July 2017

I am a party of the civil service, the hobby is building a web site, because there are a static website of the government, so we feel there should be an interactive exchange platform, the use of spare time, beginning in 2005 the construction of website. Initially hung on the unit. But because of the forum, and a post in the forum was named provincial Public Security Bureau police; recall now quite funny: at that time the city police and the forum, said a post illegal like, to trace the poster. I immediately said that this post must be reproduced, do not believe it on the search try. The results of Baidu and Google are easily search, this post, the content of the police was a little embarrassed as like as two peas! At that time, with said: who told you this website hang below the unit name, the hanging units have a certain authority! Finally no longer trace, bitterly. Since then, I’ve just scratched my own line, read more

"I’m naturally aggressive and I don’t want to work when I get up in the morning, but when I think about my competitors, I pick myself up."." "If you want to succeed, you must become a sword. The enemy and the setback are the sharpening stones."." "How to define entrepreneurship is very important. Starting a business is not registering a company. When you are a CEO, your girlfriend is CFO, and your classmates are CTO."." Thirteenth Entrepreneurship Forum, Qihoo 360 science and technology limited company chairman Zhou Hongyi word into practice. read more

in ancient times, the ancestors were awed by the stars. Those not that remote, light small things, how could not associated with fate? When we the future is full of curiosity and fear, in addition to the head of the star, if you can help it be better? The names for every one of them not to mind taking the trouble to see with the naked eye stars, these names the star itself is full of hints, covering the earth at the same time, the stars covered the crowd. Let the sky UFO (http://s.7ufo.cn) website with you to understand that a mysterious sky. read more

see Ali League essay, I’m overjoyed, excited. Finally, you can put yourself, a small, just starting site in the Ali League bit by bit, fine way. My mind clearly shows the first harvest that Ali has brought to me. It is the most precious joy, and can never be repeated. It can not be replaced. And Ali alliance grew up with a small story, once the entrepreneurial hope, expectations, and passion repeat, near at hand……

has been Ali Union for me the biggest sentiment is: personal money! The website grew! Cooperation success! read more

to Bo Yang station is an old topic, but there is still a lot of new friends or traditionally, is in the open a lot of blog hosting blogs every day, send a lot of junk articles with keywords with web links. This method, too easy to get into trouble.

want to Bo station, vision to far away, can’t for a while outside the chain and crazy on the blog garbage. Want to have a good site rankings, in addition to internal optimization, is the quality of the chain. Because managed blog has a high weight high PR, so the chain is relatively simple, but if a new blog is filled with a lot of rubbish and frequent pointing in the same site would The loss outweighs the gain. read more

now do station station operation site threshold is getting lower and lower, more and more people, especially the non industry individual people also joined the group, but a lot of people, is to spend money, spend time, nor what harvest, I all lumpy in, take a lot of detours. So the original meaning of the article was raised.

how do non industry personnel stand?

make a note before the text. Non industry, I mean non computer industry, or not engaged in the computer industry.

‘s first problem with standing: you need to know something about the basic stuff of the site. read more

with the development of mobile Internet technology, trillions of ingredients procurement market, once again pushed onto the cusp, the wind of the capital and the network of clouds, is floating to this fertile land. Just over a year, food ingredients O2O showed "All flowers bloom together." contention of a hundred schools of thought "Prosperity: national food ingredients supply giant heavily under the mode of continuous investment in heavy, in the state of regional developed city vertical distribution platform intensive and meticulous farming, focused on the advantages of subdivision category; light mode platform similar to UBER; provide food ingredients O2O solution for SAAS service providers…… Let’s check together, read more

believes that many webmaster are doing such a dream, dream of their website has been a lot of people praise, known as the beauty of the site. Indeed, today’s website allows visitors to remember how innumerable, your own website, how to improve the flow of IP website, there is enough bread and milk will, is every webmaster yearn day and night. However, how can I do it? The author is thinking about this question as well as the webmaster. Today I will share with you some conclusions that have been made for many days. read more

content refers to the content of the website, edit the content added. Many examples can be cited. Many sites set up by the forum program or CMS program set up sites, traffic is one hundred thousand IP or higher, I would like to raise a few. Chinaz (CMS), Admin5 (CMS); bianzhirensheng.com woven life; hudie.com butterfly net; boohee.com Mint weight; kongjie.com net is the airline stewardess, standing before a few of the women in the community, is a forum for the program is very successful.

technology, or web architecture, is for content services. Good website architecture, in order to allow users to browse and use more convenient, can be a good display of hot content, the latest content. The combination of advertising does not affect the user experience, but also create the highest revenue. read more

this morning when I found my boot www.321fa.net this site can not be opened completely, and another one of my websites www.525jar.com opened very well, the beginning will feel strange, and then repeated several times is still not open, each situation is exactly the same, "in the end, the IE and the IE is the core of the browser will completely collapse, then open the Windows Task Manager to see only a browser this process is occupied with CPU rate of more than 50%, accounting for about 2G of memory, then the browser in continuously from the cc4y1.cn web site to download content through careful observation, and any code on my site don’t hang this station, then you want to be is not the site horse? Then I began to do the following work: read more

news January 21st, domestic movie website time network on-line online shopping channel "time mall on the day before, the main sales of film products.

time mall, home page

mall time line on the first phase of the flagship product of "super hero" series, are from the United States in the movie heroes, including Batman, spider man, iron man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, product types contain limited edition dolls, sculpture, mobile phone shell, mask etc..

because of the time network’s film surrounding products under the "genuine authorized, limited collection" slogan, so the price is not expensive. 18CM high doll prices at 300-600 yuan, 30CM high doll prices at 1000-2000 yuan, 1:1 ratio statue price is as high as 30000-100000. Current brands include HASBRO, MM, video time and Hot Toys. read more

dive accustomed to, also in the big brother’s station to see the article, today suddenly want to write something.

two years of local industry station, let me feel a lot.

if I didn’t have a cavity, I wouldn’t have the day and night, 178CM’s tall, slim body with 52 kilograms.

if I didn’t think then, "it’s time to do the local station." "no, I’m still thinking about what I’m going to do after 12 in the evening."..

may be a local friend or a friend, there are several ideas. "Do you have any future?" "should I give up? Is it still the wrong place?". Maybe only "why didn’t I make any money?" read more

In this paper,

drops travel senior operation Leeson in online content sharing, consolidation of Costa rica.

