March 2017

one is to increase people’s mediation training. Hold people’s mediation training, invited the provincial and municipal judicial experts and scholars on "people mediation law", "Qinghai province people’s mediation work regulations" and other laws and regulations, the people’s mediation center, towns (street) and village committees (community) committees, enterprises and institutions for training, director of the mediation committee part of the mediator, judicial director totaling more than 120 people, people’s mediation training certificates amounted to 76%, rate of 100%.   four is extended to the field of mediation. To further promote the people’s mediation work to extend to all sectors, timely and effective resolution of enterprises and institutions within and outside the conflict with the outside world, the establishment of long-term mediation mechanism, and strive to create a good environment for the development of enterprises. North of the area of small and micro enterprises one by one Mopai, classification, analysis of the status quo, in Xining Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. Kang, Xining Kang Gas Co., Ltd., more than 70 companies set up a people’s mediation committee.   read more

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the activities in a good, the mobilization of cadres and workers in the people’s livelihood Protection chuangxianzhengyou always reflect District People "willing ox" dedication, and effectively protect the people’s lives.

is in efforts to improve the people’s livelihood chuangxianzhengyou. City residents in accordance with the "Yingbaojinbao" requirement, security number reached 7?. 40 thousand people, per capita monthly compensation standard reached 161 yuan, annual allowance reached 1?. 500 million yuan; in accordance with the "prudent expanding surface, appropriate standard, the classification of social security" principle, improve the rural minimum living security operation mechanism security, the number reached 9. 20 thousand years? People, security fund reached 90 million yuan. The two is in the grasp project construction chuangxianzhengyou. During the year to complete the investment of nearly 200 million yuan of rural reconstruction projects, so that the relocation of the new homes of the poor 10000. Invested 100 million yuan in the new funeral home project put into trial operation. Invest 18 million yuan in the community of the elderly day care center project, the investment of $5 million in the 6 community service site projects and investment of 7 million yuan in the completion of the project in the year of the 6 rural nursing home in the year of the year 30. The three is for special service chuangxianzhengyou. Coordinate the implementation of various special funds 85 million yuan; take insurance, subsidies and preferential treatment of "three combination" approach, to improve the medical system entitled groups, establish special examination system; make every effort to steady work of retired soldiers and demobilized cadres dimension. The four is in the maintenance of the rights of vulnerable groups on chuangxianzhengyou. The full implementation of "Five Guarantees" policy, to not less than the average standard of living of local residents, orphans, disabled old people approved the principle of supporting standard. read more

6 month 2 days, the province’s first medical service center in Xining City, North dabuzi District Health Institute inaugurated and signing. The medical service center for the growing demand for pension services, combined with the basic public health services, so as to provide good service for the elderly health and life care, improve their health and quality of life. The ceremony belonged to the grassroots medical institutions were signed with the pension agency community day care centers, rural elderly happy homes and home-based care services, to further promote the basic medical and health institutions in cooperation with pension institutions; do a good job of staff of rural community health services, home care; promote the basic medical and health institutions and pension services integration and development. read more

12 month 26 days, reporters from the just released "13th Five-Year" tourism development planning "see," 13th Five-Year "period, China will rely on the unique tourism resources, create a number of tourism destinations, to meet the needs of the tourism market popularization, diversification and characteristics. Among them, the province of Qinghai Lake scenic area was included in the lake tourism destination.

"planning" mentioned 8 major characteristics of the construction of tourist destination, including mountain tourism destination, island tourism destination, tourist destination, Lake wetland tourism destination, grassland tourism destination, desert tourism destination, the ancient village tourism destination, folk custom tourism destination. read more

