campus laundry project worthy of attention, although the service group is limited, but the business opportunities are unlimited. If you want to open a laundry in the campus, then you should pay attention to what investment problems? If you do not have experience, but also should pay more attention to the relevant information, I hope the following analysis to help you.

campus wash the laundry items there are three main categories:

1, underwear, underwear, shirts and other clothing;

2, bed sheets, blankets, curtains and other bulky items; read more

the past two years, the world’s economic development has entered a weak trend, China’s economic growth has slowed down. In order to urge the economic development, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the slogan of entrepreneurship management, then the country to carry out the "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples with vigour and vitality" activities, the fire also burned into rural areas.

to support entrepreneurship is to achieve industrial supporting accurate poverty, and lack of funds is the biggest bottleneck of entrepreneurship. Yutai County combine entrepreneurship training and innovation credit mode, constructing new mechanism of precise poverty. read more

does not have a high start-up funds, you want to get rich through the small business, then might as well look at the small series recommended for the four business plan, perhaps you will find a viable business plan.

A, rely on the commodity market venture

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Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy of coastal cities in China has been greatly developed, but there are still a lot of poor households in the vast inland areas, which are waiting for us to help them to get rid of poverty. But in the actual work, some people just banner, do things. Mobilize thousands of times, it is better to ask a responsibility. To win the battle of poverty, Leshan City, Jinkouhe District adhere to the discipline and rules is in front, precise force supervision, and resolutely to say "no lack of poverty". read more

now wants to open a bookstore, and continuing to operate is not simple, after all, these days really love reading people are not many, even if you can read books to read. Xiao Bian today you will open all types of specialty bookstores, with features to obtain unlimited business opportunities.

Bookstore project;

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[introduction] Zhang Feng pointed out that the instant communication tool is the use of WeChat mobile Internet transmission of voice, text, pictures, video and other information, which is one of China’s Internet companies the most innovative products.

spokesman for the Ministry of industry and information technology, communications development secretary Zhang Feng (photo source:)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 23rd news, WeChat has been discussed whether the charges. The development of our industry and Information Technology Ministry spokesman, communications director Zhang Feng today at the State Council Information Office organized a press conference made clear that the Ministry of innovation and development to encourage and support including WeChat’s Internet and mobile internet. Internet and mobile Internet and other new business charges are determined by the market, the government will not interfere. read more

the afternoon of October 29th, Alibaba announced that Baidu Alibaba capital chain was forced to stop Baidu huge advertising to make a response, said this statement is framed for Alibaba, and suggested that the source of this is a period of time for various attacks and falsely accused the Alibaba. Alibaba statement, said it was officially issued a notice to Baidu in October 10th, the termination of the advertising contract, the reason is that the company believes that Baidu is currently providing search quality is not high. According to Alibaba, said Baidu subsequently issued a statement to the national media, said Alibaba was forced to stop funding strand breaks Baidu huge advertising". read more

      see list of personal webmaster influential Sohu yesterday released in 2001, also make a fortune, to chat.

      1, Pang Shengdong 51.com, strictly speaking, not long Pang personal webmaster, then took another round of investment, Pang has become the capital predators out of the personal webmaster, his dating website with Pang Chaoqiang’s promotion team and strong financial support, has been basically as the largest video dating websites. The year spent nearly one million yuan to buy a domain name, it is a useless, young Pang Shengdong, after several attempts of entrepreneurship, finally firmly on the Internet Center stage. read more