Leeson | drops travel senior operation

drops travel advanced operations, former best use of second-hand car operators director, former platform network co-founder. Focus on precision marketing, new users. On orders from zero to achieve breakthrough million owners and bus passengers during the ride drops.

I, my operation concept,

now I’ve developed a habit of thinking. When I come into contact with a project, I focus on three modules: first of all, what is the overall goal of this project? Then, how do you control the process in this project? In the end, what is the means to achieve the result? From many projects we have done to today, three sentences are summed up: setting goals, chasing the process, and taking results. It may also be that each person does more than just what you’re looking at, when you focus on a team, and when you’re running a company, you have three basic skills. read more

what kind of stand can I do in 2009? A lot of people think it’s a good choice to be an industry website. I used to think that too, huh?. In 2008 October, I set up a gas water heater industry website, which has been doing this for almost a year, but in the end I chose to give up. In view of this experience of failure in the industry, I would like to talk about some of my thinking about doing industry websites.

1. positioning industry website: do industry website, we could choose a wide range of industries, such as large, can do the clothing industry website, industry website, electronic machinery industry website, household appliances industry, service industry and so on the website web site. As a webmaster, in the industry before the site, you must first give your site to do a positioning: that is to be big and complete industry website, or do specialized and thin vertical industry website. For individual webmaster, it is a good choice to make a special and fine vertical website. Of course, if you have more time to update and maintain the website, industry website can also try the large and complete compensation. read more

any website needs to have a good content system to provide users with valuable information. The content for the site is not an exaggeration, in life we do not support what content? Talk to consider what to say and write a report to consider what to write, although these things everyone is doing, but everyone has a different style. In particular, some speakers and writers have different styles and are not identical. This is their own unique content system. Website as an Internet product display interface, but also must have a unique style features, so as to better be remembered by the user. read more

is a cool webmaster forum Liezi, from registration to now just a few months has been changed several times, completely changed, this is to search engine Dutch act. This is my domain name in the 4.cn50 yuan to buy, is a former site navigation station, up to now, there are a lot of Google are included in the original, garbage station I will keep updating, let each big search engine included normal.

I personally feel that what or what to do can exercise this occupation, I think we should all get the feeling that you are beginning to learn Jianzhan hold what attitude? Is curiosity or overnight? When you learn a certain degree or a certain position you would be a kind of attitude to their own website, when a beginner can use a word to describe: "eat hot tofu". Steadfast man, honestly do stand, quote a sentence: "say, do stand, such as a man", then we will site as yourself, society is very big, and I’m very small. The network greatly, and my website is very small, the way to the station, how to do? Don’t say they’re not what technology can do, don’t give yourself the ability to locate, don’t make yourself a mouse, or the cat will eat you. read more

at 0:00 on March 12, 2008, sitting in front of his beloved computer, put on SPA Music – wife incense leaves whisper, a cigarette on the spot and listen to music in the song indistinct frog, the mind is in a trance, thoughts such as the heavenly music, slowly flowing from

and I will talk about my own experience, I am 76 years old, a few days before the age of 32, now often feel that time flies too fast, how well thirty, how the company ran four? Some call me uncle sister, is really hit people. Looking back on the past, the past came to my eyes. By now, I still remember the situation when my father took me to primary school. It is in the summer, a very hot afternoon, I followed behind him, walked about 3 miles (the factory from the county 4, 5 Station Road, when the traffic developed, no car), to the county primary school, I sat in a seesaw playing on his admission formalities completed, I will walk every day 3, 4 miles to go to school, then go home to eat, 4 times a day is 12 miles, winter go early, the day is black, often run on the mountain to the county farmers selling vegetables, we followed them, because they have a torch. My father never came to pick me up from school, my father is careless, I basically do not grow up to me. read more

what is the survival of a web site? That’s traffic. No traffic, and that site is basically not worth much. With the flow of what ah? Ha ha, when the heat is making money! I learned from the knowledge and their own experience, the summary of new sites as follows

1, do station collection of information to be different, that is, the content to their original. If you think about it, are copied to copy, but also is not that a few articles ah, not what the new, or that could not be copied, is the acquisition of information, don’t write what you give a copy of wholly intact, appropriate to collect some information on the line, plus oneself it is actually very simple, just at the time of writing. So, do not have all the turn off, everything has a degree, that is commonly known as "pseudo original."". Everyone likes the original, especially those search engines, these things are very sensitive, therefore, adhere to the original, the benefits of their site is great. read more

PhpMySql account security

Hello everyone. I remember a few period Admin5 Ryoko told a security mysql. So here’s the security of creating an account that combines them. To protect the security of the server.

on a server is generally more than one site, and more than one MySQL (and the best combination of PHP) database. To prevent security risks, we typically set up separate database access accounts for each database, which has only access to the database. Let’s make a specific demonstration: read more