1 business website security monitoring

to the electronic commerce website security situation carries on the effective surveillance, the prompt discovery security flaw and takes the remedial measure is extremely important. The following steps are used to monitor the security of e-commerce website.

1) find web security vulnerabilities

(1) often visit the network security sites, access to the latest information on network security information, to obtain information on the impact of e-commerce security software and hardware security vulnerabilities. read more

Customized definition of


first, the author thinks that the custom channel itself is not a new concept, a lot of portal and search web sites provide some custom functions, such as Google news columns can be customized to determine the number of columns and position; secondly, the custom channel is different from the pages of the personalized settings, such as the use of Google and Baidu advanced search preferences the character set, the information is stored in the channel; finally, the custom is different from personal blogs and forums, personal online customization, is the difference between the three: 1, the user is different, the former is the webmaster, has completely analysis rights of server and domain name, and the latter is personal, the registered information in a forum. Blogs and online shop. 2, the function is different, the forum is a group discussion of the network space, blog is a personal space, so we used to call BSP (blog service provider), the shop should be called what? SSP (online service provider)? Individual blogs provide insights and information, providing goods shop. We all know that the Internet is flat, flat means information consumption has no boundaries, its value is very limited, and the shop is different, shop owners are self-interest, know how to friends lobbying and network promotion. The channel customization is to provide some support for the webmaster to reduce the cost of the site. 3, polymerization and presentation of the content in different ways, this later. read more

webmaster in B2C e-commerce online sales, not only need to have a clear understanding of their own resources and advantages, more comprehensive analysis of market situation and the strength of competitors, through a comprehensive analysis of competitors, targeted to develop a website construction goal and strategy. Below we through the foreign trade building 4 aspects to understand how to step by step competitors analysis.

a competitor product analysis

based on product quality, function, price, mode of payment, the minimum retail price, the main product line structure and price, ancillary products, structure and price of freight etc., understand competitors product sales has what characteristics and advantages, so as to develop their own website product sales system and characteristics. At the same time, unless there is a full grasp of the site just on the line, should avoid direct confrontation with the main competitors mature product line, so it is easier to accumulate their user base in the short term. read more

on the promotion of local forums, recently thought of an alternative approach, it is estimated that some friends have tried. For example, a Nanjing forum, first built a QQ group, and then send a post in Baidu, Nanjing Post Bar Tianya city forum or other places, the title is "the Nanjing local net friend groups, almost full, brothers and sisters and fast", and then the group number you build out the light, slowly there will be people add to your group.

spend some money to do a group of 200 people, this popularity, familiar with some of the people inside, when a certain cohesion, put your forum site in the bulletin board, for example, wrote "come and meet is fate, our stronghold of Nanjing by". This group of friends who are based on the feelings of the first visit to your station, viscosity stronger! read more

at the turn of the year, the market trend of industry ideas Pumianerlai, dazzling. And every marketing people, but also face the new year’s marketing plan. Data, content, mobile, O2O, media, technology and marketing. STC gives 6 key directions as a reference for marketing planning.

is an outstanding marketing strategist, is the expert analysis, or technical experts.

in many organizations, the key functions of marketing focus on planning and executing a marketing campaign to build the brand, the core of marketing is to win customers through the brand story. Today, these three roles are becoming more and more important: read more

as a 90, Baidu Post Bar accompany us through the youth years, filled with laughter and sorrow, we gradually buried lost youth and memories. As a senior small worms, early in Post Bar (for so many years is not only physical trick message of hate), until now occasionally go to stroll, so for small initial Post Bar has been still maintain a certain impression.

and in January 12, 2016, Baidu Post Bar event is shuabing.

cause is called a "ant food" users report. The users report Baidu is forced to replace "hemophilia" Post Bar bar. The Baidu Inc will "Post Bar hemophilia" to the hospital incident wave caused by 1000 billow, national public criticism, the main reason is the medical advertising auction in the search engine ranking promotion, leading to frequent false medical advertising. read more

In 2011 36

interviewed a krypton mafengwo, founder Chen Gang has repeatedly stressed that the website content; 2014 I horse and dialogue with the importance of the ant nest, Chen Gang again tells the story content, 4 years accumulated 50 million users with a tourism community. This is before the dialogue, 2014, mafengwo cannon had frequently go, exposing the online travel and other insider brush praise, expose the weaknesses within the industry showed quite a righteous, two also hinted at its UGC (user generated content) site natural advantages, ants precipitation years of user resources, the status of poor quality today is enough to bring accusations, against the OTA field, but a hand hand content between a reputation, and personalized UGC really ride the wind and waves in the teeth of the storm can take a read more

[Abstract] red photo is designed for the Spring Festival is an activity, but not for the sake of income, because it is too small, but to promote the user to send photos of a self comforting reasons.

reported in January 27th Han Yimin science and technology Tencent

yesterday afternoon at five, WeChat circle of friends quietly on the red envelope photo function test, red envelopes to see the photos, or can only see the "frosted glass". The circle of friends for the spring festival activities, in a short period of time quickly lead to the user’s enthusiasm, circle of friends instantly frosted glass effect photos scraper. read more

renamed China ( December 22nd hearing, in the domestic domain name trading platform yesterday on the price of 61000 yuan to node shoot, with the price of 30000 yuan. Pat.


