no matter what you want to shop, the site is to consider, in the site, you can find some shops in accordance with the actual needs. The need for different shops, the site also has different requirements, then, how to operate according to the needs of the site? Here to listen to small series for you to introduce the analysis!

A to select the address based on content management. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require people to flow in large areas, such as clothing stores, small supermarkets, but some shops are suitable to open in remote, quiet places, such as health care stores and the elderly service centers, etc.. read more


marketing now want by the content of simple tipping forward frenzy is a very difficult thing, not difficult to attract users attention and highlight the formation of communication. And there are a number of WeChat marketing activities are often able to achieve good results, especially those WeChat public platform for innovative marketing play infinite power, can instantly detonated circle of friends.

on the WeChat marketing activities, today wood will not say how much, said many of the classic cases, the casual, simple talk about a few of my recent life in the WeChat marketing share. read more

"I come in and don’t clap, this is the first time." "GREE does not reward you! I said this a bit too much." "5 years I will not give you bonus, you can take me to you? The more the more so the more proud." October 28th, the extraordinary general meeting of GREE electric appliances, chairman of the board of GREE, Dong Mingzhu reprimanded to come to the meeting of minority shareholders.

talk about dividends, GREE and Dong Mingzhu is still very worthy of shareholders. GREE since 1996 listed, in addition to the annual dividend in 2006, including 18 cash dividends, only in 1997 was not distributed in cash. Since listing, GREE cumulative dividend of 30 billion 964 million yuan, the cumulative net profit of $76 billion 52 million, the dividend rate of 40.71%. read more

as a 90, Baidu Post Bar accompany us through the youth years, filled with laughter and sorrow, we gradually buried lost youth and memories. As a senior small worms, early in Post Bar (for so many years is not only physical trick message of hate), until now occasionally go to stroll, so for small initial Post Bar has been still maintain a certain impression.

and in January 12, 2016, Baidu Post Bar event is shuabing.

cause is called a "ant food" users report. The users report Baidu is forced to replace "hemophilia" Post Bar bar. The Baidu Inc will "Post Bar hemophilia" to the hospital incident wave caused by 1000 billow, national public criticism, the main reason is the medical advertising auction in the search engine ranking promotion, leading to frequent false medical advertising. read more