2014 Xining urban residents medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical insurance contributions will be closed on December 25th this year. At present, the city still part of urban and rural residents is not insured to pay, to ensure that urban and rural residents enjoy health insurance benefits, social security bureau to remind the majority of urban and rural residents, please renew insurance, overdue insurance renewal, will not be able to enjoy the treatment of urban and rural medical insurance in 2014. It is understood that the city’s 2014 annual urban medical insurance and new rural cooperative insurance contributions from September 1, 2013, as of now, the number of urban residents to participate in medical insurance for the number of people, the number of new rural cooperative medical insurance for the number of people of 960 thousand people in the city of. Near the insurance payment deadline, there are still some urban and rural residents not to renew insurance, city social security staff, medical insurance for urban residents has insured residents, before the deadline as soon as possible to residents health insurance IC card to the Agricultural Bank of Xining Province under the pay outlets. Individual contributions: male and female age 1959 1954 years pay 130 yuan per person per year; men over the age of 60, women over the age of 55 pay 60 yuan per person per year; under the age of 18, pay 40 yuan per person per year. The NCMS has been insured farmers and herdsmen, a cooperative medical certificate to the domicile Registration Committee insurance information, family members pay annual insurance gold. Individual contributions: male and female age 1959 1954 years pay 60 yuan per person per year; men over the age of 60, women over the age of 55 pay 40 yuan per person per year; under the age of 18, pay 40 yuan per person per year. City IESS staff to remind the urban and rural residents at the same time, if the insured did not apply for renewal procedures within the specified time, will not be able to enjoy the treatment of urban and rural medical insurance in 2014.   read more

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, in 2013, Xining non-public economy in the proportion of the national economy is growing, has accounted for 40.43% of the city’s non-public economy has grown to 351 thousand. It is expected that by 2020, the city’s non-public economic enterprises will reach 1700, the proportion of the national economy will account for between 50% to 60%.

It is reported that

, 2013, Zhuhai non-public enterprises to take a separate form, regional construction, system construction and other industries, further optimization of the non-public enterprise party organization set. In the city to build a model village 62 tasks, non-public enterprises to participate in the 53, non-public economic organizations to mobilize the work of the Party committee has signed an agreement to help all enterprises, the implementation of more than 300 yuan of funds to help. To carry out the package assembly work, to determine the 72 municipal units to the selection of the 96 non-public economic organizations of the party building instructor, and on behalf of the non-public economic organizations to carry out the formation of the work of the party organization of the packaging enterprises in. At the same time, held a two coverage of the pilot work will be observed, in order to continue to crack down on non-public economic organizations in the construction of the city to provide new ideas, new methods. read more

this year, the city’s land acquisition demolition area is expected to about 4000000 square meters, most of them for the demolition project, dust pollution control situation is grim. Recently, the city real estate sector in 2014 to develop housing demolition site dust pollution control plan, clear the demolition site did not reach the standard of prevention and control are not allowed to open (complex), housing demolition must adopt mechanical removal, non local sale of construction waste; site dust pollution control implementation of the accountability system. read more

is the first of the wind is blowing fast food, western fast food, the world food giant KFC, McDonald’s success we are to see in the eye, but in Chinese has a completely different consumer scenarios, it is urgent needs of consumers of Chinese fast food. It can be seen that the Chinese fast food market in Chinese food and beverage market is very impressive. Anhui World Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. is a well-known domestic brand of Chinese fast food, it is a China features a large Chinese fast-food chain enterprises, enjoy a high reputation, then join the brand read more

as long as the people concerned about the news, we should know that our country now attaches great importance to the development of e-commerce, there are a lot of policy support. Peasant entrepreneurship has become a fashion, the majority of rural areas also want to take the road of development of e-commerce. So behind the booming e-commerce, farmers can not succeed?

