an appreciation of support. Even today, not everyone in it, although in most of the web sites you have found. If you have a lot of original content website, you certainly want to use it well. read more

is therefore not ambitious, talks about what brand visibility, "for the industry the right to speak". The first to lay a solid foundation, and constantly improve their professional level. Confucius said: "do not worry that others do not know, the patient can not". Only if you constantly improve their professional level, be possible to talk about "for the right to speak" problem.

and it has its own unique personality and view content can give people the start > read more

Shanghai dragon and not some articles, do some outside the chain of this short-sighted behavior, Shanghai dragon is more accumulation and the implementation of a strategy. From the site of the building early on began to own a set of Shanghai dragon strategy into, from the overall structure of the site to enhance the website, a website to more users to understand their own, these are Shanghai dragon should be considered er. When we each a webmaster friends put the user in the first place, less excessive promotion, will be thinking " read more

, the 1 major portal or area due to salt events, and click with tens of thousands of the chain.


of Japan’s nuclear crisis, the evolution of salt China crisis. Especially in coastal areas, such as Hangzhou, Ningbo. In the north of the major supermarkets, retail stores have all sold salt. Now the major forum, QQ group, micro-blog are in for a topic, get jittery. Some people use the incident, earn a lot of traffic and the chain. Figure:

search and love index in Shanghai told the Shanghai dragon Er, user attention and media attention rose to 8975% and 108%. So, for our website can earn a lot of traffic and the chain of the incident. read more

is a spider crawling at data, spider records

baby, Yahoo, Baidu of the aristocracy Figure 2 It is recommended that you

the author himself is responsible for the optimization of the promotion of the site – gynecology online consultation network log file analysis data to introduce. Three sets of data to demonstrate.


Figure 1

baby, Yahoo spider and Baidu

crawling record more, I will not 11 data list. These data suggest that spider yould may come to our website, so it can be said that there is no fixed time spider crawling. It may climb to our site whenever and wherever possible. Here I have an idea, a large number of the chain can let the spider climb faster and more frequently to our website, and then it will improve our web site and the weight. Like people, like people, ripe, exchanges in order to have a further development, until the approval of a person, a person must. read more

second, search engine optimization

no matter what things we must have a definite goal, as we learn in order to test a good university, we work hard to live a better life and realize their value. The construction site is the same, different sites have different goals, enterprise website goal is to sell products. So we in the construction site of the process must always think of the theme of this website is to identify customers and promote their products or sell their products to customers, and then according to the different requirements of different types of construction site. read more

introduction: quality of the integration of Shanghai dragon, can let more webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel find their problems quickly and solve, or to learn more knowledge of Shanghai dragon. So, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong had made Shanghai dragon problem from the media, will continue to update the solution quality problems in each period. Love friends can add micro signal: 343031031 interaction.

sixth record:



chain this is also the many people may say a commonplace talk of an old scholar, outside the chain of no use, actually this is wrong, the chain is only part of the chain of garbage useless, and love Shanghai or the tendency of high quality natural chain. However, many people still do not know how to do this. So, what should we do outside the chain of high quality? My suggestion here is: write original, user needs to publish articles or relevance of the platform, to achieve better quality than quantity. At the same time, to put the chain of some note well, for example: to publish multiple web sites, don’t catch a site outside the chain, to do link diversity, steadily increasing chain etc.. read more