June 2017

doesn’t want to work in the hands of others. Many people choose their own entrepreneurial way to entrepreneurship, more and more people choose to start now, this is a very good idea, but the choice of what kind of project is a very important thing, you know how to choose entrepreneurial projects? Which is a certain skill, the following and we simply say what is the choice of entrepreneurial skills.

qualification inspection

Behind the

of each investment project has a business run it, we invest the time, how the enterprise should first clear the project is behind the strength; we decide to join the project itself, the first to know the company, look at how the company’s reputation, and then look at the company run the length of time, if the company is operating period is relatively long, so in general such companies in their experience will be sufficient, it gives us security will be higher. read more

locust is perhaps the "ugly" in people’s minds, but it contains abundant nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, organic substances and so on, there are a lot of the human body needs amino acids and vitamins; inorganic substances including various salts, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. In addition, it is also rich in chitin, chitin can eliminate human endotoxin, with the efficacy of detoxification.

7 20 July at 5 in the morning, the crickets call twice from time to time. 25 year old student (read Sheng) clouds stand outside the greenhouse to listen attentively to several greenhouses dynamic. In the rustling sound slowly, she picked up a net rate of two villagers and mugwort, walked into the shed…… read more

since the shop business, everyone wants to shop business to be more popular. However, want to do a business, there is often a lot of attention, many of the secrets we need to grasp. In order to run a good imported snacks, the secret is to pay attention to the taste of snacks, but also to talk about packaging.

in the import of a snack shop business executives, operating a good snack bar imports should pay attention to matters. First, pay attention to the taste of snacks. I have to communicate with customers, understand the local consumer tastes, constantly adjust; purchase from the taste more effort of goods is not much but in essence, to as much as possible to introduce some of the market potential of new products, the products to respond to changes in consumer psychology and demand changes like new. read more

in many areas of life are strongly advocated the development of science and technology, but in the development of science and technology, only the better use of science and technology, will make technology has become practical significance. To implement the spirit of the nine plenary session of the four national and municipal deployment requirements, to further deepen the reform of science and technology, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer in December 8th, mayor Huang Qifan chaired the municipal government 150th executive meeting passed "Chongqing to promote scientific and technological achievements transformation plan". read more