Chinese people are constantly improving the standard of living at home, home building materials industry has become a popular venture. As soon as possible to grasp the direction of building materials industry, you will be able to advance insight into business opportunities, profit. Xiao Bian can tell you, waterproof building materials will be a popular project in the future.

To do this

2016 waterproof building materials industry building materials industry? Although the investment is relatively large, but the profit is very considerable, if you can correctly grasp the direction of development of building materials industry, money is not what is today about waterproof building materials the future development trend is to first understand the read more

how can we open a good flower shop? In the current market needs what kind of entrepreneurial skills for everyone to pull their own customer groups? Look at the following shop cheats.

A, technical master: we must first understand what flowers flower, what people, what occasion for what flowers, what day to send what flower opening, making baskets, floats, making wedding, funeral baskets, wreaths. Very simple, a flower book will be introduced to solve the problem. In short, experience is practice makes perfect. read more

fine jewelry can adorn the beauty of a woman is, many women can’t refuse, and the application of jewelry in life is also very much, a jewelry store brand is very important, now small jewelry market is very good, not only is the love among young people, and there are more and more people continue to improve in jewelry consumption, so a brand of jewelry to join the project is very important, choose a good jewelry brand, is in the shortest possible time based on the jewelry industry, jewelry industry for profit is an easy job to do things. read more

more entrepreneurs are in the choice of employment in entrepreneurship, with resources, with entrepreneurial channels, more confident, more internal entrepreneurship is a common phenomenon, but in the face of the new and old place is also a major problem. The following experience to share, learn quickly!

PS:, a friend suggested that I share more recently, I am actually very happy to share some more thinking and reflection of the industry inside and outside things, but in the current 7 days a week working conditions are rarely able to finish something independent, but after will be more to comment instead of a long and minute statement. read more

now has many bosses or part-time business please help, or open a branch hired a new employee, a busy career, for a long time, the shop is completely a "one" state, until the real calculation found many problems. Therefore, the shop to do business, it is often need to account, so you can make the business more prosperous shop.

rainy weather, the store did not come to a few customers a day. In the evening, I went to shut the door, going home to cook, my friend Ji Zhengxiang called: "haven’t get together, tonight we go to the two" Chen Po "boiled fish!" Ji Zhengxiang is my neighbours for years, and my peers, there is a small scale tobacco grocery store him in the east of the county seat of the sun near the mall. Our relationship has been good, every year we will have two families together to eat a meal. But now this is not a year, the boss asked to get together, maybe something. As I expected, a cup of wine, season the boss opened the chatterbox. read more

every day to eat a variety of fine food, although it is delicious, but not feeling more and more bad intestines? Physical quality is getting worse? Therefore, the opening of a mill rice shop, in fact, there are a lot of profit and sales. Now eat a lot of rice, people want to eat a little healthy whole grains, rice mill is now just to meet market demand, there is a market prospect.

a, market prospects

modern society has entered the information age, people’s consumption concept is also from the past "eat to survive" to "eat for health," the development of physical and mental health, food consumption concept has undergone a qualitative change. Field processing instant sales of rice, is bound to set off a wave of consumer spending in China, people in order to the health of their families, the inevitable choice of healthy and nutritious rice. Therefore, the opening of the mill is now really adapt to the development of rice. read more

fall in the summer night, in the noisy city, crayfish in the value of a civilian, teasing our taste buds, quietly creating a hidden gold numerous industrial chain. Walking in the streets of Hefei, looking ahead, regardless of the size of the lobster shop size, seems to be full of suffering, such as Taiwan’s common phenomenon.

and this year coincides with the world cup, a lot of lobster shop moved out of television broadcast the world cup to attract eyeball, lobster, beer, plus the world cup this evening, with the nature and lively, who did not want to have a lot of friends enjoy? read more

graduated from the University in 2015 coincided with the peak season, the number of college graduates again refresh history, due to the great pressure of employment, many college students have the courage, the courage to try to start his own career, Xiaobian bring you closer to the 2015 college graduates in Entrepreneurship Master.

