online on the guest article many, for some people, earning thousands or even million yuan is not what a miracle. And I’m just a small part. Although income is mediocre, but it is also a small gain. Now finally has its own site – Amoy Amoy 123,

really started to do guest, she has been more than 3 months time, I was in May this year, when it is just introduced to know, but did not want to go to the guest. One is that I am a very lazy person, no mind to study new things, two, I feel that even their store promotion out, how to help others promotion? Three, the guest is not much, but too few successful examples. "Dead" these three words, I believe, is that even now a lot of the trouble of amoy. read more

with the city capital speeding up, the number of private cars more and more, this is a reflection of people to improve the quality of life, but it also caused a series of adverse effects: traffic pressure, serious environmental pollution…… in order to alleviate these problems, Lanzhou city during the upcoming all day long single motor vehicle limit for that, people travel by bus free of charge.

recently, by the extreme adverse weather conditions superimposed local pollution sources and the impact of foreign dust input, since October 31st, Lanzhou ambient air quality has been polluted for 19 consecutive days. In November 10th after starting orange signal warning of air pollution, Lanzhou will start on the morning of 20 single motor vehicle 24 hour limit line measures, and the implementation of the limit line during the urban bus ride free, "punch" to defend "Lanzhou blue". read more

is only a high school education, has been hard work, never thought of their own business when the boss laid off after they face life turn, with $70 thousand in venture capital, after four years to earn 10 million net.

4 years later, he not only solved the problem of survival, but also founded a company with 200 employees, annual sales of over ten million yuan. This is the laid-off workers in Shenzhen Guo dabao.

couples earning enough to raise children

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want to do a good job saving investment business, the choice of the project will not be guaranteed. Car dazzle dazzle variety of light and shadow wheel agency project to meet the needs of investors, to bring more profitable business support, if you want to work with the headquarters to quickly contact us, you can not miss a good opportunity.

Very own method read more

"38" women’s Day approaching, on female physical and mental health workers, with full enthusiasm and work best at their posts contributions to encourage the majority of female workers, the city Bureau of education invited The Fourth Military Medical University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor Jing gold to carry out psychological counseling and mental health "theme Seminar for Jushu unit 166 female employee representatives

  "38" women’s Day approaching, on female physical and mental health workers, with full enthusiasm and work best at their posts contributions to encourage the majority of female workers, the city Bureau of education invited The Fourth Military Medical University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor Jing gold to carry out psychological counseling and mental health "theme seminar for Jushu unit 166 female employees representative. read more

in order to further standardize the interest Road, morning, Xing Hai Lu market order, encourage self-employed households honest and law-abiding, even bargain, to the jurisdiction of the masses to provide a convenient, fairness, integrity, confidence and satisfaction of the trading environment, recently, Xinghai Street Office West District held a communist demonstration hillock, integrity measurement demonstration booths, even bargain demonstration booth, environmental health, quality supervision, demonstration demonstration booth booth award ceremony in recognition of activities in the morning and Qu Yuan road. read more

now, the children’s toy industry has a rapid development, the profits of children’s toys is also very rich, attracting the attention of many investors. But for the opening of the children’s toy store entrepreneurs, want to compete in the fierce competition in the market for children’s toys industry to achieve good results, it is necessary to master some methods.

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Since the

Shenzhen City Kindergarten colorful was closed down, the people of Shenzhen for pre-school children deeply worried, how can we solve this problem? Although this year Shenzhen has introduced such as park construction and the development of children inclusive subsidy policy, but still can not solve the city an utterly inadequate measure, the plight of preschool education.


has issued a "Shenzhen 288 kindergarten were seized in the original SAR children’s school", "how to crack the problem of Shenzhen colorful kindergarten were seized some pupils today but the open class" two reports, caused widespread concern of users across the country. read more

is now out of the online shopping has become a trend, of course, the achievements of the home economy. Buy clothes online, electronic products to buy online, and now can also be customized furniture from the Internet to buy, such an innovative shop destined to hot business.

