October 20th, the reporter learned from the Xining customs, in the first three quarters of 2014, the province’s total import and export value of 6 billion 390 million yuan, down by 0.1%. Among them, imports 2 billion 880 million yuan, an increase of 20.3%; exports of $3 billion 510 million, down 12.3%. Among them, in September the province’s total import and export value of 1 billion 630 million yuan, an increase of 71.8%, an increase of about 3.2 times the total value of imports and exports in the month of September for the first time in 2014 exceeded $1 billion, a record monthly high. According to Xining customs analysis, the first three quarters of 2014, the province’s foreign trade presents the following characteristics: first, the general trade still accounts for the absolute proportion, but the growth rate and the proportion of contraction. The first three quarters of the province’s general trade import and export of $5 billion 220 million, an increase of 9.9%, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 81.7%, the growth rate and the proportion of the previous month narrowed by 3.9% and 14.1%. Two Xining import and export continued to lead the province, and Contrarian rebound. The first three quarters of the total value of imports and exports of Xining City, 5 billion 850 million yuan, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 91.6%, contrarian rise, an increase of 4.5%. Three is the main import and export less. The first three quarters of this year, the province’s largest imports of coal and lignite imports of $1 billion 320 million, an increase of 81.3%; alumina imports of $610 million, an increase of 1.6 times; aluminum ore and concentrate imports of $250 million, an increase of 5.6 times. Imports of mechanical and electrical products 450 million yuan, down by 49.2%; high-tech products imported $74 million 740 thousand, down 53%. Four is the main export commodities less or less. The first three quarters of the largest export commodity in our province ferrosilicon exports 970 million yuan, an increase of 43.6%; textile yarn, fabrics and related products exports 680 million yuan, down 21.1%; the export of electromechanical products 510 million yuan, down 18.1%; unwrought aluminum and aluminum products, clothing and accessories exports were 210 million yuan, 200 million yuan, down 5.9% and down 52.8% respectively. The five is the nature of enterprise thriving situation break, reproduction or double down situation. The first three quarters of the total value of imports and exports of private enterprises of 5 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 6.9%; total import and export value of state-owned enterprises, 850 million yuan, an increase of 1.2%. Collective enterprises import and export value of 180 million yuan, all exports, down by 38.3%; total import and export value of foreign-invested enterprises, 92 million 210 thousand yuan, down by 73.2%.   read more

students have always been the focus of medical insurance system for urban residents security, in order to improve the health of students and preventing the disease economic risk, to ensure students’ basic medical insurance rights, Xining Social Security Bureau, District Social Security Bureau and the Bureau of education at all levels will play on the insurance of primary and secondary school students to carry out thoroughly and ask this month, while actively handle insurance payment procedures for uninsured students. read more

recently, Datong County held a "Qinghai · kite ditch Kangle travel camp; Datong · LAOYESHAN three voices trio concert" American carat vino village. The United States "Klein Vinod" Piano Trio band with Qinghai famous singer "flowers" together to create a international country music festival.

concert in the United States, the United States famous pianist Mr. Pan Xun clarinetist dooris · Ms. Ho Gulati, the famous American violinist Simon Mauer Mr. ensemble "square dance" song unfolds. Notes from a foreign country in the beautiful countryside in the east of the chase, beating the rhythm of the melody and the sound of the East gorge river, flying in the Beichuan River, echoed in the mountains. From the flowers of the town with its high pitched sounds, loud, melodious, melodious songs, let the audience to hear the song classic mountain, the Beichuan River, feel the long continuous sincere emotion. This is the first time the United States country music and Qinghai "flowers", is a perfect blend of chase and the pulse of the world, so that chase flowers to the world has taken an important step. Through the music bypass, to show the world a new image of a harmonious chase to the arts, so that the world to appreciate the new charm of cultural tourism. (author: Sun Yinsheng) read more

investment entrepreneurs in the choice of their investment projects will take some time to thoroughly examine whether the project is not worth the investment. Selected items from the characteristics, investment and management aspects, we need to understand the full range, through many aspects, Hyun e popular tea fruit franchisees and consumers, and fruit tea has three Hyun e "Thriller"


Why did you choose to join

tea shop Hyun e fruit tea? What are its characteristics? Look at the following introduction: read more

in the season of change, how to accurately grasp the entrepreneurial opportunity? The United States Food Network founder Liu Chuanjun for the majority of younger guests teach entrepreneurship through, teach you how to do in the winter dormant for entrepreneurship.

