first_imgWorking with Secondaries and Selective SelectionsSmoke’s Color Warper provides a powerful set of secondary color correction tools:1. Under the Work On menu, choose one of the 3 Selectives – SEL1, SEL2, SEL3[Click for larger image]2. You will see that your image changes to monochrome B&W.3. Move to the Secondaries menu and activate the selective 1, 2, or 3. The blue LED will light. 4. Click Pick Custom or choose a color range or RGBCMYw channel.5. If you choose Pick Custom, sample the colors you would like to isolate and work on in your image.6. You will see the color revel in the black & white image.[Click for larger image]7. Return to the Work On menu and under the VIEW choose MATTE from the pop-up button. Your matte will be revealed which will match your selection.  With the Color Warper, white in your matte is protected and the black areas are parts that become affected.[Click for larger image]8. You can continue to click and sample in the view to clean up and refine the matte. But with color correction and grading, the mattes don’t have to be perfect.9. You will see a representation of the key in the Diamond Keyer. You can zoom in to the selection and manually move the points of the softness diamond which will also adjust and refine the key selection. 10. Once you are happy with your key, return to the Work On Menu and under View, choose Result. Your image should return to full color and look unchanged.11. Now adjust any of the color parameters to achieve the look and grade you want. 7. Press F4 to view the result (feel free to switch back to 1-Up view). 8. Adjust the midtone trackball to move the plot color (RED) towards the reference color (Yellow). 9. When the dots are lined up in the vectorscope the colors are matched between the 2 shots.[Click for larger image] 2. Click in the SRC selector and choose a part of the image that you would expect to neutral.3. You will see the selected color highlighted in the vectorscope.[Click for larger image]4. Adjust the Suppress trackball away from the color, which will move the selection color towards the center of the vectorscope.How to Manually Match colors from Back Clip to Front/Result Clip: 1. Press F1 to view the Front Clip (or use the 2-up view with Back & Front as illustrated)[Click for larger image]2. Click Plot and select a color that you want to change on your Front clip.3. You will see the selected color in the histogram and vectorscope in RED.4. Press F3 to view the Back Clip5. Click REF and select a color that you want to be the match reference.6. You will see the selected color in the histogram and vectorscope in YELLOW. 12. When you are done, you can then perform a 2nd and 3rd secondary selection within this same Color Warper node.13. Under the Work On menu, switch between your various selections for adjustments and to the Master section for an overall color adjustment.[Click for larger image]One feature lacking in the Color Warper is the exclusion of tracking and masking for the secondary selections. It was explained in the Color Corrector how to work with masks, but the mask does only work on the image overall, not within the secondary selection. For instance, if you want to change a red element in the shot with a secondary, it will change everything in the image with that color red.  You are somewhat limited when you need masking. Even though you can mask and track that mask to isolate part of the image (and then use a secondary to adjust the color) you need to use another Color Warper node on the output if you need to perform other secondaries, or more masking and tracking.The Color Warper can perform some advanced corrections and grading on a shot by shot basis. But grading more than just a handful of shots, with masking and tracking, would become more than tedious.Under the Subsetups menu you can store and retrieve 10 color looks. These looks are presets that you can create (a nice way to keep color grading consistency between shots and save time).[Click for larger image] When you plot a color sample you will see it appear highlighted in the vectorscope. CTL+Drag to rotate the cube, SHIFT+Drag to scale it, and ALT+Drag to move the scope.How to Cancel Out a Color in a Single ImageHere’s a handy track for removing a color cast or suppressing a color in your Smoke project:1. Select Plot and then sample the part of the image that you would expect to be neutral.2. You will see the polt sample appear as a color in the 2D vectorscope with a RED ring around it. You will also see the color plotted in the histogram with a RED line.[Click for larger image]3. Adjust the Midtones trackball away from the color cast. You will see the dot in the vectorscope move towards the center.4. Keep adjusting the trackball until the dot reaches the center point. The color cast is now gone and the image is normal.[Click for larger image]NOTE: You can turn off both the Source and Destination buttons in the histogram and it will isolate just the plot color in the vectorscope so that you can see the position more clearly.As with many things in Smoke there are multiple ways to get the result you want. You can also use the SUPPRESS option in Smoke to also normalize a shot.1. Select Suppress from the menu pop-up. We dive deeper and deeper into the effects nodes inside ConnectFX on Autodesk Smoke. In this post, learn how to match color & do secondary color correction using the Color Warper.Smoke’s Color Warper:In a previous post, we looked at the original Color Correct Node, which is fine for doing primary color correction and grading work. However, the Color Warper is THE color node to perform complex color correction or artistic color grading on your clips inside Autodesk Smoke.The Color Warper node allows you to perform both primary and secondary color correction. It contains the same Front/Back/Matte inputs as the Color Correct Node, and all of the same basic workflows regarding referencing colors from one clip to another work in the Color Warper as well. But what makes the Color Warper the better choice to use in your ConnectFX workflow are the 3 way color wheels, the use of secondaries, the 2D and 3D vectorscopes in the viewer, and the saving of subsetups. With these tools the Color Warper is better at matching and balancing colors.The complexity of your color needs will determine whether you choose the Color Correct Node or the Color Warper. If you are unsure how deep you want to go, it’s always best to just jump right in to the Color Warper as all of the tools you need are there, from basic to advanced.The Smoke ‘Color Warper’ Interface[Click for larger image]In Smoke’s Color Warper there are 3 trackballs which operate like the color wheels in many other 3-way color tools or plugins you may be familiar with. The trackballs control the hue of the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights of an image without affect the luminance. With the Histogram, you can adjust the range controlled by the Midtones. Therefore, when you adjust the Midtone trackball, it will pop back to 0 after the adjustment is made.The Black and White level sliders control the intensity of the Shadows and Highlights. The Hue and Saturation work like the do in the Color Correct node.The Gamma controls for RGB will affect the midtones. When you adjust the sliders the curves display will reflect the changes. To adjust all RGB together, CTL+ALT while dragging the sliders.The Match tools, allow you to select, sample, and plot colors which will show up in the Vectorscope to assit you in matching colors.This button allows you to select the 4 separate operations of Gamma, Saturate, Suppress, and Warp.  The trackball underneath then makes the adjustment.The 2D histogram returns, and when the Gamma option is selected this area switches to the Curves Display. The Histogram and Curves perform like they do in Color Corrector.This area is for working with the Secondary Selectives. There are only 3 selective adjustments available with each Color Warper node, but you can stack them, by feeding the output of one CW node into another. You can pick a custom color selection in our image or choose a range of tones – Shadows, Midtones, or Highlights, as well as RGBCMYw channels.When you pick a selective color operation, a matte is generated to isolate that color in the image for color adjustment. The creation of a matte, means that a key operation was performed. The keyer inside the Color Warper is known as the Diamond Keyer. When a key is made, you will see 2 diamonds appear in the Color Cube. The inner gray diamond, can be used to refine the Tolerance of the key, and the outer black diamond can be adjusted to adjust the Softness. The selective controls also allow you to blur the matte.The Vectorscope and be changed from the traditional 2D view to a 3D Color Cube by double clicking the scope.[Click for larger image] There are some great looks you can download from the Autodesk Community Site, The-Area. These Color Subsetups are also explained in this episode of Smoke Signals (the Autodesk Smoke videocast).Are you color grading with Smoke?  Got color correction tips to share?Leave us feedback in the comments!last_img read more

