for the community with the work of Party building work of Party building to send camera equipment, typical and exemplary character to the coast convalescence holiday. This year, the city of Xining will be the area of grass-roots party organizations and the masses do 5 practical things.

West District Party Committee Organization Department to carry out the work of grassroots cadres to contact the masses to serve as grassroots work to promote a new round of grassroots organizations in the construction of a powerful starting point for the real situation. This year promised 5 things: to raise 100 thousand yuan for the camera equipment area of the community with the work of Party building, sending more than 20 typical models to the work of Party building and coastal areas convalescence holiday, to provide 100 thousand yuan of funds to support for the grassroots party building innovation projects for the region’s 20 communities, 13 village "two committees" members of the medical examination, invested 100 thousand yuan of funds for the hospital building work of Party branch, Party group and small family party building and other grassroots organizations. (author: Ma Zhanyu yuan Yuhong)
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recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, in 2013, Xining non-public economy in the proportion of the national economy is growing, has accounted for 40.43% of the city’s non-public economy has grown to 351 thousand. It is expected that by 2020, the city’s non-public economic enterprises will reach 1700, the proportion of the national economy will account for between 50% to 60%.

It is reported that

, 2013, Zhuhai non-public enterprises to take a separate form, regional construction, system construction and other industries, further optimization of the non-public enterprise party organization set. In the city to build a model village 62 tasks, non-public enterprises to participate in the 53, non-public economic organizations to mobilize the work of the Party committee has signed an agreement to help all enterprises, the implementation of more than 300 yuan of funds to help. To carry out the package assembly work, to determine the 72 municipal units to the selection of the 96 non-public economic organizations of the party building instructor, and on behalf of the non-public economic organizations to carry out the formation of the work of the party organization of the packaging enterprises in. At the same time, held a two coverage of the pilot work will be observed, in order to continue to crack down on non-public economic organizations in the construction of the city to provide new ideas, new methods. read more

since 2010, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the provincial capital Xining community elderly day care center project since the pilot, through the input level of welfare lottery 64 million 100 thousand yuan, 93 community elderly day care center built in the urban area of Xining, the provincial capital of Xining area to achieve full coverage of the old day care center.

according to statistics, the province’s 60 elderly people over the age of 563 thousand and 200, the number of elderly people in Xining city at the age of 60, more than 243 thousand people, the city empty nest families accounted for 49.7%, "421" type of family structure is becoming more common, resulting in smaller families, the empty nest and the aging of the population, the traditional family pension mode difficult to continue. Especially influenced by natural and geographical conditions and pension service facilities, I save a lot of pastoral staff in Xining after retirement pension, pension services in Xining area "input" enormous pressure. read more

this year, the city’s land acquisition demolition area is expected to about 4000000 square meters, most of them for the demolition project, dust pollution control situation is grim. Recently, the city real estate sector in 2014 to develop housing demolition site dust pollution control plan, clear the demolition site did not reach the standard of prevention and control are not allowed to open (complex), housing demolition must adopt mechanical removal, non local sale of construction waste; site dust pollution control implementation of the accountability system. read more

The afternoon of July 3rd, the Xining Municipal Education Bureau of the Communist Youth League held in tribute to the 91 anniversary of the founding of Xining municipal education system of outstanding achievement of 10 minutes, the new show "activities in the seven middle school of Xining

7 3 afternoon, Xining City Board of Education held a "tribute to the 91 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League Xining municipal education system of outstanding achievement of 10 minutes, the new show" activities in the seven middle school of Xining. Xining seven, Xining, the middle of the seven units participated in the show in eleven. Ma Jianli, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Committee of the city, the City Board of education attended the activities of the person in charge of the. The party organization of the city’s education system responsible person, responsible person, Party Secretary of the Communist Youth League and the Youth League on behalf of a total of 293 subjects participated in activities. read more

has a high degree of awareness of health if you have had such awkward psychological distance, see the street snacks to eat but not greedy, afraid of health. Walk with milk tea shop and fear of milk tea pigment add to the body caused by bad influence, how to do? What is good to health and delicacy of both methods. Xiao Bian would like to say that as long as there is demand there will be for you to provide the appropriate services. Street bar can meet the needs of the majority of the masses of people to eat healthy milk tea snacks demand. read more

is now a pioneering era, people’s entrepreneurial idea has been an unprecedented upsurge, at the same time, there are a lot of people will have social entrepreneurial ideas into practice, then, in the road of entrepreneurship, the future will be compared with the prospect of entrepreneurship which projects.

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in the US it is not difficult to find that there are a lot of Hot pot shop are in a special food as their own signs, such as fish Hot pot, with Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce Hot pot, a soup Hot pot and so on, today Xiaobian to introduce is to cattle bones as the theme of self – Wu Hot pot project Daniel head.

Daniel Wu old bones join, a self join Hot pot project, Daniel Wu old bones join headquarters has been dedicated to the promotion of innovation and technology and traditional Chinese food and special snack, and with a strong R & D and brand management capabilities, combined with its rich dining experience, to provide professional and scientific services the majority of small and medium-sized investors committed to catering business. read more

children’s art training class? For children, from an early age to develop good art skills, will always have the advantage of choice. Children art training class? Not only by the children’s favorite, but also to join the children’s art training courses, or very smart entrepreneurial choice!

children’s art training fee is how much?