No, 1

custom furniture last year accounted for 5 million

from the buyer seller


"after 70" Chen Lei is the pioneer of the business into the custom furniture market. 2005, due to the decoration of his house, he went online to buy furniture Guangdong merchants. From the perspective of their own needs, he was disappointed to find that the market does not provide customized furniture businesses. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to realize that custom furniture will be a very promising direction of entrepreneurship. read more

how to identify a business is not the most profitable? Is the most profitable business usually has what characteristic? Know these believe for an entrepreneur is the gospel, because it can target, adhere to the constant, there would be a step forward to success, to all of us to discuss some of the most lucrative business characteristics usually in what

?Where the business features of

1, national policy support:

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for Home Furnishing appliance industry now, many people have found their trend of development is increasingly better, but how to join in, we must not blindly before joining the fierce lost.

to enter the small household appliance stores need to pay attention to the following four points:

A: the election of the industry. In recent years, the popular franchise industry frequently shuffle, popular high industries "have a fever, fever faster", often makes a late step of joining, had just opened boom decline risk. Therefore, the choice of small home appliance stores in the first criterion, that is, the industry must be selected to withstand the test of the market, there must be sufficient vitality, there is a certain degree of sustained profitability. read more

just saw this title you must face a fog, venture investment in the "333" in the end what value? Venture capital, investment must be cautious. How to release the risk? How to get a good input-output ratio? Experts from the three levels were proposed to pay attention to three issues.

business conditions

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[TechWeb] reported on February 5th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources, the Alibaba is seeking a stake in India’s largest electricity provider platform Flipkart, but the request to Flipkart down $15 billion valuation so as to facilitate transactions. Currently, the transaction is still in the negotiation stage.

May 2014, Flipkart from the Russian Internet investment company DST Global, Tiger GlobalManagement, as well as other investment companies to raise $210 million, which makes its valuation doubled 5 times, now up to $15 billion. read more

According to the domain name

forum user rebellion, eLong ( has been low-key acquired Larry domain, the domain name is enabled to jump to the page, the domain specific transaction amount not disclosed.

diagram: Web page

earlier elong Larry domain Cai Wensheng in the hands of angel investors, in June 14th last year the industry exposure domain name information change Showtime travel company name, domain name and jump to Showtime travel. Hotel reservation page, at that time, the industry for the domain name by rival Showtime travel took a lot of attention. read more

free and open, to the center of the bitcoin has become a symbol of the spirit of the Internet, but greed is also the destruction of its future speculation. The value of bitcoin is not guaranteed, but in the game participants’ confidence, become the object of frenzied speculation (especially China area), the mysterious creator from the rules of the game in the huge profit, but also become the best choice of drugs, money laundering and other illegal transactions assassination.


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley read more

news January 8th, well-known translation website Yeeyan today to replace the domain name and re launched, the original domain name will jump to the new domain name. It is reported that, in addition to the replacement of the new version of the page, Yeeyan has also increased the similar group blog "project group" function.

is known as "the most Chinese Internet updates on the largest" translation website. However, in December, the sudden closure of Yeeyan without warning. Three days after the official come explained that the website operators alleged violations, "Yeeyan need to temporarily shut down the server, and adjust the related content". read more

China registered Mr. Lee in 1999 and registered the legitimate use of the domain name, after 7 years suffered from Spain with the trademark "CMZ" company of the arbitration complaints, the Spanish Company with the trademark "CMZ" registered Chinese from an easy job to do hand away from the domain. This case has aroused much controversy in the domain name industry, one of the problems is worthy of vigilance: first, because the domain name user COM domain management institutions in the United States, once the arbitration, English interpretation more easily recognized, is difficult to protect the rights and interests of Chinese registration; secondly, the language has become a major obstacle to Chinese registrants to protect their own rights and interests the. Although the Chinese proposed arbitration in Chinese, but was rejected, Chinese registration is often due to the sad language and put read more