first_imgIt’s time to ditch the 3D glasses. MIT is here to change the way we go to the movies.Top image via Christine Daniloff/MITOnly weeks ago we mentioned that MIT was going to change SFX and sound design forever with their computerized sound design. While that could eventually change the whole world of post-production, their latest announcement ahead of SIGGRAPH will impact audiences in the not-too-distant future.The MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has released a new paper (alongside Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science) demonstrating a 3D display that allows audiences to watch 3D films without 3D glasses. As a daily wearer of eyeglasses, it almost brings me to tears that I may soon be able to watch a 3D movie in theaters. Now I won’t have to strain my eyes to look through the one tiny part where my glasses and the 3D glasses line up. Dubbed Cinema 3D, this new prototype uses a special array of lenses and mirrors to create a 3D image. The most astonishing feat — it doesn’t matter where an audience member is sitting in the theater. The 3D experience is available at every seat.“Existing approaches to glasses-free 3-D require screens whose resolution requirements are so enormous that they are completely impractical… This is the first technical approach that allows for glasses-free 3-D on a large scale.” – MIT professor Wojciech MatusikResearchers admit that the system is not ready for mass production, but they are optimistic that future developments will lead to theaters offering a glasses-free 3D experience. Glasses-free 3D does already exist on a much smaller scale, particularly in traditional televisions use of a parallax barrier — “slits in front of the screen that allows each eye to see a different set of pixels, creating a simulated sense of depth.”The downside is that parallax barriers require viewers to be a certain distance from the screen, which obviously wouldn’t work in theaters.Image via ShutterstockCinema 3D encodes multiple parallax barriers in one display, so each viewer sees a parallax barrier tailored to their specific seat. That is then replicated across the theater using Cinema 3D’s mirrors and lens special optics system.The MIT Media Lab is also involved in creating new projectors that cover the entire angular range of the audience, but the resolution of the projected image is much lower.The key insight with Cinema 3D is that people in movie theaters move their heads only over a very small range of angles, limited by the width of their seat. Thus, it is enough to display images to a narrow range of angles and replicate that to all seats in the theater.The Cinema 3D system isn’t practical at this moment, as the prototype required fifty sets of mirrors and lenses. Professor Matusik says that the team hopes to build a larger version of the display to refine the optics and improve the image resolution.It remains to be seen whether the approach is financially feasible enough to scale up to a full-blown theater… But we are optimistic that this is an important next step in developing glasses-free 3-D for large spaces like movie theaters and auditoriums. — MatusikRead more about the 3D tech here.last_img read more

first_imgBy Kushan Sarkar New Delhi, Sep 9 (PTI) Virat Kohli was the next big thing in Indian cricket when he was in-charge of the national team and Gary Kirsten is not surprised at the big strides that the Delhi lad has made at the international level both as a player and a leader. “Virat has been a great captain for India. His talent was always unquestionable. He has led by example with his on-field performances. His leadership at the Test level has worked really well for the national team. The best part about Virat is that he looks so inspirational as a leader in the manner he walks in the field,” Kirsten, who has come to Jaipur to help the Rajasthan Cricket Academy with his expertise, told PTI during an interaction. The entire tenure of Kirstens coaching was when Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the leader in all three formats but the South African opener does not want to get into comparisons on the leadership qualities. “Dhoni is a very good captain. I had thoroughly enjoyed working with Dhoni during my tenure as India coach. But since I have not watched the Indian team play all formats on a consistent basis, it will not be fair on me to compare Virat and Dhonis consistency levels,” Kirsten was cautious. Asked about ICC scrapping the two-tier Test format proposal, the 48-year-old veteran of 101 Tests said: “I am fine either way as long as there is high quality Test cricket. I dont think it would be monotonous if some of the top nations play each other on a regular basis. But whatever is best should be done.” On the sensitive subject of having quota for coloured and black athletes in the national sporting teams of South Africa, Kirsten was pleasantly forthcoming. “I completely support the inclusive policy in national sporting teams. It gives equal opportunity and is truly representative of the values our great nation (South Africa) stands for. It is a bold step in a forward direction. It is a step that addresses the imbalances of past,” Kirsten made his point of view clear. He termed it as a strong move. “It is a strong move something that was needed since it has been 25 years (the cricket team was back in international fold in 1991) since post apartheid era and the integration is more necessary than ever. Whoever is a part of South African society should be able to embrace the decision as a citizen of this country. It is a great decision and it has taken 40 years to reach here,” said Kirsten. On a personal front, Kirsten is pleased with the facilities at the Rajasthan Cricket Academy which has got into a tie-up with his high-performance academy. “It is wonderful to work with the Rajasthan Cricket Academy. I am here on a business venture. My high performance academy will be helping the talented Gen-Next cricketers of Rajasthan get a taste of quality modern day coaching which look at the technical as well as the mental aspect of their game. They will learn qualities of strategic planning, reacting to match situations,” concluded Kirsten. PTI KHS AT ATadvertisementlast_img read more

