with the rise of women’s status, entrepreneurship is no longer exclusive men. Of course, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs in terms of entrepreneurship is very confused, do not want to do poineering work. To this end, Jiangxi County, Shangli, through training and other means for women to create high-quality entrepreneurial venture platform, so that local women compatriots benefit.

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barbecue delicious can easily conquer numerous diners, who want to barbecue countless people, who want to barbecue barbecue entrepreneurs are also numerous, open a barbecue shop to quickly accumulate to high popularity? This is worth learning.

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as long as the idea of entrepreneurship, but also willing to put into action, no matter what kind of identity, what kind of education, experience, want to succeed in business is not difficult. This is not the introduction of this article, although the farmers in China, although the identity of migrant workers, but to achieve their dream of becoming rich entrepreneurial dream.

agricultural China was originally an ordinary farmer in Guangxi County of Longzhou octagonal octagonal village that Xiang Tun, but in recent years, he raised chickens, planting ecological orchard fruits and vegetables, not only their own money, and still think the villagers get rich together, suddenly became a "star village". read more

building materials industry, there are a lot of investment projects, which are highly concerned about the modern consumer diatom mud is worth the investment? What is the future? Many businesses want to try to find out the problem in the first time.

The director of the expert

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with the development of times and progress, the Home Furnishing activities is also in constant development, the emergence of Home Furnishing activities to attract a lot of attention of consumers, but also attracted the attention of many investors, but for investors, when opening a Home Furnishing supplies stores, we want to run the store, in the process of operation the actual still have a lot of things we need to master. Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

now the market is the number of professional brands, operators to bring a lot of competition. Household goods stores to how to operate? Want to get the success of the business, every household goods franchisee in the actual operation should pay attention to the cultivation of the old customer resources, which is the key to successful operation. read more

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the activities in a good, the mobilization of cadres and workers in the people’s livelihood Protection chuangxianzhengyou always reflect District People "willing ox" dedication, and effectively protect the people’s lives.

is in efforts to improve the people’s livelihood chuangxianzhengyou. City residents in accordance with the "Yingbaojinbao" requirement, security number reached 7?. 40 thousand people, per capita monthly compensation standard reached 161 yuan, annual allowance reached 1?. 500 million yuan; in accordance with the "prudent expanding surface, appropriate standard, the classification of social security" principle, improve the rural minimum living security operation mechanism security, the number reached 9. 20 thousand years? People, security fund reached 90 million yuan. The two is in the grasp project construction chuangxianzhengyou. During the year to complete the investment of nearly 200 million yuan of rural reconstruction projects, so that the relocation of the new homes of the poor 10000. Invested 100 million yuan in the new funeral home project put into trial operation. Invest 18 million yuan in the community of the elderly day care center project, the investment of $5 million in the 6 community service site projects and investment of 7 million yuan in the completion of the project in the year of the 6 rural nursing home in the year of the year 30. The three is for special service chuangxianzhengyou. Coordinate the implementation of various special funds 85 million yuan; take insurance, subsidies and preferential treatment of "three combination" approach, to improve the medical system entitled groups, establish special examination system; make every effort to steady work of retired soldiers and demobilized cadres dimension. The four is in the maintenance of the rights of vulnerable groups on chuangxianzhengyou. The full implementation of "Five Guarantees" policy, to not less than the average standard of living of local residents, orphans, disabled old people approved the principle of supporting standard. read more

The government for the practical facts of the real good policy, our families of the hospital after the bankruptcy of the enterprise for a long time no one management, living in the garbage every day no one tube, I did not expect today for a sample." In April 7th, the original Sichuan iron alloy Jiashuyuan resident Mr. Zhang at the construction site. This year, the north of the city will be the transformation of the 87 families of old homes, a number of projects have been started.