his achievements

read more

I have a good friend in Chongqing, I often ask you what is good in Chongqing? I also heard that Chongqing noodles taste good, exactly how ah? His answer is: Chongqing noodles really delicious. The tone is the kind of sincere. Chongqing has reached the level of visibility you can not imagine that, of course, there must be a good market, there will be competition in the market, how can I make you a strong position in the market competition? Choose the brand is very important, if you want to join a Chongqing small noodles noodle, editorial recommendation you choose Chongqing bus suitable facet join. read more

Reporters from the Qinghai

Airport Inc was informed that, in order to facilitate passenger travel, improve airport bus line layout, Xining airport bus from March 1st onwards, the opening of the Xining Passenger Bus Center (train station) new line operation to caojiabao airport. In the future, the passengers from the car to Xining airport passenger transport center.


line is the civil aviation airport bus for the first time to enter the automobile passenger transportation center, is the Bayi Road passenger station, Qinghai hotel after the line opened, one relying on the airport bus of airport and highway, railway, aviation seamless line, to further improve the Xining airport intermodal transportation hub layout. The new line of Xining automobile passenger transport center to the Cao Jia airport operating line route car passenger terminal, a station arrived at the airport. Running time: the direction of the vehicle passenger transportation center to airport will last 08:00, 18:00; airport passenger bus center to the first direction of 09:00, the last 20:00, the running time of about 50 minutes, 2 hours per shift interval, the entire 30 km, the fare is 21 yuan. read more

In June 7th, the first day of the exam, candidates in went to the examination room at the same time, many parents also all kinds of test methods. Parents accompany the morning candidates running from north area of decompression of the candidates parents Lee told reporters, in order to help their children decompression, 6 in the morning the clock to get up, then take the kids to run the morning in the District, in the process of running in the morning, Lee’s daughter ran the book of poems read aloud Mr. Li, and the side of the whole careful chaperone, remind the child to pay attention to exercise in safety. According to Lee, the movement is one of the scientific methods of decompression, through a series of exercise, can effectively help children reduce pressure. Ask the examination matters silently accompany the candidates in June 7th, the first morning after the end of the exam, many candidates have walked out of the room, waiting at the side of Mr. Su immediately told his wife, will not ask about the exam. Mr. Su told reporters that there are two candidates home this year, one is his daughter, the other one is his brother’s son, the two totally different character, a lively boy, so suitable for communication, the exchange process can tell some stories to help relieve the pressure, and the daughter is so quiet. In the summer as long as it silently accompany less talk. Parents to help students repeat the camera to stay in commemoration of June 7th, in the city’s fifth test center, the reporter noted that some parents from the candidates into the examination room to the candidates out of the examination room, the entire process of video. Ms. Li from Ping An county told reporters that their children are repeat students, a failure in the exam just because a child alone Fukao, psychological gap due to the large, so the family very regret, this time coincides with the test time in the rest of the day, so the family in summer than parents mobilization with DV the peikao process recorded, can regard it as a memorial, on the other hand, through this method to tell the candidates, parents attach great importance to him.   read more

reporter learned from the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, in the first half of this year, the province’s 11 industries to achieve the upstream and downstream industry docking amount of 26 billion 554 million yuan, to complete the annual target of 48.3%.

this year, the provincial economic and Information Commission, the provincial government owned assets supervision and Administration Commission conscientiously implement a series of policies and measures to the provincial government introduced a steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform, and actively carry out industry docking, promote inter enterprise coordination, integration and development. According to the information asymmetry problem on the downstream industry, by letter departments at all levels and the industrial park with thousands of dry help thousands of enterprises "activities, in-depth area enterprises understand the information products demand structure, cooperation, cooperation etc.. Governments and parks at all levels to give full play to the role of coordination services, timely release of key projects unit product demand information. At the same time, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission on the province’s 170 key projects and key projects in various areas and parks, strengthen communication and coordination with the provincial transportation development and Reform Commission, the provincial office, Provincial Department of housing and urban construction department, read more

now has a lot of shops in our traditional concept is worthy of the name of the shop, however, such a shop business will be very prosperous? I don’t think so. I once met in Xi’an in an open cigarette and liquor vendor in the fall, although the store, also seems to be desolate, one is the order quantity model shop.