first_imgCU, IISER Pune, Glasgow University get joint funding CU, IISER Pune, Glasgow University get joint fundingKolkata, Dec 6 (PTI) The Calcutta University, IISER Pune and the University of Glasgow have secured a joint funding of Rs 1.4 crore from an international credit mobility scheme for encouraging collaboration between the three institutes.The funding will allow bilateral exchange of staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students over a two-year period.The Erasmus+ international credit mobility funding will encourage knowledge and research collaboration and build on the strong existing links between the two Indian universities and the Glasgow University, the principal and vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow, Prof Anton Muscatelli, said in a statement.The Erasmus+ programme is a funding scheme to support activities in education, training and sports and its international credit mobility is an opening for students and staff between EU countries and non-EU partner countries.Prof Naresh Sharma, head of the International Relations office at IISER Pune, also said in the statement, “The University of Glasgow understood the structure and value of our five-year degree programme and how it harmonised with their flagship M.Sci degrees.”This new award affords a fantastic opportunity for IISER students to work with leading scientists in Glasgow and the IISER is really looking forward to welcoming the group of Glasgow working in our research labs.”The Glasgow and Pune teams have already identified graduate students and staff in chemistry, physics, education and biology who will make research visits between the two cities over the next 24 months, the statement said.advertisementThe Glasgow University also has long-standing links with the University of Calcutta, Muscatelli said. PTI SUS MM MMlast_img read more

first_imgIndian air is dirty, and particularly so in cities like Delhi and Noida where there are days when you can taste and smell the pollution. And this pollution can wrack havoc with your health if you happen to live in an area where the air is bad? Solution? There aren’t any good solutions. But air purifiers can help. And good air purifiers can help more. The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier, launched recently in India, is one of the good ones.That is, however, not much of the surprise. The Dyson Pure Cool is an expensive air purifier, so expensive that you know, even before you have used it, that it is going to be good. The key question then: Is it so good that it justifies its high price? And answer is not simple.Dyson is a British tech company. It known for its products that have a futuristic design and technologies. In July it launched the upgraded version of its Pure Cool air purifiers in India. While the tower variant of Pure Cool air purifier is available for Rs 43,900, its humble cousin ie the desk variant is available at a “modest” price of Rs 36,900.For this review, I used the ritzy variant of the two devices i.e. Pure Cool air purifier tower, which comes in a glamorous Electric Blue-Steel Grey colour. And after using it for nearly two weeks, I have just one thing to say: its amazing! Expensive, yes. But amazing.Due to growing concerns around the air pollution, air purifiers have become a fairly common contrivance these days. Many companies including Philips, Kent and Xiaomi are offering their own air purifiers under Rs 10,000. So what makes Dyson Pure Cool air purifier so special?advertisementWell, the Pure Cool air purifier brings Dyson’s design expertise to a seemingly ordinary looking device and transforms it into something that you won’t mind flaunting in your drawing room. That said, don’t be deceived by its looks as this beauty comes with a brain.DesignDyson is known for its futuristic designs. Be it a simple hair-dryer or an ordinary looking vacuum cleaner, the British brand is known for its outlandish designs that make a bold statement every time. And the Pure Cool air purifier is no exception to this rule. Its simple yet elegant design is hard to miss and is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Dyson Pure Cool comes with uni-body design, with the filters placed on the trunk of the air purifier. The trunk, which houses three separate filters including carbon filter, can be removed and replaced easily when the filter life degenerates. These filters suck in air from a 360-degree plane and project it from the top of the device, which is shaped like a futuristic loop. The uni-body of the air purifier is placed on a base, which allows the device to rotate up to 350-degrees to push out purified air.The upgraded design allows purified air to be projected from two directions. During the warmer months of the year, air can be projected from the front of the loop using the forward airflow mode, which in turn gives a cooling effect as the purified air is being projected. And during the cooler months of the year, the diffused airflow mode allows the purified air to flow through the sides of the annular loop.The latest version of the air purifier also sports an LCD display, which monitors the air quality in real time and gives information such as the level of various pollutants — PM2.5 and PM10 — and humidity among other things.The Pure Cool air purifier brings Dysons design expertise to a seemingly ordinary looking device and transforms it into something that you won’t mind flaunting in your drawing roomAnother interesting thing about the design is that besides being elegant, it comes with a mechanism that makes it “child proof”. The whole design is so good that you can put in your bedroom or your living room and the Pure Cool will also look like an item of decor.PerformanceAs far as the performance of this newly-launched air-purifier is concerned, the Pure Cool is truly a star. For starters, it is extremely easy to use. You can control various aspects of the device using the tiny remote, which the company ships along with the main device. However, if that is not in the vicinity, you can use the Dyson Link app on your Android smartphones or iPhones to control the air-purifier and get real-time update of the air quality index and indoor air quality.advertisement You can either use the air purifier in the auto mode. In this mode, it will automatically set the fan level after taking input from its sensor. Or you can put it on the manual settings. When using it on manual mode, you can even set a schedule for it to follow. For example, if you want the Pure Cool to turn off when you are off to work, you can schedule it to do so and it will obey your command without fail daily. Additionally, the controls also come with a special night mode. In this mode the speed of the fan slows down so that you can sleep in silence.The Cool Pure, as I mentioned before, gives details about the indoor air quality in an easy to understand manner. While this information is nice, the most important question here is how efficient the device really is?The ultimate test of its efficiency, during my two-week long tenure with Cool Pure air-purifier came when I went out of town for four days. Instead of turning the device off, I decided to let it work hoping that it would automatically tune into the power off mode and stop consuming electricity when the air would be clean (did I forget to mention that?). Upon my arrival, I was expecting to experience a mouldy smell in my room as all the doors and windows were locked shut and it’s rainy season in NCR nowadays. However, to my astonishment, the room seemed absolutely fresh with no trace of any residual odor. And that alone is a sufficient proof of its efficacy.Should you buy it?Well, the answer is yes. That is if you don’t mind spending big bucks on an air purifier that costs 2X or even 3X compared to regular purifiers in the market. But I think the money you will spent on it is justified. The Pure Cool Air Purifier is both stylish and efficient. It gives you real time information about the air quality both inside and outside your house and it is easy to control. It is particularly a good gizmo to have if you have toddlers in your home.ALSO READ: Dyson Supersonic hairdryer review: From the future but available now Yes, it is expensive. While it does offer value for money, I believe that it is indeed a bit pricey for the Indian market. However, if price is not an issue for you, the Pure Cool is best air purifier you can buy in India right now.Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier review8/10Good stuffElegant designEfficientEasy to useBad stuffExpensivelast_img read more

