A5 (admin5.com) station network April 2nd news, taobao.com March 31st announced the launch of "real people" certification program, Taobao stores will be the "real name authentication" officially upgraded to "real people certification", after the upgrade, the seller review certification, the seller’s identity information and the operator will be bound to eliminate all the information, apply the shop behavior. The store will also simplify the certification step and precise. read more


] Chinese entrepreneurs network as a "stealth master", Chinese Yintai investment company chairman Shen Guojun not only has a deep understanding of how to invest, even in the "Chinese manufacturing" and "business" on the topic, he also has outstanding opinions.

in the 2012 China corporate leaders meeting, Shen Guojun not only elected in 2012 China "the 25 most influential business leaders", he also attended the annual meeting of the forum theme of "new industrial revolution: China manufacturing ‘new track’", and "Chinese manufacturing" expressed their views, he 30 years before China manufacturing is really brilliant, but this glorious golden age gone for ever, the future may not come again. China’s manufacturing industry is really very hard to do, because the original is relatively low cost, labor costs and so on, and now all kinds of cost increases, the advantages of China’s manufacturing costs have been lost. read more