After the end of

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cultural industry in life, involving a very wide range of. According to the characteristics of the region, to give full play to their own advantages, the development of cultural industries, not only conducive to further promote the local culture, but also effectively promote the development of the economy.

Xiamen is the art of calligraphy and painting, cultural and creative as the foundation, vigorously develop the cultural industry, from April onwards, we open up "for series of reports of Xiamen art district", continuous depth visited Xiamen major art area, sort out the most intensive and most of life, the range of International Art District, from a the reflection of the development of Xiamen cultural industry in recent years. read more

      how to sell men’s clothing? Many people’s reaction is, of course for men to conduct propaganda, "consumer centric", but the editor here is to tell you is that the men’s clothing sales, we can also act in a diametrically opposite way, we center on the woman, for the sales promotion of women. Estimated that many people to doubt, actually not so, analyze the male purchasing psychology will find that, yes, join the men’s clothing, sales to women as the center. read more

tea project as the now popular attention of the project, to get public attention, now invest in tea shops naturally become rich good, now want to open a tea shop to retain customers, you have to bring a better customer business, bring the high quality service, so that you can succeed.

when customers for products or other complaints, which requires us to not delay time, when dealing with customer complaints to shirk responsibility, rapid response, and strive to solve the problem completely in the shortest time, to give guests a satisfactory answer. If it is beyond the scope of capacity, to reflect the higher level, to the customer’s corresponding commitment.

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entrepreneur wants to achieve success in business and what did not crash, but learn some successful experiences and lessons, but many detours. The following is a small series of entrepreneurs to sum up some suggestions for entrepreneurs. You can first try to do business before the

A, entrepreneurship, but must not choose a well paid and recruiting a salesman of the company, because the former is not good to do business, the salary is high, the demand is not being recognized or not. A well functioning company must have its own marketing system, how much money you can take depends entirely on the market capacity and occupancy, coupled with your hard work and effort, which often has a ratio, that is, commission. So, you want to find can tell you how much effort to get how much money the company, which is not to go, that is luck, a person a person to luck, because a good operation of the company must have its own financial system, more people more personal wages however, the market is limited, for many people, the boss hearts are.

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introduction: dark horse – the end of October millet training camp nearly 100 students, have very good luck, second days had announced it will retreat, get a chance to interact with him, who had to be good at social marketing is known, the founder of millet in history plays the pivotal role, and "social marketing" remain perplexed despite much thought of this topic is not only anxious and fearful traditional enterprises concerned, to explore emerging Internet Co. So in the dark – millet training camp, an hour long "time had interaction" is especially lively. read more

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) June 3rd – the day before, some users reflect that Google does not open, whether it is Google, Google official domain name google.com Hongkong google.com.hk, Taiwan google.com.tw, Google or Google, Google Japan Korea google.co.kr google.co.jp can access, then what is the reason for Google to open the


Google can not open

early, Google offers google.com and google.cn services in China, 2010 from Google Chinese, transferred to the Hongkong server, the domain name google.cn is closed, when the mainland users enter the domain name google.com, jump directly to google.com.hk. January 2014, domestic users can access the domain name google.cn, but click on the search, is still the result of google.com.hk. read more

January 9th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Mask (Elon Musk) under the command of SpaceX company plans to restart the rocket launch was delayed for a week, the reason is the bad weather is expected in central California near the launch site will continue to storm.

according to the latest plan, carrying Iridium Communications Inc (iridium communications inc.. 10) satellite Falcon 9 rocket (Falcon 9) on Saturday morning (January 14th) from Vandenberg Air Force Base (Vandenberg Air Force Base) launch; alternate launch date is the next day. read more