first_imgHarbhajan Singh was all praise for Virat Kohli after the India skipper blazed his way to 10,000 runs from only 205 innings in one day internationals.Kohli on Wednesday smashed his 37th century and in the process became the fastest man to complete 10,000 runs in ODIs.Kohli struck 157 not out as India posted a challenging 321/6 against West Indies in the second ODI at Vizag. In reply, the Windies rode on Shai Hope’s inspiring 123 not out and Shemron Hetmyer’s 94 to tie the match with India as they reached 321/7 in their 50 overs.India continue to lead the series 1-0 thanks to their victory in the first ODI in Guwahati.READ – The single that wasn’t, leg byes and other factors in a thrilling tie”Virat must have been really, really pleased with the result. It could have gone either way. From the West Indies’ point of view they must have been happy with the result and at the same time it could have been disappointing as well because they were also very close to victory. But it was a great game of cricket.”But talking about Kohli…My salute to this guy. The way he goes about his business, every time he walks out on the field with all the expectations from him. He is just unbelievable. A run-machine I would say. It is not easy being Virat Kohli. He is one guys who takes the load on his shoulder. His performances are just too good. Undoubtedly, I would say he is the No.1 batsman what I have seen over the years now. I have played with lot of greats…with paaji [Sachin Tendulkar]…the respect for him will remain the same even if Virat Kohli goes past his records. Paaji gonna remain paaji [up top].advertisement”I have got lot of respect for Virat with what he has done. When he came he was a chubby guy and now if you see him with all the hard work he has done…look at his record. He is doing something special. He is setting a right example for all the young cricketers who are willing to play this game. He is a perfect role model,” Harbhajan told India Today.WATCH – Virat Kohli is making everyone proud: Harbhajan SinghRecords tumble every time Kohli walks out to bat. He became the 5th Indian batsmen to join the 10,000-run club.READ – 1 tie, 4 losses and 8 wins: How batsmen fared on reaching 10,000 runsKohli became the 13th overall and fifth Indian after Sachin Tendulkar (18426), Sourav Ganguly (11221) and Rahul Dravid (10768) to reach the elite club. MS Dhoni has also scored over 10000 ODI runs (10143) but only 9969 of those have been scored for India. The other 174 runs came for Asia XI.Not just that, Kohli also completed 1000 ODI runs in a calendar for the sixth time.READ – Keep the runs flowing: Sachin Tendulkar welcomes Virat Kohli to Club 10,000He became the quickest to score 1000 ODI runs in a calendar year as he managed the feat in just 11 innings and surpassed the record held jointly by him and Hashim Amla with 15.”I have never seen Virat getting tensed about situations, especially when he is there in the middle with the bat in his hand. While fielding maybe a little bit but when he’s ready for the challenge all the time when batting. I have never seen him tensed before the game, in the game or after the game. I don’t know how he does all this and it’s not that easy especially when you have expectations. Whenever he walks out to bat, people expect him to score hundred. The reason behind this what I feel is he prepares himself like match situation. I have seen people not taking practise so seriously but Kohli practises with dedication. When you practice so well, the game becomes easier and being Virat Kohli is difficult,” Harbhajan said.Pretty proud of my milestone: Virat Kohli after storming into 10,000-run clubIt is a known fact that Kohli is a passionate cricketer and plays the sport with 100 per cent commitment. But off the field, he is as relaxed and friendly with everyone.”He is very funny, very witty with his one liners. He does mimicry as well. He’s a fun-loving guy and enjoys being with friends. But on the field he’s a different person. He’s making everyone proud and setting the right examples,” Harbhajan said.The third ODI between India and the Windies will be played in Pune on Saturday.last_img read more

first_img Here’s a list of the top 10:AlabamaGeorgiaTexasTexas A&MLSUOklahomaOregonMichiganFloridaClemsonThe SEC showed why its consistently one of the deepest conferences in college football taking home five of the top 10 classes in the 2019 recruiting cycle.Kirby Smart continues to build a powerhouse at Georgia after leaving Nick Saban and the Tide. Meanwhile, Tom Herman landed his best class at Texas – thanks to a late transfer from five-star recruit Bru McCoy from USC.Jim Harbaugh and company finished with the top class in the Big Ten, though Penn State (No. 13) and Ohio State (No. 15) weren’t far behind. The Buckeyes finished with the No. 2 class in 2018.You can see the full class breakdown here. Dabo Swinney, Nick Saban, Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly with the College Football Playoff trophy.ATLANTA, GA – December 6: Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban, Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley, Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney and Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly pose with the National Championship Trophy at the College Football Playoff Semifinal Head Coaches News Conference on December 6, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)College football’s National Signing Day kicked off early Wednesday morning.While most of the country’s top recruits took advantage of the Early Signing Period, there were several five-star recruits left on the table and plenty of others to round out the top recruiting classes.As the final hours of National Signing Day wind down, there are a few familiar teams at the top of the rankings.Alabama is the winner – returning to its dominance on the recruiting trail after missing out on the top class last year.last_img read more