In June 7th, the first day of the exam, candidates in went to the examination room at the same time, many parents also all kinds of test methods. Parents accompany the morning candidates running from north area of decompression of the candidates parents Lee told reporters, in order to help their children decompression, 6 in the morning the clock to get up, then take the kids to run the morning in the District, in the process of running in the morning, Lee’s daughter ran the book of poems read aloud Mr. Li, and the side of the whole careful chaperone, remind the child to pay attention to exercise in safety. According to Lee, the movement is one of the scientific methods of decompression, through a series of exercise, can effectively help children reduce pressure. Ask the examination matters silently accompany the candidates in June 7th, the first morning after the end of the exam, many candidates have walked out of the room, waiting at the side of Mr. Su immediately told his wife, will not ask about the exam. Mr. Su told reporters that there are two candidates home this year, one is his daughter, the other one is his brother’s son, the two totally different character, a lively boy, so suitable for communication, the exchange process can tell some stories to help relieve the pressure, and the daughter is so quiet. In the summer as long as it silently accompany less talk. Parents to help students repeat the camera to stay in commemoration of June 7th, in the city’s fifth test center, the reporter noted that some parents from the candidates into the examination room to the candidates out of the examination room, the entire process of video. Ms. Li from Ping An county told reporters that their children are repeat students, a failure in the exam just because a child alone Fukao, psychological gap due to the large, so the family very regret, this time coincides with the test time in the rest of the day, so the family in summer than parents mobilization with DV the peikao process recorded, can regard it as a memorial, on the other hand, through this method to tell the candidates, parents attach great importance to him.   read more

The reporter learned from the East District of

, a city in the city this year to tackle the key year, the area will be 570 million yuan investment, infrastructure construction, increase the area of public cultural venues and other projects, do 5 categories of 24 big things, good things for the people of the area, as a city, to help pave the way to tackle the east.

let the city more humane and more modern: completed 400 million yuan investment in Fu low rent housing resettlement area main project; invest 10 million yuan to complete the Republican road pavement and road repair, replanting trees planting project; investment of 18 million yuan through the Republican Road branch, South Street Branch, Hebei Road, West Coast Yongteng, xiadou Avenue (complete south street to Delingha road guardrail installation engineering); invested 5 million yuan to complete the 2 old residential renovation project; invest 5 million yuan of new Kunlun Road, Huangzhong Road on the west side, and Huang Zhongqiao Burson Road on the west side of 4 street landscape and green space. read more

according to the Qinghai Provincial Commission of economy and information technology development of small and medium sized Enterprises Bureau data show that, according to incomplete statistics, the first quarter of this year, the province of small and micro enterprises in 13 thousand and 800 new jobs, drive employment to increase income 105 million yuan. In the promotion of precision poverty alleviation, driven by poor people’s employment, entrepreneurship and income, the role of small and micro enterprises is particularly evident. read more

Right now, Xining City, the work is being carried out in full swing. June 29th, the city of Xining City, "city of civilization" Saturday in the provincial capital center square start. The city district organized cadres of workers, volunteers, provincial and municipal civilized unit staff of more than 2 thousand people, to carry out cleaning, clinic, legal advice, to persuade people to obey the traffic rules and other activities.

aunt, please walk on the sidewalk, roadway safety." The same day, in the West Street T-junction, a civilized city traffic volunteers are advised to cross the road of the public. read more

In order to better promote the popularization of knowledge of food safety, food production and processing enterprises and their employees and consumers to understand and grasp the food safety laws and regulations and related knowledge, the morning of June 11, 2011, the Qinghai provincial food and drug safety committee and the Xining Municipal Food Safety Committee organize each unit officers and the relevant functional departments and relevant enterprises engaged in food production in Xining. The town square was carried out to build the integrity of family circle, with the cast of food safety "as the theme of" food safety awareness week "activities ceremony read more

thanks to the care of the union, the future must work harder for the unit, the community to do more practical things." Recently, the municipal model workers Huangzhong County cement factory workers in Xining, the Federation of trade unions in the treatment of the relevant formalities when Li Qixiong said with emotion.

this year, the Xining Federation of trade unions to raise funds for the first time organized 20 municipal model workers recently went to Guangxi Guilin workers sanatorium for a period of 13 days of rest. City Federation of trade unions to organize workers to go abroad for medical treatment and rest, but the municipal model workers alone group, focused on external treatment and recuperation is the first time. According to Zhang Le, vice president of the City Federation of trade unions, this year to participate in the treatment of the rest of the model workers to focus on front-line workers tilt. The first batch of models to participate in medical treatment from the construction, education, health, agriculture and other industries. During the rest of the model workers will participate in rehabilitation leisure entertainment, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lijiang River, Guilin scenic spots.
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Recently, the city part of the downtown district, square station, underground channels appear some homeless, beggars begging along the street, seriously affected the city of Xining City, the city and the normal traffic order

recently, part of the city’s downtown district, square station, underground channels appear some homeless, beggars begging along the street, seriously affected the city of Xining City, the city and the normal traffic order. Related media conducted a special report, causing the municipal Party committee and government leaders attach great importance to the public security organs should actively cooperate with the civil affairs, urban management and other departments to carry out the relevant work immediately. read more