According to

analysis, children’s art training courses for students to carry out if you intend to belong to the children’s interest in the development stage, so it can not implement art make-up classes like strengthening kind of single repeated stuffy in the studio teaching method, so that the children would have no interest in that it is announced he will go in this art. To cultivate children interest in an important position, let the parents first in the heart lifted a "money making place" or "really useless?" in this sense of security. Diversity can be taken to allow children to understand art is not only painting – art = painting. Painting, clay sculpture, modeling, design…… If the conditions are not allowed to take effective ways to save the performance of the art of broad, so not only to improve the child’s interest, but also for the future development of children laid a good foundation. Try to teach your children something useful and interesting. Let the children have a sense of achievement, parents are naturally satisfied, let the children to learn, but also to avoid the child parents think in money, not really the ability to teach. To deal with the relationship between the two is the early stage of publicity is essential, you can show a good novel works of art works, so that the child does not have a sense of worship before contact, the sense of art is great. This will achieve the purpose oh. Tuition is not too expensive, look into the surrounding area of other class information (fee, time, teaching, children) doing related adjustments, do good natural people, price is not a good way, do not be fooled by the immediate interests of the difficulties. read more

cold drinks shop is now everyone likes to invest in the project, such a store opened, of course, need to choose a good address. Cold drink shop location for the store’s profit is a direct impact, we must consider the cold drink shop location, must have the most detailed investigation. Cold drink shop location, roughly the following rules to follow, we have a look at it!

cold drink shop location: downtown and Commercial Street

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away. However, the high rent shop usually can bring huge benefits. You can look at the KFC and McDonald’s, it always appears in the region’s most prosperous place, this is an important reason for the success of its open house (their failure rate is 2%)! If you want to shop, strongly recommend you to shop before Ming Hua learning, we have a knowledge class, business shop class management knowledge will allow you to quickly improve the ability to shop at the helm in the short term, effectively avoid some risks blindly shop. Low rent, relatively remote store is not necessarily bad, as long as necessary to do the necessary publicity and often organized new promotional activities, but also have a good return on benefits. read more

Today, the rapid development of the beauty industry, many entrepreneurs set up shop quickly closed down quickly. Fierce competition in the beauty industry, in order to successfully operate a beauty salon, not only in the hardware and software work hard, but also to the quality of beauty service. So, from the daily beauty salon business, small series of beauty salons to manage the success of the four tips for beauty salon boss reference.

A, love your customers, respect your competitors

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venture to find a project, open coffee chain is a very good choice. Of course, the preparatory work before the shop is also very important, which has a great impact on future business. What are the techniques of coffee chain stores? Novice investment coffee chain need to pay attention to what matters? Let’s take a look.

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joined the project then choose what brand of food? Today a small bin for the majority of food ah investment to join the project recommended kiln home pig’s trotters. We all know who is directly related to investment funds, venture capital to join the kiln home pig’s trotters not less, you know how much money to join a kiln pig’s trotters? A conservative estimate, at least 153 thousand and 300 yuan to join the kiln home pig’s trotters. Yao home how much money to join pig’s trotters detailed information presented below, please read on to do a comprehensive interpretation. read more

entrepreneurship is no longer just a man thing, there are many cases of successful women entrepreneurs. Our net worth billions of dollars of entrepreneurial story you heard? Absolutely shocked, absolutely unbelievable.

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The improvement of people’s income level

, began to spend more money for their luxury jewelry, began 10493. Such a market for a certain capital of entrepreneurs to join, operating profit is very good.

now can make a jewelry store has a good business decision, investors are very important for jewelry stores, which investors can learn from the following skills, is a good exposition.

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now has a lot of shops in our traditional concept is worthy of the name of the shop, however, such a shop business will be very prosperous? I don’t think so. I once met in Xi’an in an open cigarette and liquor vendor in the fall, although the store, also seems to be desolate, one is the order quantity model shop.

In a conversation with the owner of

, the author found that the success is not accidental: first, although the shop in the lane, but is near the large enterprise office building and residential area, which has laid the foundation of huge consumption; secondly, because retail pack less, but there are more energy to take care of the owner the bulk of business, to build more extensive business network; in addition, we can think of, the rent is cheaper than half lane street, reduce the high operating costs, but also to the owner to leave more profit and profit space. read more

in order to make the brand of the shop more loudly, the reputation of the shop is bigger, and now many shop owners are constantly working hard. In fact, to create a brand brand this is there are many ways to be mastered, one of which is for customers to provide a thoughtful service, that is able to obtain more customers and make sure the store brand more and more.

retail store how to create a big brand? I think the operation of the brand is to provide customers with attentive service, so that they feel comfortable is the most basic conditions. This is our business as a manager to establish the image of business, improve the competitiveness of the fundamental. In today’s highly competitive retail market, in order to be unique, it is necessary to have their own characteristics, there is a place worthy of consumers. read more