first_imgzoomllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Oil tanker company Frontline reported a net income of USD 2.2 million for the third quarter of 2018, bouncing back from a loss of USD 22.9 million in the previous quarter and USD 34.3 million loss from last year.Frontline added that during the quarter net loss attributable to the company adjusted for certain non-cash items was USD 8.4 million.According to Robert Hvide Macleod, Chief Executive Officer of Frontline Management AS, tanker markets are beginning to rebalance following 18 months of extremely challenging conditions.“We are optimistic that the market has now exited the cycle trough. Oil inventory draws, fleet growth and production cuts have been against us, but these important factors are now turning in our favor. The most important factor, oil demand, remains strong,” he said.“We have a large fleet of modern and fuel-efficient vessels, with an average age of 4.1 years and our cash breakeven levels are among the most competitive in the industry. We expects that our positioning for IMO 2020, with our equity investment in FMSI and the planned installation of scrubbers on a number of our vessels, will result in a significant increase in cash generation should our market view unfold.”According to Frontline, although there is current talk of OPEC cutting back on production, volumes are expected to remain healthy heading in to 2019. Another factor positively impacting tankers are rising U.S. oil export volumes, which are generally long-haul trades, boosting ton-mile demand.“Sanctions on crude oil imports from Iran, notwithstanding any short-term waivers, have the potential to create significant dislocation in the crude oil markets, leading to periods of strong volatility as the market adapts to new trading patterns. We have already seen imports of Iranian crude oil into India and China decrease and replaced with crude from other markets,” Frontline said.With regard to supply-demand balance, the net effect is expected to be zero regarding the VLCC fleet growth in 2018.For the next year, the company expects vessel recycling to continue, despite the stronger spot market, but at a slower pace than seen in 2018.64 VLCCs are scheduled for delivery in 2019, and the current VLCC order book equals approximately 14.5% of the global VLCC fleet. The tanker company believes that the seemingly large figure is counter-balanced by approximately 20% of the existing global VLCC fleet which is in excess of 15 years of age, making them likely candidates for scrapping.last_img read more

first_imgTaylor Swift visited sick kids at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital yesterday.Taylor Swift Visits Patients At Lady Cilento Children’s HospitalCredit/Copyright: FacebookTaylor, who has been spending time on the Gold Coast as boyfriend Tom Hiddleston works on his film Thor: Ragnarok, visited patients and staff at the hospital, which provides family-centred health care for every child and young person in Queensland.Find out more about the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital here.last_img read more

first_imgOTTAWA – Here is a timeline of key events that sparked the 14-month renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, leading to Sunday’s historic breakthrough with the creation of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA:June 28, 2016 — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declares his antipathy for the North American Free Trade Agreement in a campaign speech in Pittsburgh, in the heart of a Rust Belt state that he would eventually win to secure the presidency. “NAFTA was the worst trade deal in history,” says Trump, pledging to renegotiate the pact “to get a better deal for our workers.” He promises to leave the agreement if Canada and Mexico refuse to bargain with him.Aug. 16, 2017 — Canada, Mexico and the United States commence the renegotiation of the NAFTA in earnest. The Trump administration opens with a lecture, upping the ante from earlier remarks that it simply wants to “tweak” the deal. Trump’s trade czar Robert Lighthizer declares: “We feel that NAFTA has fundamentally failed many, many Americans and needs major improvement.”October 2017 — The U.S. introduces so-called “poison pills” that Canada says it simply can’t accept. The U.S. wanted to increase American content in automobiles, get rid of Canada’s supply management system for agriculture, establish a five-year sunset clause, do away with a dispute settlement mechanism and reduce Mexican and Canadian access to bidding on U.S. procurement projects. The three countries would eventually reach a new deal on autos, while the U.S. backed away from the other demands.March 14, 2018 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada won’t be “bowled over” at the NAFTA talks by Trump. Trudeau makes the remarks while visiting steelworkers in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. “We’re standing up for ourselves. But we know there’s a win-win-win we can get to,” Trudeau says. “We’re pushing back on some things that we think might not be the right suggestions, which is what people would expect from Canada.”June 7, 2018 — Trump hurls a series of personal insults at Trudeau from Air Force One after the G7 summit in Quebec. The president calls Canada’s prime minister “dishonest” and “weak” after Trudeau repeats his objections to massive steel and aluminum tariffs Trump imposed the previous week — tariffs that remain today. The incident marks a new low in prime ministerial-presidential politics across the 49th parallel at a time when NAFTA negotiations remain deadlocked.Aug. 27, 2018 — Mexico and the United States announce their own bilateral trade deal after weeks of negotiations that were simply supposed to be about autos. Instead they negotiated a sweeping text covering the full scope of the trading relationship. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is forced to blow up a trip to Europe and diverts to Washington, starting a month of intense negotiations to bring Canada into the NAFTA fold.Sept. 30, 2018 — Staring down a midnight deadline to provide a text of an agreement to Congress, Trump’s and Trudeau’s team work of the last minute details that brings Canada into a renewed continental trade pact. Trudeau leaves the Prime Minister’s Office after a late night cabinet meeting and says six words: “It’s a good day for Canada.”last_img read more

first_imgNairobi: A total of 4,700 heads of state, business leaders, senior UN officials and civil society representatives, who are gathering in this Kenyan city for a five-day meeting of the world’s top body on the environment, will take bold decisions that move global societies to a more sustainable path. The fourth UN Environment Assembly began on Monday under the theme “Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production”. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi Jinping It is the biggest gathering in the Assembly’s short history, with attendance almost double the last event in December 2017. Prominent world leaders attending the Assembly will include French President Emmanuel Macron and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta along with CEOs from major corporations. “Everyone can contribute to solutions to pollution. Policy direction from the government, like the single-use plastic ban helps set the tone for businesses and encourages them to develop sustainable solutions,” UN Environment’s Acting Executive Director Joyce Msuya told IANS. Also Read – US blacklists 28 Chinese entities over abuses in Xinjiang On her expectations from individuals, governments, civil societies and businesses globally, she said: “Upwards pressure from individuals changing their habits and civil society campaigns force business to provide the non-polluting products that consumers demand.” Bold decisions and outcomes are expected as the delegates will negotiate late into the night for five days, says the UN Environment. Resolutions are on the table to push harder for sustainable consumption and production patterns, commit to the protection of the marine environment from plastic pollution, reduce food waste, and advance technological innovation that combats climate change, and reduces resource use and bio-diversity loss. This Assembly’s status as the only UN body outside the General Assembly where all member states convene, and its power to bring together all sectors, means that the global environmental agenda is defined here. Decisions have a profound impact on the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as paving the way towards the UN Climate Change Summit 2019 and impacting the overall UN agenda. Ahead of the meeting, Msuya appealed to nations to step up and start delivering real change. “Time is running short. We are past pledging and politicking. We are past commitments with little accountability. What’s at stake is life, and society, as the majority of us know it and enjoy it today,” she wrote in a policy letter. As delegates assemble in Nairobi, the UN Environment expressed grief over the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane on Sunday, killing all 157 people onboard. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those affected. We are following developments closely,” it said in a statement. A UN Environment background report for the Assembly, which serves as a basis for defining problems and laying out new action areas, makes a strong case for urgent action. The report puts the value of lost ecosystem services between 1995 and 2011 at $4 trillion to $20 trillion; shows how agricultural practices are putting increasing pressure on the environment, costing an estimated $3 trillion per year, and estimates pollution-related costs at $4.6 trillion annually. “As never before, the time to act is now,” said President of the UN Environment Assembly and Minister of Environment of Estonia Siim Kiisler. The Assembly will also see new research launched by the UN Environment, including the latest edition of the world’s only comprehensive global scan of the environment: Global Environment Outlook 6, which was produced by 252 scientists and experts from over 70 countries. The International Resource Panel’s Global Resources Outlook, meanwhile, takes stock of material extraction, including the future outlook and recommendations on how to use natural resources more sustainably. The Assembly is not just about the resolutions and science. Side events and exhibits provide the opportunity for attendees to form partnerships and make deals that benefit people and the environment. The Sustainable Innovation Expo acts as an innovation hub, with over 40 environmental technologies and innovations on display. The One Planet Summit — co-organised by the governments of France and Kenya, and the World Bank — is also being held around the edges of the Assembly, focusing on Africa’s environmental challenges.last_img read more