agricultural machinery factory in Qinghai, the original Qinghai shuangdie wool factory, mining machinery factory, living area and other buildings of the "three noes" since the bankruptcy of the enterprise, individual hospital building units involved more, there is no unified management, no professional security team, more buildings and most laid-off residents, building homes and administrative units take off the tube, not the establishment of property management agencies, property fees charged, did not set up long-term guard duty system. For a long time in the unattended, unattended, resulting in burglary, car theft has occurred, the road potholes, bright lights, dirty and messy, chaotic parking, security is poor, these problems have been plaguing the lives of the residents. To solve the management of this old family member courtyard to the north of the city areas with the city ills, meticulous management, full implementation of the new mode of health management of old family member courtyard, issued a "property management without Chengbei district (old and old)" implementation plan of long-term management of environmental health family buildings, 87 of the region’s old family member courtyard gradually the comprehensive improvement of different levels of environmental health, and establish a long-term management mechanism, so that fundamentally changed the old family member courtyard. read more

12th Five-Year, the first four years, we pay close attention to the employment of the people’s livelihood. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, director of the provincial people’s Congress in the province’s twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the four meeting of the closing speech stressed.

[a] a lens: Loan story of the entrepreneurial dream, but suffer from a lack of funds, Student Entrepreneur Li Hui was due to loans almost abandoned the entrepreneurial dream. Not long ago, Xining City, innovative financial services, launched a love loan, help Li Hui 3 college students entrepreneurs were loans to 50 thousand yuan, start-up funds were available, Li Hui and partners have already registered for the production of mobile phone APP software, WeChat public service number and other electronic business the main business of the company, the dream set sail from here.

[] policy force in our province the policies promulgated and continue to improve, in order to alleviate the employment pressure, to provide effective support and help the country to vigorously promote the work of employment, and achieved good results. Our province through the implementation of policies helping to create full employment community, government backing placement, establishment of "one to one" twinning system, will aid and assistance with daily focus, multi-channel, multi form to help employment difficulties in employment.
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self-service laundry mode in our country has just become popular, and there are not many places to promote. Keen entrepreneurs must have found a different kind of business opportunities. The self-service laundry chain, which has been popular in foreign countries, is waiting for Chinese entrepreneurs to promote it.

With the development of the
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as the saying goes, there are rows of rows, there are other words of good, different. So, what really do have a potential "road", we have to follow the "road" to go. What about opening a clothing store?

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entrepreneurial success rate is low, in many cities will be such a phenomenon, why entrepreneurs always die? What should we do? According to the findings of a survey in Chongqing for several years, the proportion of people with entrepreneurial intention every year in 20%, but a year after graduating from college to the real business of people less than 2%, the gap between the two are more than 10 times.


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day before, "e rent treasure" website and related companies to accept the relevant departments for investigation, suspension of business, this news exposure so that everyone on the choice of P2P platform a bit more cautious. In this paper, the author of the 2015 inventory of 12 P2P platform does not fly, look at these pits you stepped on it?

Most of

P2P platform was established a few years has not fire, but one day suddenly fire, not because it is doing good, thanks to "wonderful" move much raise a Babel of criticism of run away. A platform in Anhui has said domineering want your money back, and must continue to vote a month. Knowing that there are problems to vote money, or do not want to get back the principal. read more

1 online shopping return is difficult to implement the new consumer law said the shop is still no reason not to return  

to implement the new consumer law more than in January, although many shop green label marked "seven days no reason to return, but in the product details but that" is not acceptable because the size is not suitable for themselves and other reasons to return ". Jilin provincial Trade and Industry Bureau official said, this phenomenon is illegal, such as consumers in such overlord sellers rights blocked, you can complain to the business sector. read more

A5 webmaster network ( October 14th news, recently 58 city’s O2O platform to announce the home has received $300 million A round of financing in. Investors include Alibaba group, global investment giant KKR and Ping An venture.

58 home was founded in September 2014, is currently the largest Chinese category of local life O2O platform provide door-to-door service, in more than and 30 city including housekeeping services, city express, beauty industry, car wash, and a number of high-quality services yuesao. According to the internal data in the 58 home, housekeeping services, Manicure beauty, express the three category of self moving have achieve market leading. read more