users should think twice when input ".CM": from the beginning of this month, a large number of.CM domain (Cameroon national top-level domain) cannot be resolved, it is said that the country’s top.CM management agency responsible for internal reasons for this China suspected run away, registered.CM domain name to occupy most of the global registered users who suffered heavy losses. Preliminary estimates of losses of around 10 million.

as of press time reporter,.CM site still can not be resolved, the time has been half a month, when the recovery is still a mystery. Such a large area can not be resolved, the reporter in the official website of the.CM authority ( did not see the relevant response, which also makes the loss of Chinese domain name registration rights is difficult. .CM domain name management confusion and dereliction of duty can be seen from this paralysis. read more

can be said to be "hunger breeds discontentment", but Chinese traditional industries catering industry there are few network marketing. But western and Western fast food more. In fact, as the most appropriate industry. It is necessary to carry out proper network marketing. So how to carry out the food and beverage industry network marketing. We’ll talk to you.

a, show

Internet is an information base, the catering industry as a culture of China, is one of its historical connotation. Many diverse cuisines, martial art, although we could not everything included, but in our website, or other platforms, to show users, coupled with some methods of cooking, you will be very love. This will arouse great interest of the public, beautiful and attractive pictures, but also to make a good impression. The image of the value of the market can be fully reflected. You will download, send hair. This is a good way to promote. read more

On the afternoon of 2

, more beautiful APP announced the completion of the C round of financing 345 million yuan, and announced the investment of all the C round of the first and second batch of financiers, including Acer Group, Suning universal, Tencent, CITIC, Fosun Pharmaceutical etc.. At the same time, more beautiful CEO Liu Di announced to open a new strategic plan — "100 medical IP plan".

this conference is Liu Di first proposed medical beauty industry "Dr. IP" concept, by way of the Internet to help good plastic surgeons to create a full range of personal brand, to maximize the value of the doctor. read more

some people have money, some people have leisure time, some people spend money to buy time, of course, some people spend money time. Then spawned a series of selling time of labor, today about the "part-time network", the network is one of the most popular gold. On, enter the "network part-time", there will be hundreds of sellers for you to choose from, the vast majority of sellers in baby pictures are put in their own portrait, but it’s important to note that the network part-time, absolutely not sell themselves, but their leisure time. read more

51yes traffic statistics 2008.04.08 was hacked, first home burst wrong. Then the entire home was made a full page black.

insiders as we all know, 51YES is a very powerful site. It stood on the full flow of advertising to sell, and each location is not low price oh. Thousands of good.

its statistical system is still relatively easy to use. The last time I installed this, but also installed the cnzz statistics, but also installed 51, a comparison of the. This system can still. But what’s his 2.5 smart version… This estimate is in trouble. read more

introduction: dark horse – the end of October millet training camp nearly 100 students, have very good luck, second days had announced it will retreat, get a chance to interact with him, who had to be good at social marketing is known, the founder of millet in history plays the pivotal role, and "social marketing" remain perplexed despite much thought of this topic is not only anxious and fearful traditional enterprises concerned, to explore emerging Internet Co. So in the dark – millet training camp, an hour long "time had interaction" is especially lively. read more

after a lapse of nearly 4 months, SARFT and the Ministry finally sat together on the development of network television communication. Reporters learned yesterday from the relevant parties, communications with the Ministry of internal affairs of the Ministry of communications is very optimistic about the results, in August this year, SARFT or yellow card warning network TV or be released".

August, SARFT issued "on the strengthening of the administration of radio television to receive notice" issues related to Internet audio-visual program service management terminal, recently pointed out that "some enterprises to seek improper economic interests, without the approval of the administrative department of industry and the authorization of the copyright, without authorization on the Internet TV drama and other audio-visual programs free transfer to the TV terminal for users to watch, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of copyright rights, also require manufacturers must obtain a license to carry out Internet TV business. read more

today want to go to the official website of the coral to download a software station, the site appears 19 9:30, Nanshan court view the source code

19 at 9:30 am, Nanshan court <! – China, France or NPC? –>

is the coral raise a Babel of criticism of case will be held in Shenzhen in December 19th the Nanshan District court


historical playback: in August 2007, Tencent Inc to use the Shenzhen police force, coral reef Chen Shoufu from Beijing’s home to Shenzhen. Tencent Inc accused Chen Shoufu of making illegal profits by bundling coral QQ, and if convicted, Mr Chen Shoufu could be sentenced to 1 to 7 years in prison. After the incident, although there are many industry celebrities for Chen Shoufu Tencent Inc to intercede, but Tencent Inc to "know" dodge. "New century" and "Wall Street journal" and other media reports of the incident. read more

double eleven, the electricity supplier in the field "for your early pattern, vertical B2C living space is being squeezed. However, the vertical electricity supplier (NYSE:VIPS) through the close combination of brand resources and business model, the performance has gradually improved, the first quarter of this year, the first quarter of three to achieve profitability, becoming a heterogeneous electricity supplier in the field of vertical.

insiders said, as long as the vertical B2C and avoid the fight hand to hand with platform based electricity supplier, combined with the line through the resources and form their own competitive threshold in seven pattern still has room for development. read more

day before, "e rent treasure" website and related companies to accept the relevant departments for investigation, suspension of business, this news exposure so that everyone on the choice of P2P platform a bit more cautious. In this paper, the author of the 2015 inventory of 12 P2P platform does not fly, look at these pits you stepped on it?