He said the President will spell out the plans to the country on Monday. (Colombo Gazette) President Maithripala Sirisena is to announce a three year plan of the Government on Monday.Speaking at an event in Malabe today, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the next three years will focus on the development of the country.

OTTAWA — Canadians dodged paying Ottawa somewhere between $800 million and $3 billion worth of taxes on foreign personal income in 2014, says a new federal estimate released Thursday.The study by the Canada Revenue Agency says the missing funds represented between 0.6 per cent and 2.2 per cent of the total income tax revenue Ottawa collected that year from individuals.So far, the federal government has collected up to $14.6 billion less than it would have in 2014, had all tax obligations been fully met — and that number is expected to grow as the agency’s research continues.Big banks vs CRA: The $2.8-billion tax battle that’s been decades in the makingEverything you need to know about paying taxes by instalments, and why ignoring the CRA’s reminders is a bad idea‘Blind faith’ in your tax preparer no excuse for a faulty returnIn previous reports, the agency has already released other estimates on the so-called tax gap — the difference between what is owed to the government and what was collected — for personal income tax and the federal portion of the GST and HST.The agency’s next study will focus on domestic and international businesses, a report it says will provide CRA with its first estimate of Canada’s overall tax gap.The latest numbers come as Ottawa invests more resources in analyzing and cracking down on tax evasion.“Most Canadians pay their fair share of taxes,” National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier said in a statement. “They expect their government to pursue people and businesses that try to avoid doing the same.”The agency said Thursday that international audits it conducted between 2014-15 and 2016-17 uncovered close to $1 billion in income — and identified $284 million in additional taxes. In the process, it assessed 370 individuals, 200 corporations and a small number of trusts.The CRA analysis also found that in 2014, Canadians earned $9 billion in foreign income and held a total of $429 billion worth of assets outside the country — with most of it reported in the United States and the United Kingdom. read more

“Through this project, UNDP intends to support countries in their efforts to mobilize resources from private capital markets, which are required to secure accelerated rates of economic growth and reduce poverty,” said UNDP Associate Administrator Zéphirin Diabré.Sovereign credit ratings place countries on the investor map and allow them access to international capital markets.“We hope that better access to financing would help Benin and other developing countries to tackle a broad range of poverty alleviation issues and provide an incentive to achieve the Millennium Development Goals,” Mr. Diabre said.Among the eight Millennium Development Goals, which UN Member States committed themselves to in 2000, is the reduction of extreme poverty by 2015.Benin, a West African country of 6.6 million people with a debt the World Bank estimated at $840 million for 2001, received a ‘B+’ long-term and ‘B’ short-term sovereign credit rating, with a ‘stable’ outlook. read more

94% Each month, Motor Codes publishes the monthly performance figures of its garage network, based on direct customer feedback, and satisfaction levels remain consistently high.  Motor Codes customer survey results – February 2011 95% The Motor Codes network has expanded to over 6,500 garages, with its activity overseen by the Independent Compliance and Assessment Panel, chaired by Ron Gainsford OBE, Chief Executive at Trading Standards Institute. Since the inception of the Service and Repair Code in 2008, the number of complaints received by government stabilised, with the last set of Consumer Direct figures showing only a 1% rise. Overall satisfaction Recommend to friends/family Looking beneath the surface of these headline figures, Motor Codes points to the effectiveness of its free advice line and conciliation service as a significant driver in keeping complaint levels down and satisfaction levels high, as Chris Mason, Managing Director, explains why, “In the absence of Consumer Direct figures this year, in which car service and repair have traditionally featured, Motor Codes looked to its own customer surveys to establish the level of complaints to garages within the network. Within the last 12 months, only 5% of survey respondents had cause to make a complaint to a garage. This equates to only 500 or so motorists from over 11,000 surveyed* – something that subscribing garages should be proud of. The Motor Codes advice line plays a big part in this, with motorists and garages able to discuss situations independently without getting embroiled in formal complaints.” 95% 93% 94% “This is a trend we aim to build on, working closely with Trading Standards and DfT”, Chris added. Quality of information provided Customer survey winner – February 2011Motor Codes encourages subscribing garages to participate in its Code Survey and gather meaningful feedback from customers, with the aim of developing a network of ‘safe haven’ garages that the public can call upon through an online Garage Finder tool – http://www.motorcodes.co.uk/garagefinder/. Industry self-regulator opens its books to show low complaint levels Level of customer service Quality of service or repair Data source: 1,627 service or repair customers that completed surveys between1 and 28 February 2011. To help generate this useful feedback, motorists are incentivised to complete the survey by drawing one customer each month who wins back the cost of their service or repair. The garage of the winning customer receives £250 of Snap-On Tools vouchers. Booking process 93% This week, Motor Codes informed Jeremy Gibbs of Cambridge that he had won the February prize draw and he is looking forward to receiving a cheque for £167.40 to cover the full cost of his service at Marshall Chrysler, Cambridge.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