How many

Kong Lingyu, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce: read more

with China’s family planning policy and the continuous deepening of the implementation of a child, every family has become a big trend, more and more precious children, parents give their children wears good clothes, children’s clothing market surge followed. But some children’s clothing shop all day in the bustling about, business is booming, and some children’s clothing store is a deserted house, few people to. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, then the children’s clothing store how to choose the most favorable location, how to open children’s clothing store location? Let’s go deep into it. read more

now in the whole venture and shop, want to open a store to store money successfully, a good name is very important, try the shop name let the boss have a headache, the name loud and not directly related to the business hot or not.

name for the people is just a symbol, but the name is also the first impression to people, for now entrepreneurs, the new shop or to call the company’s name must not be ignored, it has a close relationship with your company.

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campus laundry project worthy of attention, although the service group is limited, but the business opportunities are unlimited. If you want to open a laundry in the campus, then you should pay attention to what investment problems? If you do not have experience, but also should pay more attention to the relevant information, I hope the following analysis to help you.

campus wash the laundry items there are three main categories:

1, underwear, underwear, shirts and other clothing;

2, bed sheets, blankets, curtains and other bulky items; read more

the past two years, the world’s economic development has entered a weak trend, China’s economic growth has slowed down. In order to urge the economic development, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the slogan of entrepreneurship management, then the country to carry out the "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples with vigour and vitality" activities, the fire also burned into rural areas.

to support entrepreneurship is to achieve industrial supporting accurate poverty, and lack of funds is the biggest bottleneck of entrepreneurship. Yutai County combine entrepreneurship training and innovation credit mode, constructing new mechanism of precise poverty. read more

does not have a high start-up funds, you want to get rich through the small business, then might as well look at the small series recommended for the four business plan, perhaps you will find a viable business plan.

A, rely on the commodity market venture

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Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy of coastal cities in China has been greatly developed, but there are still a lot of poor households in the vast inland areas, which are waiting for us to help them to get rid of poverty. But in the actual work, some people just banner, do things. Mobilize thousands of times, it is better to ask a responsibility. To win the battle of poverty, Leshan City, Jinkouhe District adhere to the discipline and rules is in front, precise force supervision, and resolutely to say "no lack of poverty". read more

now wants to open a bookstore, and continuing to operate is not simple, after all, these days really love reading people are not many, even if you can read books to read. Xiao Bian today you will open all types of specialty bookstores, with features to obtain unlimited business opportunities.

Bookstore project;

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[introduction] Zhang Feng pointed out that the instant communication tool is the use of WeChat mobile Internet transmission of voice, text, pictures, video and other information, which is one of China’s Internet companies the most innovative products.

spokesman for the Ministry of industry and information technology, communications development secretary Zhang Feng (photo source:)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 23rd news, WeChat has been discussed whether the charges. The development of our industry and Information Technology Ministry spokesman, communications director Zhang Feng today at the State Council Information Office organized a press conference made clear that the Ministry of innovation and development to encourage and support including WeChat’s Internet and mobile internet. Internet and mobile Internet and other new business charges are determined by the market, the government will not interfere. read more

the afternoon of October 29th, Alibaba announced that Baidu Alibaba capital chain was forced to stop Baidu huge advertising to make a response, said this statement is framed for Alibaba, and suggested that the source of this is a period of time for various attacks and falsely accused the Alibaba. Alibaba statement, said it was officially issued a notice to Baidu in October 10th, the termination of the advertising contract, the reason is that the company believes that Baidu is currently providing search quality is not high. According to Alibaba, said Baidu subsequently issued a statement to the national media, said Alibaba was forced to stop funding strand breaks Baidu huge advertising". read more

      see list of personal webmaster influential Sohu yesterday released in 2001, also make a fortune, to chat.

      1, Pang Shengdong 51.com, strictly speaking, not long Pang personal webmaster, then took another round of investment, Pang has become the capital predators out of the personal webmaster, his dating website with Pang Chaoqiang’s promotion team and strong financial support, has been basically as the largest video dating websites. The year spent nearly one million yuan to buy a domain name, it is a useless, young Pang Shengdong, after several attempts of entrepreneurship, finally firmly on the Internet Center stage. read more