campus laundry project worthy of attention, although the service group is limited, but the business opportunities are unlimited. If you want to open a laundry in the campus, then you should pay attention to what investment problems? If you do not have experience, but also should pay more attention to the relevant information, I hope the following analysis to help you.

campus wash the laundry items there are three main categories:

1, underwear, underwear, shirts and other clothing;

2, bed sheets, blankets, curtains and other bulky items; read more

entrepreneurship, you need not only passion, but also need a stick. Now, let’s learn about a successful entrepreneur. One of the Tencent Inc’s core founder Zhang Zhidong announced the 20 no longer serve as executive director, and former chief technology officer in 6 months, honorary president of Tencent turned to school full-time lecturer, lifelong honorary consultant and Tencent school identity.

Zhang Zhidong: I’m from 27 to 43 years old, has experienced 16 years of high strength and dedication, the business of Internet, need enough passion and strength, not fair old mailao. Over the past few years, the body is not very good, some energy can not keep up. Traditional industries can also say that the old ginger spicy, but in the Internet industry, the need for leaders to be very energetic, a week without a few hours of devotion, will be out of touch, do not understand what young people think. read more

see 2014 has come to an end, many people are considering the venture in 2015, you may not be in the hands of the funds are very well-off, looking for small businesses in the beginning of the year in 2015. Here we recommend some of the small business projects in 2015, friends who want to make money quickly to see it.

2015 small entrepreneurial projects: health care products store

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80 is the main force of entrepreneurial teams, many 80 have devoted themselves to the business market, this is not, this guy was just 80 from the hotel owner to do online business to business, or do business innovation.

80 this big boy, with a face of peers face does not see more stable and capable. "More than three months to start a successful business." This is the president of Shouguang City Business Association Li Wentao on his evaluation.

Liu Wei’s office is located in the 3 floor incubation center, more than and 40 square, placed 8 desks. Before, he worked in his own office. "There’s more entrepreneurial sense here." Liu Wei said, here rent free, free water and electricity, the government provided free warehouse, can also learn to exchange free bag can be settled". He admitted that such a policy to help him a lot, a year can save a lot of money". Moreover, here, supply, carton packaging, printing, on behalf of the operator, art director, training and learning, warehousing, logistics, etc.. read more

as China’s two-child policy in full swing, also let the development of many related industries quickly, maternal industry is so open a baby shop, you can choose to open luxury shops, standard fashion shop, also can choose Mini micro shop, no matter what kind of form, needs a starting capital. If the money is not enough, then the shop will encounter a lot of pressure. The minimum area of a store can not be less than 30 square meters, less than 30 square meters of the store is easy to competitors. We are 30 square meters, the level of economic development in the city of the store. read more

because the investment cost is low, operation is very simple, so now many entrepreneurs want to do business lunch. In short, small investment and fast return to lunch, to attract a lot of entrepreneurs to invest, then what is the lunch to join conditions? This is pure business lunch from it.

· pure lunch to join

if the franchisee is ready to do pure lunch to join, then join condition is very simple. In general, as long as the guarantee of food quality and external image can be sent.

this kind of joining, the general need to have a unique method of cooking, uniform tableware, distribution clothing, tools and so on, the conditions are relatively simple, the difficulty is very low. read more

      how to sell men’s clothing? Many people’s reaction is, of course for men to conduct propaganda, "consumer centric", but the editor here is to tell you is that the men’s clothing sales, we can also act in a diametrically opposite way, we center on the woman, for the sales promotion of women. Estimated that many people to doubt, actually not so, analyze the male purchasing psychology will find that, yes, join the men’s clothing, sales to women as the center. read more

we all love beautiful things, flowers can be said to be very good things, I believe many people love flowers, especially by women’s favorite, on Valentine’s day, teacher’s day, mother’s day, the flower shop business is very good. Shop all the year round have earned. Open a flower shop, the investment cost is very small, the total investment in general million yuan, the main investment in rent, decoration, flowers and gift wrapping paper, card.

location: the first flowering shop to pay attention to what? It is best to choose a place where there is a large flow of traffic or a concentration of young people, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers or residential areas. read more

when the economy develops to a certain stage, it is necessary to innovate in the market if it wants to achieve sustainable development! The reporter learned from the Chengdu hi tech Zone, Chengdu hi tech Zone released 2016 annual industrial added value of 143 billion 650 million yuan, per square kilometer GDP reached 1 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 8.5%, rose to third in the national ranking of national high-tech zones, after the new demonstration area of Zhongguancun and Shanghai Zhangjiang national independent innovation. read more