OSU sophomore attacker Colin Chell (22) prepares to shoot during a scrimmage against The Hill Academy on Jan. 30. Credit: Kylie Bryant | | For The LanternThe Ohio State men’s lacrosse team almost has an embarrassment of riches on the offensive side of the ball. Seemingly each week, anyone can step up in a pivotal role and provide a spark on the attack. Such was the case again Friday in Ohio Stadium.Sophomore attacker Colin Chell scored the Buckeyes’ first three goals and added an assist, while junior attacker Austin Shanks scored two goals and assisted on two more to lead the Scarlet and Gray to a 12-7 win over the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.OSU coach Nick Myers had high words of praise for his sophomore attacker.“(Chell) is a special player,” Myers said. “He had a great week of practice … and did a great job at the attack position tonight.”Although the Buckeyes, who were coming off their first loss of the season to Massachusetts last week, were in control for most of the game, it took them some time to get there.The first quarter was relatively even between the two teams. UMBC opened up the scoring at the 13:40 mark when freshman midfielder Billy Nolan threw a strike to give the Retrievers a 1-0 lead. A pair of goals by Chell and one more by UMBC leveled the game at 2-2 to end the quarter.Chell kept it rolling to open the second quarter with his third goal of the game, giving him six on the year. After the win, he tipped his hat to defense for allowing him to make an offensive impact early in the game.“You got to credit (redshirt junior goalie) Tom Carey in cage and the defense for making some quality stops down there and being able to get us the ball on offense,” Chell said.OSU’s defense clamped down on the UMBC offense for the next two quarters after allowing the pair of goals in the first quarter. The Retrievers were only able to attempt four shots in the second and third quarters combined. For the game, they had just 16, whereas OSU attempted 41. Myers said the key to this was being able to work together.“I think the biggest thing we stressed defensively in practice this week was just playing with seven (and) getting more guys on the same page,” Myers said. “Anytime you hold a team scoreless for 25-to-30 minutes in a row is a positive.” This staunch defensive effort allowed the Scarlet and Gray to hold a 9-3 lead as the fourth quarter began. It was a lead that proved to be insurmountable, as the game finished by a score of 12-7.Junior midfielder John Kelly said this game was a step in the right direction, especially with the Buckeyes coming off a loss in their previous game.“We feel great, a complete turnaround from last week,” Kelly said. “Overall, we had a fantastic performance and feel really good about the way that we played.”Junior faceoff specialist Jake Withers continued his stellar play at the position. Withers won nine of 11 faceoffs in the first half and 14 of 22 total, continuing his streak of advantage in faceoffs through the first four games of the year.“(Withers is) an amazing faceoff guy,” Kelly said. “He fights for ground balls, and I love the way he plays. He’s very important to our time of possession and allowing us to keep the ball on the offensive end of the field.”The win means the Buckeyes are off to a 1-0 start in games played at the ‘Shoe. Chell said it gives the Buckeyes an extra edge to play home games in the historic stadium.“Everybody was amped up to play in the ‘Shoe tonight,” Chell said. “It’s a great atmosphere — a night game — and we brought the juice.”While noting it is still early in the season, Myers said he likes how the team is looking.“It’s still February. We’ve got a long way to go,” Myers said. “But being at home in the ‘Shoe, it’s important that we came out and played with the urgency that we needed to, and I thought that the men did that tonight.”The Buckeyes will stay at home next weekend, as they are set to host the Midwest Lacrosse Classic. They are scheduled to play Marquette on Friday at 6 p.m. and Bellarmine on March 6 at 3 p.m. read more

Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat JagdeoMoments after Finance Minister, Winston Jordan took a breath from presenting an almost five hours long 2019 budget speech, Opposition leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo took the opportunity to blast the coalition Government for failing to address key matters, such as the management of the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), which is intended to safeguard  proceeds from the oil and gas sector.Jagdeo explained on Monday evening following the presentation of the budget at Parliament Building that the incumbent Administration has failed to address and put measures in place for the proper management of the SWF, as he believes it should be managed by a non-political body, rather than government.He explained, “We argued for a non-political, an apolitical type of model that insulates the management of the funds from politicians (and) the politicians get involved only when based on a formula that is in enshrined in our laws and an independent verification that the conditions of that formula are met, is presented, then that comes to the National Assembly and a release of funds is made to the budget to spend based on the budgeting prerogatives of whoever is in power, the Minister of Finance in this case would have a full  prerogative to program those funds”.Jagdeo argued that Jordan did not at any point in time address those issues but in fact comforted the nation by saying that a Department of Energy has been set up to manage the sector and experts would be hired to “talk”.According to the Leader of the Opposition, the Government has made the very promise a long time back and the budget failed to bring new ideas to the forefront for the benefit of the country at large.Jagdeo was keen to point out quite a number of avenues in which the administration failed, and pointed to job provision as a major area. He argued, “He (Jordan) has not moved the conversation forward on any count whatsoever, not on transparency issues, not on the model enshrined in the Green Paper, not on the oversight issues, not on the terms of reference between the petroleum commission and the Energy Department, the overlap there, not on the issue of bidding for new contracts, none of the those issues were elucidated”.Nonetheless, Executive Director of the Guyana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Richard Rambarran gave his take on the matter of the SWF, saying that the Industry believes a lot more is yet to be done to the Green Paper.Rambarran pointed out that he believes there are at least 10 areas of the Green Paper which ought to be sorted out before the document actually becomes legislation.“I found that there were a number of areas where… a lot more work could have been done…I think that as a Green Paper we need to look at it a little bit more and understand the dynamics and the workings and how we are going to integrate oil into this economy and utilize the Sovereign Wealth Fund for the maintenance of a stable macroeconomic environment,” the Director shared.He noted that among the 10 areas that deserve urgent attention by the Government are, “The composition of the macroeconomic committee, the nature of the Sovereign Investment Committee (and) we have a couple of others in that it conflicts with laws in terms of the constitution”.The representative who spoke with this publication after the budget presentation also alluded to the fact that monies that are to be expended from the SWF depends on the mechanisms of the government, which leaves little room for reform or improvement to the current institutions in Financial Management.Rambarran questioned, “Do we have things on fiscal deficit rules, do we have things on the rate of revenue expenditure, do we have rules concerning the rate of expenditure growth, do we have balanced budget rules? Those are some of the areas in the public financial management framework where the Sovereign Wealth Fund is so critical (and) those things are critically lacking”.Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram had also raised concerns over Finance Minister, Winston Jordan’s position as a spender and saver of Guyana’s wealth, given that he will be in charge of the SWF. Ram noted that under the previous administration the very matter would have drawn the attention of the serving Coalition Government.In a subsequent interview with this publication, Ram sought to point out the need for transparency in the sector.He recommended the SWF be entirely isolated from the “spending Ministry” as it could have an impact on everyone.Ram also pointed to the need for an “entrenched article” in the constitution so that no one, including Ministers, would be able to access those funds, as he described it as a generational fund for the future. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSWF should be entirely isolated from Finance Minister, Ministry- RamOctober 29, 2018In “Business”Green Paper on SWF means nothing unless steps taken to introduce draft legislation- PPP GSAugust 16, 2018In “Business”Approach to Oil & Gas should be devoid of partisan politics- Opposition leaderMarch 30, 2018In “Business” read more