"big moon cake ah, for many years have not seen such a big moon cake, and I have a taste, as well as the taste of that year?" September 14th at 11 in the morning, in the courtyard of Xining rural farming ecological garden fun, an old grandmother while enjoying a variety of moon cake, while recalling the time of the year.

On September 14th –15

, the North District of Xining City People’s government, the North District Tourism Bureau of science and technology, Xining Xiang Qu Agricultural Science and technology limited company jointly organized the "mid autumn moon cake to celebrate the national day," Xiang fun delicacy festival in the Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun Cheng Bei Xiang Qu Xining District Agricultural Culture Ecological Park held. In the activity, people from the big stage of the cast into the rustic garden show large show, near the village of old people with homemade cakes, showing the traditional moon cake and special snack. read more

October 20th, the reporter learned from the Xining customs, in the first three quarters of 2014, the province’s total import and export value of 6 billion 390 million yuan, down by 0.1%. Among them, imports 2 billion 880 million yuan, an increase of 20.3%; exports of $3 billion 510 million, down 12.3%. Among them, in September the province’s total import and export value of 1 billion 630 million yuan, an increase of 71.8%, an increase of about 3.2 times the total value of imports and exports in the month of September for the first time in 2014 exceeded $1 billion, a record monthly high. According to Xining customs analysis, the first three quarters of 2014, the province’s foreign trade presents the following characteristics: first, the general trade still accounts for the absolute proportion, but the growth rate and the proportion of contraction. The first three quarters of the province’s general trade import and export of $5 billion 220 million, an increase of 9.9%, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 81.7%, the growth rate and the proportion of the previous month narrowed by 3.9% and 14.1%. Two Xining import and export continued to lead the province, and Contrarian rebound. The first three quarters of the total value of imports and exports of Xining City, 5 billion 850 million yuan, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 91.6%, contrarian rise, an increase of 4.5%. Three is the main import and export less. The first three quarters of this year, the province’s largest imports of coal and lignite imports of $1 billion 320 million, an increase of 81.3%; alumina imports of $610 million, an increase of 1.6 times; aluminum ore and concentrate imports of $250 million, an increase of 5.6 times. Imports of mechanical and electrical products 450 million yuan, down by 49.2%; high-tech products imported $74 million 740 thousand, down 53%. Four is the main export commodities less or less. The first three quarters of the largest export commodity in our province ferrosilicon exports 970 million yuan, an increase of 43.6%; textile yarn, fabrics and related products exports 680 million yuan, down 21.1%; the export of electromechanical products 510 million yuan, down 18.1%; unwrought aluminum and aluminum products, clothing and accessories exports were 210 million yuan, 200 million yuan, down 5.9% and down 52.8% respectively. The five is the nature of enterprise thriving situation break, reproduction or double down situation. The first three quarters of the total value of imports and exports of private enterprises of 5 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 6.9%; total import and export value of state-owned enterprises, 850 million yuan, an increase of 1.2%. Collective enterprises import and export value of 180 million yuan, all exports, down by 38.3%; total import and export value of foreign-invested enterprises, 92 million 210 thousand yuan, down by 73.2%.   read more

reporter learned from the provincial health department, to the present, the province established the establishment of remote consultation system, a great convenience to the people of all ethnic groups to see a doctor. Among them, Xining, Haidong Prefecture, the first comprehensive hospital to achieve full coverage.