In a conversation with the owner of

, the author found that the success is not accidental: first, although the shop in the lane, but is near the large enterprise office building and residential area, which has laid the foundation of huge consumption; secondly, because retail pack less, but there are more energy to take care of the owner the bulk of business, to build more extensive business network; in addition, we can think of, the rent is cheaper than half lane street, reduce the high operating costs, but also to the owner to leave more profit and profit space. read more

entrepreneurship, you need not only passion, but also need a stick. Now, let’s learn about a successful entrepreneur. One of the Tencent Inc’s core founder Zhang Zhidong announced the 20 no longer serve as executive director, and former chief technology officer in 6 months, honorary president of Tencent turned to school full-time lecturer, lifelong honorary consultant and Tencent school identity.

Zhang Zhidong: I’m from 27 to 43 years old, has experienced 16 years of high strength and dedication, the business of Internet, need enough passion and strength, not fair old mailao. Over the past few years, the body is not very good, some energy can not keep up. Traditional industries can also say that the old ginger spicy, but in the Internet industry, the need for leaders to be very energetic, a week without a few hours of devotion, will be out of touch, do not understand what young people think. read more

whether it is food or clothing, if it is hard to attract the attention of consumers. Out of the ordinary design of foreign trade clothing, more eye-catching, and open the foreign trade clothing store, want safe operation, good cost budget is essential.

now the apparel industry foreign trade development prospects are very broad. Operating a foreign trade clothing chain can have good development. Now the foreign trade apparel industry is also very competitive market environment.

in the open foreign trade clothing stores, how to arrange the store management, but also a lot of foreign trade clothing store owner urgently need to solve the problem. Xiao Bian on this issue, to explain the cost of foreign trade clothing chain stores and staff management issues. read more

why people love to eat buffet, not only because of cheap buffet, or because they allow consumers to choose according to their own tastes, in many people’s choice is more casual dining. What’s more, you can add unlimited amount of buffet. For big stomach king is more cost-effective. A lot of people or even a day before the flight to gobble down my stomach. ". Do you know these principles?

eat buffet, first look at the hotel’s reputation. Now many businesses have a record on the Internet, a lot of mobile phone software can help you identify the health of this restaurant, or check the business license number of the unit or the company, to confirm that is not a regular restaurant. In addition, in the evaluation system, you can view the comments of other meal guest comments, look at the store’s reputation in the end how kind. read more

any stores have a lot of attention to matters, whether you open a restaurant, North and South and East and West which side which country people have their own local cuisine, catering, don’t do what special food and trouble, can choose according to their own home meals. Can also be based on local characteristics to choose, for many ready to open hotel but do not know where to start with the people, there is a problem, what can I sell? Do catering, how to make a feature? Such problems have been asking ourselves, but could not find the "North", or many. In fact, the restaurant wants to grow to have their own characteristics, when the bosses are aware that there is no or very little specialty has become a bottleneck in the development of the food and beverage industry, progress, began! Have their own "specialty"". read more

U.S. government asked Amazon and eBay share fake shelf application to the record, in order to grasp the related business information, and urged the trading platform to take measures to crackdown.

The United States

business online news was the football contest "super wrist" (Super Ball) on the occasion of the start, the relevant law enforcement officials on Thursday in a TV show to the public display of their last year from the online shops, flea market stall on the stadium and seized a lot of False Fake jerseys, baseball caps and other fake sports activities. In the United States, the problem of fake goods is becoming more and more serious, and more and more difficult to control. read more

first of all, we have to scan the blind, Google Timeline is Google’s latest record of your footprint Google map products / experience. It has the following features:

1 can only view their own footprint (do not want to peep others). To record where you have been on the premise that you have a Google account, and open the location this option, Xiao Bian found that the default is open.

2 currently only through Android mobile devices or desktop mobile devices to record the trip, Apple products are not supported. read more