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, TheJournal.ie brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #PENALTY POINTS: Although a report into garda practices on terminating penalty points found no evidence of corruption or criminal conduct, three “possible breaches” were identified by assistant commissioner John O’Mahoney.2. #SCATHING: In a swinging attack less than an hour after the penalty report was published, Minister Alan Shatter criticised TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan for his “incorrect” and “self-serving” public statements about the affair.3. #SHOOTING: Gardaí investigating the shooting of a man at a gym in Glasnevin this morning are searching for a silver Mini with a Northern Ireland registration plate. The victim is in a critical condition in the Mater Hospital.4. #THE CORRS: Jim Corr appeared before the Commercial Court today in relation to an unpaid loan worth over three-quarters of a million euro. The musician’s barrister acknowledged that the musician’s financial affairs were “chaotic” and the court heard that he currently spends most of his time at a house owned by his German friend Florian Karrer.5. #BUS ÉIREANN: Good news for commuters as Bus Éireann workers will operate services as normal tomorrow despite no agreement being reached during intensive talks today. It is thought that negotiations looking for a compromise between management and unions could go on for some time.last_img read more

first_imgWHAT’S THE STORY?1. SORRY to interrupt your lunch with this grim news but murder, theft and drug offences rose in the 12 months up to March 2014, according to newly-released crime figures. Source: hooded via Shutterstock2. WRITER Dermot Healy – who wrote an extraordinary memoir of his Cavan childhood in The Bend for Home – has died at the age of 66. Source: Garry Keane/Vimeo3. THE breakaway group ISIS has formally declared a new Islamic state in Iraq. They announced this on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. This picture, taken yesterday, shows an Iraqi family leave their hometown of Mosul after ISIS formally declared the establishment of a new Islamic state. Source: STR/AP/Press Association Images4. HURRAH for Cork company Southwestern which is announcing more than 250 new jobs as it opens new offices in Littleisland today. And then everyone sang happy birthday to a tram: Source: @oconnellhugh via VineBut the even better news for public transport users today was Varadkar insisting that the Government WON’T get rid of the Free Travel Scheme.Read all of today’s breaking news here> #CarriageEquality RT @oconnellhugh: Let them eat cake pic.twitter.com/HFhFZCicv2— Rónán Duffy (@ronanduffy_) June 30, 2014 Source: ow-direction.tumblr.com5. THE median asking price for property is up nationally for the first time since the peak of the boom – but there is still a huge gap between Dublin prices and everywhere else. Source: MyHome.ie6. ONE of the most high-profile international murder cases is back in court after a month break, during which time it was concluded that sprinter Oscar Pistorius was not suffering from a mental illness when he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in his South African home. Source: AP/Press Association Images/Themba Hadebe7. THE Luas in Dublin is 10 years old. So this happened for Transport department ministers Alan Kelly and Leo Varadkar: Source: Rónán Duffy/Twitterlast_img read more

first_img Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Apr 21st 2019, 2:02 PM Members of Saoradh march in Dublin city Centre to mark the 103rd anniversary of the 1916 Rising https://jrnl.ie/4601544 No Comments Image: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie 55,650 Views center_img Ministers condemn march by republican group in Dublin as ‘sickening’ and ‘disturbing’ The group was criticised for marching down O’Connell Street on Saturday. Short URL Sunday 21 Apr 2019, 2:02 PM Members of Saoradh march in Dublin city Centre to mark the 103rd anniversary of the 1916 Rising Image: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie GOVERNMENT MINISTERS HAVE hit out at a march by a republican group associated with dissidents in Dublin yesterday as “sickening” and “pathetic”.The group, known as Saoradh, held a march in front of the GPO on Dublin’s O’Connell Street yesterday afternoon, when it’s understood several hundred people took part.During the demonstration, individuals marched down the street in green military-style jumpers and reflective sunglasses.A number carried tricolour flags and a banner which read: “Unfinished Revolution – Unfinished Business”. It came less than 48 hours after the fatal shooting of 29 year-old journalist Lyra McKee in Derry, an incident which Saoradh claimed was the accidental result of a “republican volunteer” attempting to “defend people” from the Police Service of Northern Ireland.The march was condemned by a number of political figures yesterday, and in statement this afternoon, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan labelled it as “very disturbing”.“I know that all right-thinking members of the public are sickened at the sight of a small number of people in paramilitary uniforms, particularly after the horrific killing of a young journalist, Lyra McKee, in Derry on Thursday night,” he said.“These demonstrators do not represent the views of the Irish people who have been united for many decades in rejecting paramilitarism and are rightly revulsed at this display.” A member of Saoradh marching on O’Connell Street yesterday Source: Sam BoalFlanagan added that he was informed that the event was policed correctly by gardaí, who had no right to disperse the protest as there is no statutory licence required for groups to assemble in public places.Minister for Defence Paul Kehoe also criticised the group and said they should disband.“These individuals have no support, no legitimacy and no place in our tolerant society,” he said. “They should disband and lay down their arms.”Minister for Health Simon Harris also hit out at marchers yesterday, calling them “pathetic cowards” who had “no place in our democracy”. McKee’s death on Thursday night has been blamed on the so-called new IRA, and her killing has been widely condemned across the political spectrum. The PSNI are conducting a murder inquiry, and arrested two men aged 18 and 19 under the Terrorism Act in connection with her killing yesterday. Comments have been closed for legal reasons. By Stephen McDermottlast_img read more