: part of the domestic domain screenshot


domain of and, with 7 digital domain, but the price has almost doubled, which is related to Chinese sensitivity to digital meaning, the number "3" homophonic "life", "money", and the number of "4" homophonic "dead", the corresponding domain name prices are relatively low. On the platform, as well as junction shoot price of 32001 yuan, knot shoot price of $11600. read more

      1, don’t take yourself as the expert, always put yourself in a position to ensure the novice, or learning, not innovation;

      2, do a webmaster hard, do a good webmaster more hard, good webmaster often work more than 10 hours a day;

      3, do stand to have their own characteristics, and now more than the site, must have new ideas, or flow certainly not go up;

      4, want to do a long stand or want to do stand don’t rely on some small smart, those who have neither learning nor skill by some smart, do, soon can’t do webmaster; read more

day before UC browser officially renamed UC, and officially released independent information application "UC big data driven headlines". The entire UC brand also upgraded from the tools to the quality of information content platform, and sounded to the big data new media platform to enter the assault number. According to official data released by UC, after the UC browser has more than 600 million of the number of active users in the quarter, so why has more than 600 million users of the UC browser will suddenly upgrade to a content platform read more

A5 webmaster network ( April 22nd news, millet in the morning to enable the new domain name Lei Jun said micro-blog, the new domain name is Chinese thief expensive, estimated in the history of the Internet’s most expensive domain name! It is understood that the opening of new domain name mainly in order to further promote the internationalization of millet, millet company property and represents the "Mobile Internet".

millet for domain name is not the first believe is not the last one! The importance of the domain name for the site is self-evident, otherwise it will not have to pay a high price for a change in the end. Today we will take stock of the past two years, those high priced domain name Internet Co! read more

Brit + Co. network founder Maureen factor is the successful financing of its website

according to foreign media reports, creative life website Brit + Co. recently received $6 million 300 thousand A round of financing. This kind of new shopping site with electricity providers, the media and social networks in a body is quietly rising, gradually change people’s way of life and shopping.

recently, many of the recent events in Silicon Valley have been puzzling. On Wednesday, Brit + Co. announced a $6 million 300 thousand A round of financing. Brit + Co. is a creative for the daily life of startups, DIY users can introduce a variety of creative life small Raiders to the users in the pictures of the way. read more

in December 15th, in a small courtyard of Qingfeng County in Henan province in the town, I saw the "ZG electric power automation website founder of the" Eagle "and" number of friends ", they are a small husband and wife to work in the front line of electric power production. "The eagle" Liu Jie is the protection and maintenance work area, 87 meters tall, Toshiro. "The number of friends" to Wang Li is a substation substation operation, gentle and simple. When a reporter asked the founder of ZG electric power automation website Liu Jie’s intention, because the initial ZG feel shy, a website is to give the king to a out of the ordinary gift. read more

gorgeous and trivial repetition of the text, I do not want to pile up.

I put forward the reasons why individuals can not start the individual website analysis.

personal website highlights:

1 original capital is weak

2 technical strength is weak

3 execution less than

4 goal is not clear enough

5 expect too high

1 original capital is weak

2 technical strength is weak

on these two points, I think it is so people the greatest distress, all problems in the server space, renew, modify the style, the search procedure. read more

January 9th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Mask (Elon Musk) under the command of SpaceX company plans to restart the rocket launch was delayed for a week, the reason is the bad weather is expected in central California near the launch site will continue to storm.

according to the latest plan, carrying Iridium Communications Inc (iridium communications inc.. 10) satellite Falcon 9 rocket (Falcon 9) on Saturday morning (January 14th) from Vandenberg Air Force Base (Vandenberg Air Force Base) launch; alternate launch date is the next day. read more

      forum record will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of personal webmaster site, but also brought some opportunities.

      first of all, the closure of the forum led to a large number of forum users idle is a great opportunity.

      although the Ministry of information industry has done a bit too much, too restrictive,

      but there is still a great deal of benefit to doing things in a space that is open to.

      below to talk about the opportunity, if the forum for the successful use of the national record, then the country will appear read more

August 21st, defined as "the application of mobile phone the most interesting content sharing platform" micro headlines announced has recently completed a A round of ten million yuan level of financing, the investor is cdh. Prior to this, the micro headlines Angel round of investment for the famous investor Mai Gang, in July, as the first batch of micro public equity Jingdong raised the first batch of venture capital companies to complete the 4 million public financing.

micro headline content focus on the interesting, from which the "Adorable pet", "life" and "fun" and "hilarious" four channel classification can be seen. Content sources above, micro headlines are their own original and grab the contents of each half of the output rhythm. According to the micro headlines CEO Chen Gang said that the current micro headlines APP downloads has exceeded one million, the content of the content of the entire platform of the day there are about two million visits, with an independent visitor of one million to 90 based. read more

1, QQ expression Daquan

2, is

3, QQ avatar Daquan

4, mobile qq

5, rainbow qq

6, 51 hanging

7, QQ personality network

8, QQ code station

9, chat room

10, 9158

11, Fetion



13, our

14, love chat video chat

15, shutter

16, UUCall network phone

17, QQ application

18, Mars language

19, QQ chat room

20, chat (Shao Guihu finishing)