since 2011, according to the overall deployment of the provincial government to deepen reform, the province relies on the national health information construction project, in the strong support of the provincial finance, accelerate health informatization construction, initially built by the provincial three hospitals for remote medical consultation center, connected to the people’s Hospital of Peking University remote consultation center, three level telemedicine platform the state and county general hospital. At present, the provincial people’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, the provincial Red Cross Hospital with Peking University People’s Hospital, 32 County Hospital of Xining First People’s Hospital, West Qinghai People’s Hospital of the remote consultation system, Golmud People’s Hospital and 14 county-level public hospitals pilot reform, open operation. Remote consultation system opened, not only make the patients get timely and efficient diagnosis and treatment of the domestic first-class experts, and help patients save a lot of time, manpower and financial resources, reduce the burden of the people’s doctor. In the future, the province will continue to promote the construction of remote consultation system in the province, so that high-quality medical resources to benefit more people of all ethnic groups. (author: Wang Zi)
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The government for the practical facts of the real good policy, our families of the hospital after the bankruptcy of the enterprise for a long time no one management, living in the garbage every day no one tube, I did not expect today for a sample." In April 7th, the original Sichuan iron alloy Jiashuyuan resident Mr. Zhang at the construction site. This year, the north of the city will be the transformation of the 87 families of old homes, a number of projects have been started.

agricultural machinery factory in Qinghai, the original Qinghai shuangdie wool factory, mining machinery factory, living area and other buildings of the "three noes" since the bankruptcy of the enterprise, individual hospital building units involved more, there is no unified management, no professional security team, more buildings and most laid-off residents, building homes and administrative units take off the tube, not the establishment of property management agencies, property fees charged, did not set up long-term guard duty system. For a long time in the unattended, unattended, resulting in burglary, car theft has occurred, the road potholes, bright lights, dirty and messy, chaotic parking, security is poor, these problems have been plaguing the lives of the residents. To solve the management of this old family member courtyard to the north of the city areas with the city ills, meticulous management, full implementation of the new mode of health management of old family member courtyard, issued a "property management without Chengbei district (old and old)" implementation plan of long-term management of environmental health family buildings, 87 of the region’s old family member courtyard gradually the comprehensive improvement of different levels of environmental health, and establish a long-term management mechanism, so that fundamentally changed the old family member courtyard. read more

In the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) committee was established on the occasion of the Communist Youth League Committee to each enterprise organizations actively initiative, hope the majority of members of the youth gathered together, actively involved in the plateau city to create a national civilized city activities, in order to build Xining into the life of the city, happy city, civilized city to make due contribution

in the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) committee was established on the occasion of the Communist Youth League Committee to each enterprise organizations actively initiative, hope the majority of members of the youth gathered together, actively involved in the plateau city to create a national civilized city activities, in order to build Xining into the life of the City, happy city, civilized city to make due contribution. read more

Xining City West District environmental protection departments to coal smoke pollution remediation City three production industry as effectively as a popular project to catch people’s worries. Currently, this year into the scope of the remediation of 273 catering operators, has completed the remediation of the 238.

at the same time, further west district also asked the area all catering service industry of coal smoke must install coal fume purification equipment, treatment compliance after the flue, ensure that emissions meet the national emission standards. Other cooking stove in the high-altitude emissions, requirements shall not affect the normal life of surrounding residents and the surrounding landscape, no new coal-fired stove in the city clean energy area. In addition, the person designated to be responsible for the operation of the region’s food and beverage operators soot cleaning facilities, the unauthorized operation of the facility operators will be punished. (author: Wu Yachun) read more

in order to further standardize the interest Road, morning, Xing Hai Lu market order, encourage self-employed households honest and law-abiding, even bargain, to the jurisdiction of the masses to provide a convenient, fairness, integrity, confidence and satisfaction of the trading environment, recently, Xinghai Street Office West District held a communist demonstration hillock, integrity measurement demonstration booths, even bargain demonstration booth, environmental health, quality supervision, demonstration demonstration booth booth award ceremony in recognition of activities in the morning and Qu Yuan road. read more

want you to edit the short (color) letter to become a messenger of urban civilization? Quickly come up with mobile phone short editor (color) letter, in West District held "civilization from xiadou" original short (color) letter collection activities! Reporters learned yesterday, from now on, as long as the use of your creativity and imagination, the creation of the theme of the short (color) letter, you can get a beautiful souvenir, as well as the opportunity to receive 500 yuan reward. read more