2012, Xining maternal and child health care center for the city’s 2564 children aged 3-6 for a visual examination and screening of amblyopia. Among them, the percentage of visual acuity was 17.52%, and the percentage of abnormal eye was as high as 9.58%. In recent years, this figure is increasing year by year in our city, and younger age more prominent……

coincidentally, the son of Mr. Huang although only 5 years old, but is really a "fan", every day as long as there is time will be holding a tablet computer to play games. Mr Wong told reporters: "we live in the yard truck, feel unsafe, also dare not let the children go out to play, but stay at home is holding a tablet computer to play games. A lot of friends around the children are like this, we are very worried about the child’s vision problems."
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venture to find a project, open coffee chain is a very good choice. Of course, the preparatory work before the shop is also very important, which has a great impact on future business. What are the techniques of coffee chain stores? Novice investment coffee chain need to pay attention to what matters? Let’s take a look.

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hunger breeds discontentment, areinexhaustible causes the catering industry, which saw the investment opportunities have set their sights on the catering industry, a restaurant, your own boss is a very good choice. A new research report by the world economic cooperation organization shows that: in today’s rapid development of the knowledge economy, the traditional industry, only the service sector is still greater development, including the catering industry. If you make up your mind to decide to open a restaurant, you’ll have another problem: what kind of restaurant? What size and grade? How much investment is needed? How about the rewards? How big is the risk? Learn from the successful experience. read more

customer home consumption, as the owner, want the first time to meet the needs of customers is not wrong. However, in the current complex shopping environment, if you can provide some good reminder, often more able to be recognized by customers, so that the business is booming business.

again in the roadside to buy vegetables to sell fruit, you should be optimistic about the car and belongings, do not give the thief a chance to start." In January 30 evening, Ms. Lee bought an Orange County Road 104 near the door of a supermarket, a turn around time, on the electric car basket bag to give away. Lee said that when she put the electric car parked next to the fruit stand, want to buy some oranges to take home, that can not buy a few minutes. read more

was fortunate enough to open a small shop, the business will become the pursuit of every owner. Not to mention the business risk is not good to do, just the current market competition, the shop’s business is not good to carry out, but also need people to master more skills. So, how can we let dry cleaners business booming? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis of a few tips.

how to make dry cleaners business more prosperous? A lot of people want to invest in the dry cleaning industry, mostly because they see someone else’s dry cleaners business is good, every day the store is full of clothes. So he thought he also opened a dry cleaners, but there are a lot of do not know if you want to dry cleaners business is booming, then the operator needs to have a mind to know how to manage a successful dry cleaners. read more

shop is definitely need to pay attention to the method of wealth, many novice in this area is not very familiar with, or some veteran have some wrong ideas, how to improve? Today Xiaobian compiled a number of shops to get rich quickly, hoping to help you.

A, the venture capital to a minimum of

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now with the network technology more and more developed on the whole society, more and more people began to open a shop, at the same time, with more and more people in society open shop, also appeared in the market competition, then you need to learn some online business shop experience.

One of the

To determine the

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the weather is cold, everyone shrinks in the home is not willing to go out, which for shops, business will naturally have a great impact. However, not any one of the shops are in the winter season ushered in the off-season business, this is not Chen Zhilan’s shop, even in the face of winter, also has a business "coup", so that the business of the shop is also a flourishing development.

in the mouth of Huarong Zhen Song Jia County of Hunan Province, Yueyang City, one of the best more than and 50 retail customers and Chen Zhilan. Winter comes, the countryside to the off-season operation, Chen Zhilan shop business? I decided to go and find out. read more

cloud computing into the 2016, NetEase cloud has finally entered the bureau. From the beginning of 2015, NetEase cloud letter, NetEase seven fish, NetEase honeycomb and other cloud services have been on-line. September 2016, NetEase cloud held a strategic conference, NetEase officially joined the war cloud computing.

and the introduction of NetEase cloud services products, it is a NetEase innovative product research and incubation base, said the Hangzhou Institute of NetEase. It is not only to provide technical support for NetEase’s Internet business, but also hatched a cloud music NetEase, NetEase, such as the purchase of a series of Koala Sea red products. It is the innovation mechanism of how and why choose cloud computing was the NetEase in 2016 to join the cloud? 2016 is Hangzhou Research Institute was established in tenth years, the NetEase of Hangzhou Research Institute executive director Wang Yuan told the Hangzhou institute ten years of development and innovation mechanism to I horse, and NetEase future cloud breaking operation. read more

in the United States, a Chinese guy opened an online shoe shop called "fame, 2007, known to every family" sales of more than $800 million, accounting for the United States footwear market network $3 billion in 1/4, known as the "shoe of the amazon".

the Chinese guy named Xie Jiahua thirty years of age, he opened an online shoe shop is Zappos".

Harvard University genius boy

33 year old Xie Jiahua as one of the founders of Zappos, is currently the chief executive officer of the network marketing empire. His parents came to the United States from Taiwan in the early years to settle in Illinois, gave birth to Xie Jiahua. read more

at the turn of the year, the market trend of industry ideas Pumianerlai, dazzling. And every marketing people, but also face the new year’s marketing plan. Data, content, mobile, O2O, media, technology and marketing. STC gives 6 key directions as a reference for marketing planning.

is an outstanding marketing strategist, is the expert analysis, or technical experts.

in many organizations, the key functions of marketing focus on planning and executing a marketing campaign to build the brand, the core of marketing is to win customers through the brand story. Today, these three roles are becoming more and more important: read more

      1, don’t take yourself as the expert, always put yourself in a position to ensure the novice, or learning, not innovation;

      2, do a webmaster hard, do a good webmaster more hard, good webmaster often work more than 10 hours a day;

      3, do stand to have their own characteristics, and now more than the site, must have new ideas, or flow certainly not go up;

      4, want to do a long stand or want to do stand don’t rely on some small smart, those who have neither learning nor skill by some smart, do, soon can’t do webmaster; read more

friends online line

news February 28th, Groupon joint venture with Tencent ( on-line today. The website information display, group purchase activities will soon have the opportunity to experience the interview, now friends get a discount of 70 percent off.

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