Most of

P2P platform was established a few years has not fire, but one day suddenly fire, not because it is doing good, thanks to "wonderful" move much raise a Babel of criticism of run away. A platform in Anhui has said domineering want your money back, and must continue to vote a month. Knowing that there are problems to vote money, or do not want to get back the principal. read more

Tencent network monitoring network opened Beijing

April 19th today,,, Chinese network television, Chinese network, China economic network,, Guangming, China broadcasting network, and,, and and other major domestic websites are opened in the home area network supervision, discipline inspection and supervision, link the prosecutor and the court, land and other law enforcement departments and cadres supervision report website "12380" website. read more

is the second phone, the first one is from a small company, said the site does not upgrade, will not open after the computer, the second is in, do not know this thing is true, or, I went to the National Information Center checked, no similar message.

2 phone is the requirements of our company’s website upgrade to become 3G, but now the national standard? If you don’t upgrade to become 3G then our website will open on the computer? China analysis, the website is a lot of people do, in January to 3 this website to see a card we don’t want to write their own blog, people have 3 cards before they can do a blog, it is not to say that I have to upgrade this So those of us who don’t know who to the so-called 3G technology upgrade, read more

this year, the rapid development of the Internet industry, however, which also doped some pornographic and violent content. In this regard, the Ministry of culture, 13, issued a network performance management approach, the network performance business has made the corresponding provisions.

"measures" requirements, network performance management units shall submit to the administrative department of culture at the provincial level for the network culture operation license, does not have the content from the trial and the real-time monitoring capability, not open channel performance, not to take regulatory measures or self examination not through the content of network performance products may not be available to the public; network performance management the unit should be required to use the real name registration performers valid identity documents, and take interviews, recording video call and other effective way to verify, and require performers commitment to comply with laws and regulations and relevant regulations. The network performing business units shall, according to the credit rating of the performers, and the types of performances offered, take appropriate measures for the performance channels. read more

A5 ( station network April 2nd news, March 31st announced the launch of "real people" certification program, Taobao stores will be the "real name authentication" officially upgraded to "real people certification", after the upgrade, the seller review certification, the seller’s identity information and the operator will be bound to eliminate all the information, apply the shop behavior. The store will also simplify the certification step and precise. read more

The new mobile media

now does to people’s daily life has brought a lot of convenience, especially the entertainment life, as the content of popular "spirit Steamed Buns" video rich public view, but also to the public in the entertainment life a lot more free choice. When watching the video, most of the young people will habitually open barrage function, search for happiness.

speaking barrage function, I have to introduce a. Barrage from Japan ACG, is a kind of comment, refers to the comment like a cannon in the viewing screen rather than rapid. With the barrage function will allow users to feel in the craftsman spirit at the same time on the website, can also produce audio-visual synchronization, have more fun, interactive entertainment, making friends, barrage like other new technologies like the Internet, give users a different experience. read more

renamed Chinese ( June 3rd – the day before, some users reflect that Google does not open, whether it is Google, Google official domain name Hongkong, Taiwan, Google or Google, Google Japan Korea can access, then what is the reason for Google to open the


Google can not open

early, Google offers and services in China, 2010 from Google Chinese, transferred to the Hongkong server, the domain name is closed, when the mainland users enter the domain name, jump directly to January 2014, domestic users can access the domain name, but click on the search, is still the result of read more

Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial court, the provincial procuratorate 12 bureau decided that from now until September in the province wide organizations in accordance with the special action to combat Internet pornography.

it is reported that the focus is against the use of the Internet and mobile phone number information dissemination of pornographic, illegal profits; in launched overseas pornographic websites to domestic dissemination of information, the development of members; organizing online pornographic performances and online prostitution; and illegal personnel engaged in network fraud, theft, gambling and the sale of contraband and other criminal activities. read more

According to the domain name

forum user rebellion, eLong ( has been low-key acquired Larry domain, the domain name is enabled to jump to the page, the domain specific transaction amount not disclosed.

diagram: Web page

earlier elong Larry domain Cai Wensheng in the hands of angel investors, in June 14th last year the industry exposure domain name information change Showtime travel company name, domain name and jump to Showtime travel. Hotel reservation page, at that time, the industry for the domain name by rival Showtime travel took a lot of attention. read more

[introduction] Zhang Feng pointed out that the instant communication tool is the use of WeChat mobile Internet transmission of voice, text, pictures, video and other information, which is one of China’s Internet companies the most innovative products.

spokesman for the Ministry of industry and information technology, communications development secretary Zhang Feng (photo source:)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 23rd news, WeChat has been discussed whether the charges. The development of our industry and Information Technology Ministry spokesman, communications director Zhang Feng today at the State Council Information Office organized a press conference made clear that the Ministry of innovation and development to encourage and support including WeChat’s Internet and mobile internet. Internet and mobile Internet and other new business charges are determined by the market, the government will not interfere. read more

IT Pirates: last time WeChat 5.4 first broke the news, many professional media, 140 WeChat public number reprint whose left IT Pirates of the original author name, very sad. However, it does not matter, I believe there are still a lot of people support IT pirates, this is still a detailed analysis of the new features of WeChat 5.5.

detailed description of the new features:

first, the introduction of micro video:

1, when chatting to shoot a micro video, so that your friends know the world in front of you (IT pirate comment: This is the difference between the direct and video chat in order to be able to asynchronous and sharing grinding) read more